Kentucky Amish Man, Sam Girod was sentenced to 6 years in prison for making a harmless Chickweed Salve. (Image source)

Kentucky Amish Man, Sam Girod was sentenced to 6 years in prison for making and selling a harmless herbal Chickweed Salve. (Image source)

by Lynelle Frazier
Health Impact News

Earlier in March 2017, much to supporters’ bewilderment, a jury found Sam Girod of Bath County, Kentucky, guilty on 13 different counts because he failed to register his homemade herbal Chickweed Salve with the FDA , and because he sold it across state lines.

On June 30, 2017, Judge Reeves sentenced Sam Girod to six years in prison, followed by 3 years of supervised probation, over $14,000 in fines, plus an additional fine of $1,300 in assessment fees: a sentence harsher than most drug dealers receive, say supporters, regardless of the fact that the salve contains no illegal substances (drugs) and has not injured anyone.


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Protesters outside the court carried signs saying “Free Sam. No Drugs. No Victims. Where’s Justice.” and “I don’t need the FDA to protect me from an Amish farmer.”

Protesters Outside the Courthouse in Bath County Kentucky for Sam Girod's sentencing

Protesters Outside the Federal Courthouse in Kentucky for the sentencing of Sam Girod. (Image Source WKYT)

Sheriff Mack Calls Sentencing a National Travesty

Former Arizona sheriff, and President of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), Richard Mack was live at the Kentucky Federal Courthouse today for the sentencing of Sam Girod. In a Facebook Live interview posted on the CSPOA Facebook page, Sheriff Mack explained that the FDA created a criminal out of a good law-abiding citizen, adding,

“Today, a family has been destroyed.”

As Sheriff Mack exited the courthouse, he was met by local reporters, anxious to get his scoop on today’s ruling. He had some choice words to say about this egregious ruling and what it means for all Americans across this nation.

“I was in there for this national travesty. The judge basically said, ‘[Sam Girod] has never shown any remorse, he’s never done what he’s told, so we’re just going to put him in prison.’”


“This was a ‘teach a good Amish man a lesson’ sentence because he hasn’t done anything we said.”

Sheriff  Mack went on to say that yes, while Sam may be stubborn and proud and obstinate, his salves never hurt anybody!

“He does not deserve 6 years in prison – he deserves NO TIME in prison! This is a national disgrace and outrage, and that Senator Rand Paul has done nothing about this is another disgrace!”

Sam Girod Deserves Clemency, Presidential Pardon

Sheriff Mack then made a live plea to President Trump for a Presidential Pardon, saying Sam Girod deserves executive clemency, adding that there are many others who deserve clemency from this tyrannical and “Hitlaric” arrests from the previous administration. When a local reporter asked why Sam should be pardoned and not put in jail, Mack explained that the judge basically admitted that Sam Girod is being punished for being stubborn, which Sheriff Mack adds “is not against the law.”

Sheriff Mack further explained that the judge even said in court,

“if he saw any reason to give this man a lighter sentence he would have, ‘but since this man is obstinate, I’m going to give him a heavy sentence.'”

“That’s exactly what the judge said!” Sheriff Mack exclaimed. “Is that justice?”

Sheriff Mack was live at the Bath County Courthouse for the sentencing of Sam Girod. He was outraged and grieved by Judge Reeves "foolish" sentencing that he says disregarded the Constitution. (Image source WKYT.)

Sheriff Mack was live at the Federal Courthouse in Kentucky for the sentencing of Sam Girod. He was outraged and grieved by Judge Reeves “foolish” sentencing that he says disregarded the Constitution. (Image source WKYT.)

Sheriff Mack calls Judge Reeves a “Foolish Judge”and says FDA is “Out-of-Control”

Sheriff Mack continued,

“A judge has to look beyond personalities. He has to look beyond somebody’s stubbornness and obstinance. He needs to do what’s right!”

He talked about the Rule of Law. How ‘bout this for Rule of Law, Judge Reeves: the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence!

And it’s our job in government to prevent injustice!  And that’s what this foolish judge does NOT get! This is America and American principles, and this judge has NO CLUE what those are.  He is a tyrant and he misapplied justice today, and that makes him [the judge] on the wrong side, not Sam Girod!

The real crime committed here today is an FDA out-of-control who believes that they supersede the Right to Pursuit of Happiness, and the right this man has to be left alone! He [Sam Girod] hurt no one!”

Herbal Chickweed Salve is Harmless, Not a Drug

deaths in one year due to drugs vs supplements

Then Mack pulled out a canister of Chickweed Salve, declaring,

“I use my Chickweed Salve every day! I have not been hurt one iota. In fact, it has helped me, and my wife likes it also. And if she likes it, nobody should be going to jail for this.”

When another reporter asked Mack if he had seen anything like this during his 20 years in law enforcement, he explained that he had not, and that even the judge had no other cases to compare this to, except to cases of drug dealers! He went on to explain,

“First-time offense drug dealers do not get sentences like this! This is a judge putting his own pride and teaching someone a lesson more important that establishing justice. This is absolutely shocking and an absolute outrage.

This great crime was not getting registered with the FDA and engaging in Interstate Commerce!”

Sheriff Mack went on to explain why this ruling affects every American, not just Sam Girod and his family:

“This is absolutely insanity and I can’t believe that a judge would actually do this sort of thing… and American judge who is supposed to be overseeing justice in our country!

Let me reiterate, what is the number one thing that government is supposed to be doing in our country? Preventing injustice! Yet, they are the ones promoting it today.

Let’s be very clear here, this is the FDA and Judge Reeves creating a criminal out of an innocent Amish farmer. That’s what happened here today — they created a criminal… they didn’t discover one, they didn’t investigate one… they created a felon today out of a good law-abiding citizen.”

Tearfully Sheriff Mack added,

“Let me tell you right now, I know Sam Girod. I love Sam Girod. And we all owe Sam Girod and his family an apology. And from the bottom of my heart to all the Girod’s… on behalf of the United States of America… We the People… I apologize to you from the bottom of my heart. This should not be happening to your father, and your brother, and your son, and your grandfather. God Bless Sam Girod!”

A Way of Life and Freedom of Religion Under Attack?

Mack explained that Amish people have been picked on for many years and had their farms raided by SWAT teams because they drink raw milk, which Sheriff Mack says is part of their religious beliefs. He then asked,

“Does Judge Reeves know that the FDA regulations to do not supersede the Freedom of Religion, and the right to practice your religion as you choose, according to the conscience of your heart and your mind?

Everybody in America has something to fear after this.”

Sheriff Mack explained that neither raw milk nor chickweed salve are dangerous, but said that Judge Reeves applied the rules and regulations of the FDA over those of the Constitution. Sheriff Mack explained that he has helped Amish farmers in many states fighting against the government for their right to be left alone, asking,

“Judge Reeves, do you know what it is when the government leaves you alone? It’s called Liberty! It’s called America!”

Sheriff Mack went on to say that the FDA today has shown that they should be irrelevant and that they are nothing but tyrants, and that Trump should “drain the swamp” of the FDA!

He explained that the FDA allows people to die every day of opioid addictions, but they put a good man like this in prison for Chickweed!