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Battle for the Mind and Body Part 2

by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

The more we participate in the mass consciousness lifestyle being marketed to Americans, the greater will be the influence of mind control programming in our lives. This means if we want to escape the mind control program of the ruling elite, then we must make conscious choices of when, where, and how we will allow ourselves to be exposed to the tools they are using to control us.

Mind controllers are working through the mainstream news media, education system, TV, movies, popular music, amusement parks, sports teams, internet, social media, computer games, pornography, and even some churches that support the agenda of the ruling elite. They are training us to accept a new world order where individual rights and even national sovereignty must give way to a one-world system of total control.

The agenda of the ruling elite is to establish a single world government, a single set of world laws, a single world court, a single world currency and economy, a single world education system, and a single world religion. They plan to bring down the world population from the current level of more than 7 billion people to a scant 500 million. In their new world order, all decisions will be made for us. In this system, there will be the ruling elite and a kind of slave class that serves them. To bring this about, they must give us a new worldview. This will require us to change how we think and to believe a large number of lies about every aspect of life.

My previous article discussed some of the most prevalent lies and the agenda of the ruling elite. It also discussed the history of mind control in America.

MK Ultra and Modern Day Mind Control: The Battle for America’s Soul


Mind Control and Your Health

The tools that mind controllers are using become more powerful when they are used on people with weakened physical health and impaired brain functioning. Simply put, weak people are easier to infest with their system of lies and are easier to control.

They are weakening our physical health by making sure that we eat a high carbohydrate diet containing GMO ingredients, glyphosate, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and a host of food additives. They are weakening our ability to object to their plans by insisting that we drink water with fluoride to make us docile. They are weakening our brains with statin drugs and by prescribing more and more psychotropic pharmaceuticals to control our emotions and brain functioning. They are weakening our immune systems with vaccines and with constant exposure to high levels of stress and fear. They are weakening us with thousands of industrial chemicals which damage our endocrine systems so that couples will not desire to be parents or will simply become infertile. They are weakening us by drawing us into addictions such as drugs, alcohol, sugar, sports, or pornography. They are weakening our ability to smell the stench of deception and lies by surrounding us with a cloud of fragrances from perfume, cologne, scented candles, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and air fresheners. They are weakening us with the intensely addictive high-sugar, high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet so we can’t think clearly.

They are systematically disrupting and damaging the condition of our physical bodies to the point where our emotional functioning, our cognitive processing, our discernment of truth versus lies and our ability to resist their program are so weak that their worldview can slither into our brains like a well-greased snake.

The remaining sections of this article will examine some of the tools that mind controllers use to program us and will discuss how we can step out of the mind control trap that they have designed for us.

Mainstream News Media

Today, mainstream media has completely locked up the truth and only presents the approved version of any news story. The approved versions of news stories almost always modify the facts or leave out important facts, a practice which serves the mind control agenda.

The result is that we must question every single thing we see and hear from mainstream media. Of course there is some truth, but the media spins, twists, colorizes, and polarizes every story to meet the goals of corporations and government, and the ruling elite who controls them. Truth is mixed with lies in such a way that it can be very difficult to separate truth from deception.

These are some guidelines that will help you discern the truth from the lies that are being presented by mainstream news, whether it is on TV, in the electronic media or in the newspapers.

  1. Minimize your exposure to mainstream news sources. Their presentation of information is designed to deceive and confuse us. TV news shows also bombard us with advertisement, which is a powerful form of mind control programming.
  1. Don’t rely on a single conventional media source for your news. Use several alternative media services instead.
  1. Don’t watch non-stop news programming or read newspaper articles without stopping to think about the news. Non-stop news programming prevents us from thinking about what we have been told. Conventional news networks keep on firing news bits and ads at us as fast as they can shovel them out so that we don’t have time to think. I recommend taking in news in a way that you can control the flow. For example, you could sign-up for e-mail news feeds, or go to an online newspaper and read only the headlines. This will tell you about the big picture that is going on in the world. Of course even this strategy will still expose you to lies and deceptions, but there will be fewer of them to counteract.
  1. Whenever you do watch a news show or read an article in the print media, I recommend reflecting on a series of questions.
  • What is it that the media wants me to believe?
  • Why do they want me to believe this?
  • Who will benefit if I adopt this belief?
  • What freedom will I lose if I believe them?
  • What freedom will I retain if I don’t believe their stories?

In order to answer these types of questions, you will need to take some time to think about what you are being told. You may need to do internet research to go deeper into the topic.

You should also be aware that TV hardware technology itself, the use of visual images, and the style of the verbal presentation is carefully designed to ease your brain into a passive state of receptivity when you watch any kind of TV show. As a result, when you watch the news, you are much more likely to believe the lies and half-truths that they call the news.


The strongest form of mind control is found in entertainment businesses. TV, films, pop music, amusement parks, and professional sports events constantly deliver messages and images, which are implanted into our minds. They then manipulate our emotions and even the way we think about people to “entertain” and “amuse” us. What they are really doing is systematically modifying our perception of reality and implanting messages and images that will be permanently imbedded in our memories.

Some of the mind control programming is on the surface and other parts are subliminal. Occult images and written messages are craftily imbedded into the visual images we see in such a way that they bypass our conscious perception, yet they are still being recorded by our brains for later use by programmers.

Do not assume that child oriented forms of entertainment are free from mind control. The truth is that “child friendly” forms of entertainment are the most highly charged forms of mind control. They subtly promote certain worldviews that may not match your belief system. Their handling of sexuality, family life, good and evil, historical events, and spiritual paths will not be objective. They do their work with images and dialogue that could be seen as just a sweet animated story, but deep down, they often present occult images from a satanic origin or teach a godless form of morality. Numerous books and websites deal with this topic, so I won’t focus on the details in this article. We may not all agree on the same worldview, but what is important here is to make note of the fact that child oriented material is rarely if ever neutral.


As TVs have grown larger and larger, their ability to capture the total attention of those who watch them has also grown. It is the single most powerful tool that mind control programmers are using to capture the minds of Americans. It doesn’t matter whether you are watching the news, prime-time TV shows, movies, concerts, or sports events — programmers are hard at work programing your mind to think the way the ruling elite wants you to think.

My first suggestion might be taken as ridiculous extremism, but the dangers of mind control programming that comes through the TV are so pervasive that I simply recommend discarding your TV equipment. This will free your mind and change your life.

The reason that TV is such a powerful tool for mind controllers is that it creates a kind of hypnotic trance – an altered state of consciousness – in which the visual centers in the brain fall into a slumbering passive state. Once the brain is in this condition, then people are wide open for the mind control process. After a few minutes of watching TV, we lose the ability to regulate the images that bombard our brains. We lose the ability to selectively watch the screen and take in just what we want – instead we just take it all in. [1]

If discarding your TVs is too drastic of a starting point, then limit your family to a certain number of hours of TV watching. For example, set a limit of 4 hours of TV per week for the entire family. You could also decide that the TV will remain unplugged Monday through Friday.

There is no way to prevent the visual centers in the brain from being affected when viewing TV. It only takes a few minutes for TV technology to make the visual centers in the brain slumber and sleep and it can take hours for the brain to wake-up again.

If you do watch TV, then avoid watching the ads. They are not just trying to sell a product; they are also programing us to think a certain way, to believe lies, and to convince us that we have needs that we didn’t know even existed. They don’t just want to take our money; they want to take control over our minds as well. They want us to adopt their worldview. Mute the sound and turn your eyes away from the TV during commercial breaks.

How many TV ads have you seen from Big Pharma companies that describe a normal condition as if it is a disease, and then promote a drug to solve the problem? How many ads have you seen for consumer electronics, which explain that you can’t be happy or successful in life unless you buy their gadgets? How many ads have you seen that try to convince you that you will feel empty and unsatisfied unless you eat their junk food?

It’s really not that hard to join the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are simply saying no to TV and taking them all to the dump. In addition to limiting mind control activities, you will probably save a hundred dollars or more per month when you cancel your cable or satellite service.


Movies have the same effect on us as TV. If you feel that you and your children must watch movies, then view each movie in its entirety before you let your children watch it. Don’t assume that the content of children’s films is harmless. These films are carefully crafted to modulate the worldview of your children.

There is much more to be concerned about than the obvious sex and violence that litters most films today. Extremely high-speed action scenes inevitably contain mind control programming. The speed of some images that flash across the screen is often beyond the point of conscious comprehension. Even though our mind can’t consciously recognize the images, the brain still records them and we can react to them. There are also many imbedded images and hidden messages that appear beneath the normal speed scenes you consciously see.

Film makers design each scene so that the eyes of the audience will be focused on a certain spot on the screen. They then are free to use the rest of the screen for programming activities. You won’t consciously remember what you weren’t intended to see, but your brain and your future behavior will be influenced. [2]

If you are considering watching films for your own entertainment, be aware that segments that portray violence, sex, or rape serve to numb our sensitivity to such events in real life. If you watch enough murders in film, then you won’t be bothered as much when people are raped and murdered for the sake of the new world order. Is rape and murder really entertainment?

The images we see in film can last a lifetime. I don’t know about you, but my experience has always been that after I watch a film, I have vivid recollections of scenes from the film that pop into my mind for weeks or even years afterward. These images seem to pop up by themselves, perhaps being triggered by events in my life. I had an image from a horror film I saw when I was about 10 years old, which haunted me for more than a decade.

  1. If you are prescreening a film for your children, then ask yourself these kinds of questions:
  • Are normal family relationships with parents and children intentionally made laughable?
  • Are animated characters given a kind of sexless identity so that it is confusing who are male and who are female?
  • Are those who do “magic” exalted, while those who don’t do magic treated as fools?
  • Is fantasy used to create other realities of existence, which are more appealing than the real world that we live in?
  • Are occult images used as characters in the story? This will require some research. Live action and especially animated films constantly use occult images that are connected with Satan and the practice of paganism and Satanism. Some people might think this is fine while others who follow the God of the Bible will object.
  1. Don’t use DVD films as a babysitter to keep your children occupied while you do other activities. You are very likely turning their minds over to the programming of mind controllers even if they are watching old classic films.
  1. Help your children discover other ways to creatively play and discover the real world. Yes, this will require your supervision and your time, but that is really what children need – your time. This recommendation goes for adults as well. Don’t exchange the artificial thrills of film with the real experiences gained from human contact. The joys, thrills, and even the pain of real relationships are always preferred to the synthetic versions that are produced by film makers who are masters at manipulating our feelings and our mind.
  1. If you are going to let your children watch films, then place a limit on the number of films they see. Consider approving one film per month.
  1. Don’t assume a film is OK if other parents, rating services, or even the pastor of a church says it’s OK. You are responsible for your children and the worldview that you want them to adopt. Your decision is what is important. Your children might be mad at your choice to not allow them to watch a popular film, but it is your job to protect them from mind control and give them alternative activities that will help them get over it.

Popular Music

Recorded music and concerts are another mind altering form of entertainment. Children and especially teens will want to listen to the same music as all their friends. You will need to screen and approve each song that you allow them to have in their possession. You will need to investigate the performers. Many are Satanists, who have intentionally given their lives to Satan, and have publically stated this. None of their music is suitable for your child even if the song sounds sweet and loving.

I realize that Satanists are trying to gain respectability by declaring that they are just another religion, but for those of us who have researched their activities, it is clear that they are much more than another religion. The victims of Satanic sex-based and trauma-based mind control understand the dark inner reality of Satanism.

Don’t assume that a recording artist is “safe,” because you heard a few songs that are not oriented toward sex, violence, or Satan worship. Don’t assume that they are OK if their first album was good. Typically pop music stars slide down the slippery slope of depravity as they become more successful.

Beyond the words, there are rhythms, musical scales, sequences of musical notes, and chords that have a strong effect on brain function. The music itself can activate and deactivate various regions of the brain. There was a time when I worked with such systems in therapeutic applications. The limbic system of the brain, which exists below the level of our consciousness, is highly controllable through music based mind control programming. Recording artists who have aligned themselves with Satan worship are masters at using music to make people think that good is evil and evil is good.

The following suggestions may help you select music for your own listening and most importantly for the listening of your children.

  1. Listen closely to each song. If you can’t understand the words, then you should assume there is a reason for this. If you can’t understand the words, then it is not suitable for children. They will hear what you don’t hear, because they will listen to it 50 or 100 times until they understand the words.
  1. Pay close attention to the message of the songs. Do they cut down parental authority? Do they exalt evil? Do they put down those who pursue honesty? Do they promote relationships with gods or a spirituality that differs from your beliefs? Do they elevate love and sex above everything else, and ignore personal responsibility and consequences for our actions?
  1. Take a close look at their appearance and their videos. Are they doing things with their bodies and the bodies of other people that your children shouldn’t see?
  1. Instead of giving children an iPod and letting them do what they want, or having to fight with them about their choice of music, consider training them to play an instrument or to develop their singing voice. Listening to recorded music is very passive, but creating music is an active process, which builds up a child’s confidence to engage with life. If you play an instrument or sing, then play or sing with your children. If you don’t have musical talent, then help them get involved with music teachers and musicians whom you trust.

Professional Sports Teams

The following of sports teams can become a kind of religion. When I was a teenager, I never missed a Detroit Tigers baseball game. It the Tigers were playing a double header on the west coast and the second game wasn’t over until 2:00 a.m., I would listen to every inning until I knew who won for certain. I couldn’t go to sleep until the last inning had been played and the post-game show was over.

Given the popularity of sports teams, both professional and college, and the popularity of auto racing, it is clear that many people treat these sports as religions. They will spend two hours watching a pre-game show, spend 4 hours watching the game or race, and then spend another hour watching sports highlights, which also show the results of other games or races.

The emotions of sports fans are constantly jumping up and down. When there is a good play, they shout for joy, stomp their feet, clap their hands, and even stand up and scream. When there is a bad play or a calamity on the race track, their mood falls into despair; they swear; and they might even ridicule the people they are watching. This constant movement from ecstasy to depression makes the mind highly suggestible. The mind never knows what is coming next, so it is poised to passively go wherever the next stimulation leads.

Often the next stimulation is a long series of mind altering commercial advertisements. It is not uncommon for people to watch the ads with the same level of intensity as they apply to the sport. They even rate and evaluate the commercials. They laugh at the funny ones, and make negative comments about the stupid ones. This is exactly what the mind controllers want us to do.

The bottom line is that engaging with sports in this way becomes an act of worship for many people. They honor and revere individuals and teams as if they were gods. This is a step toward training people to be comfortable with worshipping the ruling elite.

It may be hard to break the sports habit if there is a TV in your home. You also may find it awkward at first to be in social situations if you don’t have sports to talk about. But after a while, when your mind becomes more free, you will develop new interests.

Theme Parks and Amusement Parks

Theme parks have become a kind of family vacation destination. They target the fleshly desires to experience thrills. They seek to give people a fantasy reality beyond the normal experience of life.

You are not a bad parent if you don’t take your children to America’s most famous theme parks. It doesn’t matter that everyone else in your neighborhood or even your church has been there.

Theme parks use high-speed images of potential destruction and combine them with an intense level of fear that goes deep into the physical body, which releases adrenalin. After the adrenaline rush of excitement, there will be a let-down, which leaves people craving another fear-induced high. Such experiences affect the ability of the mind to distinguish between real fear and entertainment-induced fear.

Mind controllers use real fear and imagined fear to manipulate and control people. They are training us to be comfortable with high levels of fear and even terror, so that when the economy, our government and the other structures in our society collapse, we will turn to the ruling elite for protection. Fear will be used to drive us into the arms of a new kind of savior — the ruling elite.

Why not avoid the fear-inducing rides and fantasy worlds of theme parks and plan a family vacation where everyone can experience the glory and majesty of the world of nature. Amusement park rides are essentially an individualized experience even if everyone is on the same ride. However, standing together as a family while learning about the natural world or visiting historically significant places can be quite rewarding.

You might also plan for your family to participate in a community service project. Taking the money that you would have spent on hotels and eating in restaurants, you could stay at home and use the money to help fix-up the homes of elderly neighbors. You can do some work and even more importantly make new friends.


We should be very careful about everything we read, hear, and see on the internet, because mind controllers are hard at work in every corner of the internet. They create pornography sites, social media platforms, and disinformation websites. It seems that for every website that presents truth on any topic, there are many more that intentionally discredit and deny truth, lead people into fantasy worlds, or engage people in pornography.

The ruling elite want us living in fantasy world, because it is a way for us to escape the pain of the real world, which is increasing year by year as they tear down the pillars of our society, and construct their new world order.

I have found that any truth that stands in opposition to the agenda of the ruling elite will have massive amounts of disinformation devoted to it. This is why there are thousands of websites designed to destroy interest in alternative healthcare. This is why real cures for serious illness are constantly attacked. This is why the value of traditional nutrition as a cure for illness is ridiculed. This is why those who warn against GMO food, glyphosate, chemical exposure, vaccines, other harmful medical treatments, and numerous other health threats are maligned and their messages are countered with lies of every sort. This is why the ruling elite uses the internet to teach people to hate the God of the Bible.

As a result of the massive amount of disinformation on the internet, we need to be slow to draw conclusions until we can sort out the truth from the lies that have been distributed by the shills and trolls who are hired to create distortion and confusion.

Social Media and “GroupThink”

Social media in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Google groups, and other interactive platforms can be valuable tools for sharing ideas and keeping in touch with one another, but they also can become a kind of obsession and addiction. Some people spend many hours of the day following the lives of movie stars, politicians, and other people they hardly know. They are constantly watching to see what is trending. They collect “likes” and “friends” as if they were collecting money in a real world. They can spend countless hours disappearing into the lives of others while losing touch with their own lives.

There is also a process of “groupthink” where people slowly and systematically give up their independent thinking to fit in with the thinking of the groups they associate with in social media. [3]

This is how the groupthink process works. Whenever we post a comment on the internet, our pride swells when we get a response from others, especially when it is a supportive or generally positive response. However, we often feel deflated or invalidated when there are no reactions to what we say.

Over time, we will realize that certain types of posts with certain kinds of content will evoke the positive reactions we desire, while others fall flat without comment. At a very basic level, most people want to feel accepted by the groups to which they contribute. If we are not extremely careful, we might find ourselves shaping and shading our comments to get validation from others. Essentially, our posts will begin to reflect the majority views of the group so that we will gain supporters and feel like we are an insider.

If we are not careful, we will learn to think like the group, act like the group, defend the group, and will even marginalize other members who don’t follow the party line. Our desire to be accepted will be a stronger force in our lives than pursuit of the truth.

It is often tiresome to stand alone for truth, and the ruling elite know this. Mind controllers use social media to attract marginalized people into groups. These are people who at some level insist on standing for truth. When these people participate in groups, mind controllers can begin to reshape and refine their opinions and worldview.

When we participate in social media, we need to pay close attention to how we are being manipulated. Mind controllers exploit the basic human fear of being alone and living in isolation by providing a friendly environment for social interaction. In exchange, they subtly ask us to give up the truth to gain acceptance.

In terms of social media recommendations, it is important to closely watch how much time you spend pursuing this type of activity. We now see young people who are unable to turn off their smart phone, because they have to keep up with the text messages that are constantly flowing from their friends. They literally hold their phone in their hands all day long and look at them every 15 seconds or so to feel like they are connected. Social media can be an addiction that is just as strong as any drug.

To avoid the addictive power of social media and the process of groupthink, you may need to decide to not participate. You might even need to discard your smartphone. If you must have mobile phone access, then the old-fashioned cell phone that is just a phone may be what you need. Use speaker mode or a headset to reduce your cancer risk. [4]

However even more insidious is the ability of mind control programmers to pulse certain electromagnetic frequencies and wave forms through electronic devices such as cell phones to modulate brain activity. Such influences can also come through cell towers, Wi-Fi equipment, TVs, computers, and even from the household electrical system supplied by your power company. We may not be able to escape all of this, but we can limit our exposure by turning off devices when they are not in use. [5]


Anyone who has spent time on the internet knows that it is filled with pornography. Pornography is much more than adult entertainment — it damages human relationships and can become a powerful addiction. Mind controllers use pornography to get people to detach their affections and emotions from human relationships and to make sexual fantasy a way of life. They want us living without strong human bonds and to pursue self-satisfying lusts, which they can control.

For disciples of Jesus, participating in pornography is a form of fornication or adultery, and is never acceptable.

Parental controls to avoid adult content should be on all of your family’s computers including the computers of adults just in case children happen to use the computers of their parents. We should do this to protect children from learning about sex through pornographic websites and from believing that what they see there is a picture of healthy sexual activity.

It is natural for children to have curiosity about their bodies and to have questions about sexuality. It is the responsibility of parents to give age appropriate answers to their questions and not avoid the subject because we are uncomfortable.

Even more insidious is the system of trauma based satanic mind control that uses sexual shame and sexual abuse to program children. This was introduced in my previous article. It is easier for Satanic mind controllers to break the minds of children when they are poorly educated about their bodies and sexual functioning.

Computer Games

Many computer games turn killing into entertainment. These games can become part of a highly addictive training program for developing rapid reflexes, intensifying rage, and committing mass murders. Mind controllers use games to train people to devalue human life. [6]

Something happens in the mind after prolonged uninterrupted exposure to computer games. People enter into a kind of hypnotic condition where they refuse to be interrupted. They have to keep on going hour after hour often long into the night. Gamers may give up human relationships and their relationship with God for the sake of their games.

When these games are combined with mind altering pharmaceutical drugs, then people can be set up for committing acts of violence against themselves in the form of suicide, or violent acts against others in the form of mass murders. [7]

The best strategy is to remove such games from computers and smart phones, and don’t visit websites where you can join in such games.

Additionally, avoid taking mind controlling pharmaceuticals, and opt for natural alternatives, which will include the elimination of junk food and the high carbohydrate diet. You can eliminate depression and even manic depression by making dietary changes and taking probiotics.

As an alternative to computer games, teach your family to play games involving face to face contact with other people. Board games, word games, and games that encourage social interaction can be great fun.

My wife recently told me about watching a group of 12 or more Amish girls and boys at a neighbor’s home playing lawn croquet one even after a supper gathering. The game provided a healthy social context for conversation and friendship, which are some of the best reasons for playing games.

Chemical Fragrances

It might seem odd to put fragrances on a list of ways to avoid mind control, but there is an important connection. Satanists and mind control programmers use all the senses for controlling people. They work through the visual center of the brain, the auditory center of the brain, the gustatory center of taste, the sexual and sensual reflexes, and even through the sense of smell. They influence the functioning of the nervous system, the endocrine system, the immune system, the primitive limbic system of the brain, and even affect the functioning of brain stem activities that regulate the heart, respiration, and the function of other organs.

We are highly reactive to smells both pleasant and unpleasant. Smells can cause us to have emotional reactions, physical reactions, and can even evoke memories before our cognitive centers are able to identify what we have smelled. [8]

The sense of smell can be overwhelmed by a constant level of stimulation. We are being told by mind controllers that everything must smell “good.” We are being instructed by their advertisements to only buy products with intense smells. The combination of perfume, cologne, laundry products, cleaning products, scented candles, air fresheners, and automatic aroma dispensers in homes, offices, and cars is creating a condition where the brains of many people have lost the normal perception of smell. They only have a vague sense of fragrance even though they intentionally surround themselves with massive amounts of aromas.

Everything we smell goes directly into the brain — perfume, dryer sheets, plug-in air freshener, etc. The fragrances and the hundreds of secret chemicals they contain all bypass the blood brain barrier and affect brain functioning. Once in the brain, they affect our ability to think, feel, and make decisions. [9]

It has been my contention for many years that mind controllers use these products to disable the olfactory center in the brain as part of a strategy to disable our ability to discern truth from lies. There are many sayings of folk wisdom that link smell to discernment. Have you ever heard the expression, “There’s something fishy going on here?” or “That smells fishy to me.” In other words what a person is saying or doing is somehow deceitful and smells like rotten fish. If we can’t smell the rotten fish in the physical environment because of fragrance pollution, then we will be less able to sense the rotten fish smell that accompanies the lies that we are being fed by mind controllers.

Every time you smell these products, you are submitting yourself to mind control activities and doing the same to everyone else who is forced to smell the fragrance products that you use. So, if you want to protect your mind and your body, then I recommend going fragrance free. Eliminate synthetic fragrances from your life and choose unscented products. Open a window to freshen the air. [10]

Refined Sugar

It is not by accident that the U.S. government began to promote a low fat, high carbohydrate diet for Americans. These dietary recommendations stimulated an out of control sugar eating binge that has been going on for more than 40 years. The high sugar diet is ideally suited to help mined controllers execute their programs.

When people include an average of 160 pounds of unneeded sugar in their diet each year, they impair their ability to learn and think. It also makes them obese and subject to developing diabetes, cancer, dementia and heart disease. In addition to these diseases, high sugar consumption is directly associated with impaired emotional functioning and impaired cognitive abilities. It has the same effect on us as severe physical abuse. [11]

Dietary reform will strengthen your body and your mind, and help you wake-up to mind control activities. I recommend switching to a no sugar, low carbohydrate, medium protein, and high healthy fat diet to protect your mind and your body from being ravaged by the mind control agenda of the ruling elite. Of course, the diet also should be GMO and glyphosate free. Avoid processed foods even if they are organic.

The Ultimate Defense against Mind Control

The ultimate solution for escaping the power of mind controllers is to simply avoid going to the places where they spin their web of deception. If you don’t open your mind to the games they are playing, and you avoid their snares, then you will do much to protect yourself and your family from their malicious intent.

During the Nazi era of Germany, intellectuals and followers of Jesus were taken into containment camps for brainwashing. They were removed from society to prevent them from opposing Hitler’s plan. If these objectors didn’t agree to be silent or renounce their faith in Jesus and obey the demands of the ruling elite, then they were executed.

But today, our entire country is the containment camp and the conventional media and entertainment industry are the prison guards and the brainwashing agents.

Today, only the most dangerous resisters to mind control are being taken into the camps (mental institutions) where they are subdued with psychoactive pharmaceuticals or assassinated as directed by the ruling elite. All the while we are being told we are free, but every freedom we have in our lives is gradually being taken away.

Electromagnetic technology is being developed to neutralize mind control resisters. The goal of current research is to modify brain functioning so that uncooperative resisters who don’t trust government will literally change their minds. Experiments direct brain penetrating electromagnetic fields deep into specific regions of the brain to weaken the strength of resistance. This same technology is also being tested on people who have faith in Jesus in an attempt to weaken their faith. The ruling elite understand the threat posed by those who continue to remain awake to their plans and those who will never bow down to worship them, and are working hard to neutralize us. [12]

Help for Victims of MK Ultra and Satanic Mind Control

If after reading these articles on mind control in America, you feel light-headed (like a fluttering butterfly), fearful, angry, have a deep sense of being unsettled, or have become aware of previously unknown disturbing memories, then there is a possibility that in some way your life has been touched by sex-based or trauma-based mind control. This type of mind control is part of MK Ultra and satanic mind control programs.

If this is the case, then please know that you can get help with deprogramming. You might want to research “Fabian Therapy for mind control.” This therapy does not try to dredge up painful memories. It is designed to rehabilitate the mind’s memory system, and thus allow painful memories to discharge their negative energy in a more natural way. This is different than what most therapists are presently doing. This method of therapy is purported to help with MK Ultra programming and satanic ritual abuse. [13, 14, 15]


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