Prescription Pills

by Dr. Brownstein
Holistic Medicine

Statins are the most profitable drugs in the history of the Big Pharma Cartel.  In the U.S., the most stunning statistic about statin drugs is that nearly one-third of adult Americans currently take a statin medication.  And, if the Powers-That-Be have their way, all Americans over the age of 50 would be prescribed a statin drug.

Why do so many people take a statin drug?  Statins are prescribed for elevated cholesterol levels with the idea that statin use will lower the mortality from heart disease.  What most health care providers and patients don’t know is that twenty years of research has failed to show that statin use significantly lowers the risk of dying from heart disease.

A recent British Medical Journal study looked at the mortality benefit from taking a statin medication for two to six years. (1) The authors performed a literature review of statin studies.  They reported that if you are take a statin medication for two to six years to prevent your first heart attack—this is referred to as primary prevention—your death will be postponed by an average of 3.2 days.  If you have already suffered a heart attack and are taking a statin to prevent another cardiac event—this is referred to as secondary prevention—your death will be postponed an average of 4.1 days.

So, let me summarize these findings.  You will need to take a statin medication—which poisons a crucial enzyme in your body—for two to six years to live a few more days.  I guess a few extra days would be ok if statins were inexpensive and not associated with serious adverse effects.

However, neither is true.  Statins are not inexpensive and they are associated with severe adverse effects including mitochondrial dysfunction, muscle weakness and breakdown, brain fog, memory loss, dementia, and cancer.

Take a toxic drug for six years for an extra three or four days of life?


Folks, statins are a disaster.  They fail nearly 99% who take them to prevent getting a heart attack.  And, their mortality benefit is close to nonexistent as shown in this study.  We are wasting a huge amount of scarce health care dollars on a class of medications that should be pulled from the market.

If you are taking a statin, my advice is to educate yourself about how effective the drug really is and decide if the benefits outweigh the side effects. Remember, it is up to you to decide whether to take any drug prescribed to you.

More information about statins can be found in my book, The Statin Disaster.




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