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by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

Whenever parasites are mentioned it is usually considered a third world or developing nation issue. Phrases such as “lovely place, nice people, but don’t drink the water” are common jokes that have some basis in truth.

Although our culture is programmed to think all illnesses are derived from viruses and some bacteria, the USA also has its share of parasite issues. The CDC openly admits this in a May 2017 report on its website:

Outbreaks of a parasitic infection linked to swimming pools and water playgrounds are increasingly being reported to CDC, with twice as many outbreaks in 2016 as in 2014. (Source)

Notice the word “outbreaks” is used, not “cases.” The outbreaks recorded from a few states with using a recently installed tracking system involved hundreds of cases reported, overflowing into the thousands range.

This specific parasite invasion was from the microscopic Cryptosporidium, aka Crypto, which has a capacity for surviving prescribed pool chlorine content requirements. The chlorine levels in municipal tap water can’t handle this parasite either.

There was a neti-pot scare a few years ago when a few folks died from a brain eating amoeba after using their neti-pot with tap water or swimming in fresh water lakes of ponds during summer months. (Source)

So maybe it’s time to focus a bit more on parasites instead of viruses that sometimes don’t really exist and are usually more difficult to spread than parasites?

DIY Remedies for Parasites

There is such a large variety of foods and herbs that can be used to create a large variety of different parasite cleansing cocktails that it is almost impossible to feature one only. With a blender you can mix and match several herbs, seeds, and foods randomly while consuming other foods or herbs that also help rid you of parasites.

A traditional parasite cleanser is crushed or chewed papaya seeds from non-GMO papaya. Eating the papaya pulp also helps along with that. Why not incorporate the seeds and fruit with other ingredients and make a powerful parasite cleansing smoothie according to your taste?

With fresh seeds, you should use a tablespoon full in the blender. A sizable portion of papaya pulp should go into the blender as well. If the papaya is on the small side maybe you’d need to use half. You can get away with a third of the fruit if it is large.

If you can’t find fresh papaya, use organic papaya seed powder with fresh pineapple chunks. If you have a powerful blender, the pineapple’s core can be used because it contains the highest amount of bromelain, a high source of proteolytic enzymes or proteases similar to papaya’s papain enzymes.

The recommended liquid is coconut milk or coconut water. If you can get coconut milk, mix it with purified water for your desired texture. Throw in a quarter cup or so of organic raw pumpkin seeds, which are anti-parasitic themselves. Add a quarter cup of desiccated coconut and a couple of tablespoons or more of fresh virgin coconut oil.

Coconut oil is high in lauric acid, which is anti-fungal. Candida albicans spores that lead to candida overgrowth and yeast infections are considered parasitic as well. A dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice is okay if desired. You may want to include some high quality unflavored or unsweetened live culture yogurt and add raw unfiltered honey or high quality real maple syrup for any desired sweetness.

It’s also recommended to incorporate a high quality homemade kefir (do an internet search for how-to) or simply purchase strong probiotic formulas.

This smoothie should be consumed daily on an empty stomach for about one week. You may need to consume a natural laxative before bedtime to ensure optimum bowel evacuation. The Ayurvedic three herb formula triphala is a useful adjunct for ensuring bowel movements.

Organic castor oil, available in health food stores, is a more powerful laxative that can be taken as needed but not all the time. A tablespoon before bed should be sufficient for expelling the bowel in the morning. It’s a bit yucky, so a sip of your favorite unsweetened juice as a “chaser” is advisable. (Source)

Some items you could add into your smoothie include black walnut, oregano, wormwood, clove, or grapefruit (not grape) extracts or oils added to or taken separately from the smoothies. Also start using more cold pressed olive oil for salads and fresh garlic (crushed) as much as possible in your foods. These are each powerful anti-fungal and anti-parasite remedies in their own right. (Source)

Most of those herbs were promoted by the persecuted naturopath Hulda Clark, N.D., Ph.D., who focused on healing most maladies with parasite cleanses.

The cleanse could go on for six weeks to get rid of the parasite eggs from the original invaders, or stop after a week to 10 days, then repeat again after three or four weeks to eliminate the newly hatched unwelcome creatures. Most parasites are tiny visible worms while some are microscopic.

Some advocate using food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) on a daily basis for preventing and eliminating parasites, including candida organisms. More on that here. It is important to avoid processed carbohydrates and refined sugar during any parasite or candida detox.

Periods of Discomfort During Parasite Elimination

This discomfort is known as a Herxheimer event, named after the German doctor who first noticed it among patients. It’s more commonly known as a “healing crisis” that can discourage people from continuing the process.

It usually feels like a mild flu or increased digestive and gastrointestinal symptoms noticed originally from the parasites, which are explained in the video below.

Some recommend easing up on the purification process but continuing moderately until the discomfort passes. Others simply tough it through if they don’t have other obligations that demand their participation.

During such times, rest and heavily hydrating with purified water is recommended. Reverse osmosis/charcoal filter machines are available more than ever in health food stores and supermarkets. These are inexpensive viable methods of purifying water in case you don’t have the wherewithal or the right to install one in your dwelling. Along with a plethora of impurities, a large amount of trace minerals are removed.

Add a pinch of unprocessed salt or a couple drops of a trace mineral solution into your drinking water. Contrary to the mainstream belief that stomach acids need to be reduced, many of our digestive problems are from insufficient stomach acid, especially as we age.

There are edible Betaine HCL supplements available. Or have one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (ACV) in purified water before or during eating to enhance the stomach acid for better digestion and provide yet another parasite eliminator.