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by Paul Fassa
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Most of us are familiar with fluoride’s toxicity and capacity for negative effects, ranging from lowered IQ to  more serious neurological diseases and greater cancer risk. The type of fluoride added to our municipal tap water supplies is considered toxic industrial waste that the EPA banned from being dumped into our waterways and inland dumping sites.

Various health forums or chat sites discuss using the trace mineral boron as a solution for the fluorides in our bodies, but this health journalist didn’t immediately trust using off the shelf Borax, a “green” cleaning solution, as a source of boron.

I was not willing to discuss this topic until I stumbled upon a more reliable, scientifically credentialed source, Dr. Newnham, PhD, DO, ND, who used boron to resolve his longstanding arthritic condition. His arthritic condition is not the only ailment addressed successfully using boron from Borax.

The Boron Revelations of Rex Newnham, PhD, DO, ND

Dr. Newnham was originally a professor of soil science and agricultural botany. After enduring the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs without improvement of his arthritic condition for years, he realized he needed to understand nutrition better to heal himself. So he earned degrees as an Osteopathic Doctor (DO) and Naturopathic Doctor (ND) with a Ph.D. in nutrition.

That training combined with his background in soil science led him to discover a trace mineral lacking in most food, due to poor soil conditions from modern farming methods. This trace mineral healed his arthritis – boron.  In Australia where he lived and worked, natural boron compounds weren’t banned, but they were labeled as a poison.

Newnham argues that it is the amount that determines toxicity, not the compound itself. He used oxygen as an example. Breathing with 100 percent oxygen is rarely achieved, even so, too much oxygen well beyond the normal 21 percent we normally breathe for extended periods can actually kill. (Source)

After determining the toxicity zone of boron to be between 45 and 60 grams, which is quite a lot, Dr. Newnham used 30 milligrams of sodium tetraborate, aka Borax, as a daily dose of boron to finally cure his arthritis in three weeks.

Borax is a mined natural mineral compound that is high in boron. It is not a synthetic compound.

Dr. Newnham knew that few would be rushing to buy a product labeled as a poison suitable for killing household pets. So he created boron tablets, and though not selling well at first, word of mouth from cured arthritis sufferers made the demand so huge he was overwhelmed.

He then solicited a pharmaceutical company in Australia to help him manufacture and market his boron tablets. It turned out that company had some of its people on two government medical or health agencies. Not only was Dr. Newnham’s proposal denied, he was fined $1,000 and put out of business.

After leaving Australia, he discovered papers from a Royal Melbourne Hospital human trial that used boron on arthritic patients resulting in 70 percent improvement compared to 12 percent with placebo. Since then, boron, usually in the form of Borax, has been used as a natural remedy for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis by several thousand.

Dr. Newnham reviewed the Melbourne study and included it in his own published paper on boron in 1994 with the following conclusion:

… over 30 years of accumulating evidence indicates that boron is essential for healthy bones and joints.

Both epidemiologic and controlled animal and human experiments suggest that boron supplementation in amounts found in *some diets throughout the world is effective in preventing or treating various forms of arthritis.

Thus, boron is a nutrient and therefore should not be considered a poison or a pharmaceutical. Because boron is of apparent clinical and nutritional importance, efforts should be expanded to assure that people consume enough of this important element every day. (Source)

*Some diets refers to small regions of the world where boron exists abundantly and naturally in agricultural top soils that haven’t been depleted of minerals from the ravages of large modern mono-culture farming that involves heavy synthetic fertilizing or herbicides.

Those regions have very low rates of arthritis and osteoporosis. Areas with low boron top soil content have much higher rates of both maladies.

Sources of Boron and Other Health Applications

Boron may have many other applications besides resolving arthritic conditions. Excerpted from the paper “In Vivo and In Vitro of Boron and Boronated Compounds” published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology:

As boron has been shown to have biological activity, research into the chemistry of boronated compounds has increased. Boronated compounds have been shown to be potent anti-osteoporotic, anti-inflammatory, hypolipemic, anti-coagulant and anti-neoplastic agents both in vitro and in vivo in animals. (Source)

An activator can also be considered a catalyst that winds up being eliminated after it functions within one’s body. Its performance is enhanced with magnesium, the master mineral that is also a catalyst involved with over 300 metabolic processes.

Boron is especially important for proper calcium distribution, which affects more than bone matter building if not properly balanced. Boron helps prevent or break-up calcium deposits that shouldn’t be in soft tissues or blood vessels.

Calcification of glands and other soft tissue can occur from fluoridated water over time. Fluorine added to tap water is not the calcium fluoride that occurs naturally in wells, which is unhealthy on its own. During the 1990s, a British Scientist, Jennifer Luke discovered the aged human pineal gland tends to absorb more fluoride with calcium than bone matter. (Source)

The pineal gland is located in the middle of the brain and is considered to be the source of melatonin and functions as an integral part of our endocrine system. Calcification of the pineal gland seems to affect the human sex maturation cycle as well as circadian rhythms and sleep cycles.

A few decades ago, the EPA demanded Florida phosphate fertilizer and aluminum plants use smokestack scrubbers to remove toxic fluorosilicic acid gases that were causing unusual human illness and livestock deaths among farms and other rural residents in the immediate area. That was a real life demonstration of fluoride toxicity.

The scrubbers gathered a solid toxic waste product that had to be taken away, but where? The EPA had determined it was too toxic for dumping into waterways or on land dump sites.

After some bogus dental science and legislative lobbying, the perfect places for getting rid of fluorine toxic wastes became us, via the water supplies of course. And the municipalities paid to have this toxic waste dumped into their water supplies.

Around the same time of these discoveries, there was a wave of anecdotal reports on Borax use to ameliorate fluoride toxicity. Anecdotal results were promoted widely on various online alternative health sites. (Source)

Dr. Edward Group recommends micro-dosing Borax as one solution for fluoride toxicity and pineal gland decalcification.

More recently, anecdotal accounts have shown Borax has been used by some to reduce or eliminate Candida overgrowth successfully. Of course if that’s a goal, eliminating processed foods and sugar as well as consuming probiotics should be part of the routine.

If one is dealing with Candida, it seems wise to also incorporate another element with the boron or Borax that has demonstrated–with at least one controlled study–reduction or elimination of fungal issues such as Candida: coconut oil. (Source)

Other co-factor supplement minerals to enhance efficacy of Borax or other boron supplements are potassium iodide solutions such as Lugol’s iodine and magnesium citrate.

Borax or Boron Supplements

The “green” cleaning product known as “20 Mule Team Borax” offers boron as Sodium Tetraborate. Other chemical names are Sodium Borate or Disodium Tetraborate Decahydrate. Chemically they are all the same, it is a naturally occurring mineral commonly mined from dried salt lakes.

It is sold as a laundry booster, household cleaner, or water softener. The brand name is based on the 20 mule teams used to haul the mined borax out of the Death Valley desert borax mines in Southern California during the 19th Century. And it is a dirt cheap source of boron in large quantity. The video at that end of this article will demonstrate how to prepare it.

There are also boron supplements available, usually in 3 milligram capsules or tablets and not too expensive, if you’re reluctant to consume something from the cleaning products section of supermarkets. But if you decide to use Borax, make sure the only ingredient listed is sodium tetraborate and there are no other ingredients listed as “new and improved” additions.

Caveat: An Indonesian health agency reports that consuming processed foods with boron compound additives over five to ten years can lead to liver cancer.

The video below explains how to use Borax with the safest yet still effective doses.

Borax Cures and Health Benefits / How to Make Borax Solution: