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Brian Shilhavy
Health Impact News Editor Comments

Health Impact News reporter John Thomas’ dire warnings about actions taken to combat the Zika hoax are already coming true. (See: Zika: A Masterpiece of Public Mind Control)

While there is no credible evidence that mosquitoes can carry Zika, or that Zika presents any public health threat, the evidence is mounting fast that efforts to fight Zika present the greatest threats to our nation’s health and well-being.

National mainstream media is widely reporting today that Dorchester County, S.C. aerially sprayed naled, a pesticide used to kill mosquitoes across the county this week, which resulted in the deaths of millions of bees.

Millions of honeybees in South Carolina were killed earlier this week after being sprayed with an aerial insecticide used to kill mosquitoes that are known to carry Zika.

Juanita Stanley, co-owner of Flowerton Bee Farm & Supplies in Summerville, S.C., said she knew something was wrong on Monday morning when she went to check on her bees and heard nothing.

‘I have millions of bees, and usually you can hear the buzzing and feel the energy, but it was silent,’ she said. ‘It was just devastation; there were piles of dead bees.’

Stanley said bees in all 46 of her hives were killed, resulting in the loss of millions of bees and her livelihood. (Source.)

‘On Saturday, it was total energy, millions of bees foraging, pollinating, making honey for winter,’ beekeeper Juanita Stanley said. ‘Today, it stinks of death. Maggots and other insects are feeding on the honey and the baby bees who are still in the hives. It’s heartbreaking.’ (Source.)

John Thomas warned about the dangers of the pesticide naled, which has been banned in Europe since 2005, but is still allowed in the U.S. The newly created Zika scare is now being used to tout this older pesticide to supposedly kill mosquitoes carrying Zika. It was reportedly the first such aerial spraying of naled in Dorchester County, S.C. in 14 years.

What else does naled kill besides bees?

And while the massive loss of honeybees gained headlines around the country, other non-target insects were likely also wiped out by the naled spray, according to Leif Richardson, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, who studies honey bee collapse, at the University of Vermont.

Studies have shown that naled can harm other bee species, flies and even butterflies —  all insects that also perform important ecological roles, like the honey bee, as pollinators.

Stanley said she hopes that the devastation caused by the spray will force officials to reconsider spraying methods.

‘I don’t want this story to be just in the moment because without honey bees we can’t survive,’ she said. ‘We have to coexist.’


What about humans? As John Thomas has reported, naled could cause microcephaly and other life threatening diseases that the spraying is supposedly trying to prevent in attacking Zika.

This is what the JOURNAL OF PESTICIDE REFORM has to say about naled:

Like all organophosphates, naled [Dibrom] is toxic to the nervous system. Symptoms of exposure include headaches, nausea, and diarrhea. Naled is more toxic when exposure occurs by breathing contaminated air than through other kinds of exposure.

In laboratory tests, naled exposure caused increased aggressiveness and a deterioration of memory and learning.

Naled’s breakdown product dichlorvos (another organophosphate insecticide) interferes with prenatal brain development. In laboratory animals, exposure for just 3 days during pregnancy when the brain is growing quickly reduced brain size 15 percent.

Dichlorvos also causes cancer, according to the International Agency for Research on Carcinogens. In laboratory tests, it caused leukemia and pancreatic cancer. Two independent studies have shown that children exposed to household ‘no-pest’ strips containing dichlorvos have a higher incidence of brain cancer than unexposed children. [34] [Emphasis added]

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