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Your greatest ally in health is your microbiome — the trillions of bacteria that are the control center of your health!

During the online Microbiome Summit from May 8th through May 15th, you will learn the lessons and methodologies of microbiome medicine, and how it could improve your health, longevity, vitality and assist with unresolved problems!

The Microbiome Medicine Summit will explore how the microbiome orchestrates, regulates and can heal your body. It reveals the latest discoveries about a wide variety of health problems, and how the microbiome can help you heal at a deep level.

The Microbiome Medicine Summit will teach you to:

  • Enhance brain function and mood and also address anxiety and depression
  • Address gastrointestinal illnesses, including IBS, Crohn’s and colitis
  • Counter newly identified GI/brain syndromes
  • Address autoimmune diseases (at the root cause!)

Your host, Dr. Raphael Kellman, has seen the profound healing power of microbiome medicine and how it can address many diseases. Once you understand the staggering role the microbiome plays in every single aspect of your health, you’ll understand the keys to a healthy and meaningful life.

Please join us! Register online for FREE! Sessions begin May 8!