LA County Woman's Jail Human Experimentation National Safe Child Show

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Los Angeles County Jail for Women: What goes on behind closed doors, locked fences, and steel bars? Should most of these women be in jail, or should they be recognized as victims who were abused and often trafficked?

Two former prisoners from LA County Jail for Women were recently interviewed on the National Safe Child Show, with host Tammi Stefano.

Meet two woman who experienced horror, including human experimentation. While so much focus is given to the systemic problems in the men’s jail the woman’s jail is often overlooked.

Kay and Jessica decided to speak out as they both were forced to participate in psychological human experimentation. They talk about the women they met in jail, including one woman who was kept in a cage for 10 years prior to her arrest! Is putting these women in jail, many who are forced into drug addiction, “reabusing” them?

This is Part 1 of the interview.

Watch Part 2 Here.