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by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

Everyday throughout America, dozens of articles appear in major newspapers warning about Zika. I don’t have time to read all the lies and intentionally deceptive propaganda published in these articles, but I do read some of the headlines, which tell a story all in themselves. These articles promote the agenda of various national and international organizations, and the system of Big Pharma that is controlling them.

If we were to read the stories in major papers about Zika and believe them, we would conclude that Zika is an extremely dangerous virus – perhaps one of the most serious threats to our health since the 1918 flu and the polio epidemic in the 1950s. Of course, this is not true. Please see my previous article about Zika for additional information.

Zika: A Real Threat or Another Hoax to Promote Medical Tyranny?

The deception about Zika has recently reached an even higher level of bold-faced lying. An article in the New York Times titled, “Zika May Increase Risk of Mental Illness, Researchers Say,” captured my attention this week, and I had to read it. Actually I read it three times, because I couldn’t believe the lack of evidence for their speculation. I kept thinking I was missing something, which allowed them to draw their conclusions. But I wasn’t — the article is truly just a masterpiece of deceptive propaganda.

The New York Times article stated:

Even infants who appear normal at birth may be at higher risk for mental illnesses later in life if their mothers were infected [with Zika] during pregnancy, many researchers fear.

The Zika virus, they say, closely resembles some infectious agents that have been linked to the development of autism, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

This is a link to the full NYT article: Zika May Increase Risk of Mental Illness, Researchers Say – The New York Times

Why does the NY Times Want Me to Believe This?

Whenever I read propaganda in the mainstream media, I automatically ask: “Why do they want me to believe this? — Why do they want me to believe that pregnant women infected with the Zika virus are likely to produce children who will develop autism, bipolar illness, or schizophrenia?”

I believe the answer is quite simple. It has five parts, which all center on explaining away the truth and believing a common lie. If officials can convince us to believe that Zika causes microcephaly, autism, bipolar illness, and schizophrenia, then they have covered up the true causes of these conditions.

They don’t want us to look at:

  1. Their releasing of GMO mosquitoes into the natural environment,
  1. Their heavy use of glyphosate and other agricultural pesticides,
  1. Their adding the larvicide Pyriproxyfen directly into the public drinking water supply,
  1. Their giving the Tdap vaccine to pregnant women, and
  1. Their perpetuation of poverty and the consumption of a high carbohydrate and GMO rich diet.

But there is more to the blame game that public health officials and Big Pharma are playing. First, they don’t want us to be alarmed by reports in the next few years about the sudden increase in rates of autism spectrum disorders, bipolar illness, and schizophrenia that will suddenly appear from these preceding actions. Second, even more important to their strategy, they don’t want us to be alarmed when the incidence of these conditions grows even higher after the Zika vaccine goes into world-wide distribution. Ultimately, they are trying to condition our minds to accept the harmful consequences that will occur when billions of adults and children of all ages, including pregnant women, take the Zika vaccine.

Vaccine manufacturers, and the public health system they control, are preparing us for a difficult to swallow eventuality. They want us to believe that the increased number of people with these conditions will be the result of Zika, which has infected pregnant women, and not their vaccines. They will even blame the unvaccinated for the spread of Zika and the occurrence of microcephaly, autism, bipolar illness, and schizophrenia.

It’s a Brilliant Strategy

The truth will be that the rise in these conditions will be from all the reasons cited, but especially from the widespread distribution of the Zika vaccine. It will have nothing to do with the wild Zika virus. Of course they will never admit such a thing; instead, they will just blame the consequences on Zika and those who refuse the vaccine. This is truly a brilliant strategy to cover up the truth.

A Passenger Train Named Zika

I recently read a post from a listserv which assembled an impressive list of headlines about Zika. As I read through them, I felt like I was on a fast moving passenger train. It was a train loaded with millions of people. As the train sped through the darkness of night, headlines from major news sources flashed up in the night sky on both sides of the train and then quickly disappeared. The headlines were printed in brilliant neon lights against the blackness of night. One after another the messages hypnotically flashed up like fireworks and then disappeared. The people on the train exclaimed over and over again – “Oh no!” “What are we going to DO?” “My God, my daughter is pregnant!” “Where’s the vaccine – we have got to have a vaccine!”

These are some of the actual headlines that have appeared in conventional media sources in the last week or so. Most of them appeared in a single 24 hour period.

Commercial test for Zika virus could be available within weeks. USA TODAY

Brazil reports explosion of dengue, a bad omen for spread of Zika virus.

Two US Women Miscarry After Zika Infection, CDC Says. ABC News

Prepare for ‘Guerrilla Warfare’ With Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes. New York Times

What real threat does Zika pose to the Rio Olympics? History has an… CNN

Venezuela says 3 dead from Zika virus complications. CBS News

Zika virus adds to growing list of troubles for Brazil. USA TODAY

Brazil reports explosion of dengue, a bad omen for spread of Zika virus. Washington Post

Colombia: A nation in panic over Zika. BBC News

Zika outbreak: 200000 troops deployed. BBC News

Zika virus likely to blame for Romeoville woman’s miscarriage. Chicago Tribune

TIMELINE-Zika’s origin and global spread. Reuters

CDC: Puerto Rico seeing mounting cases of Zika virus infection. Washington Post

Factbox: Why the Zika virus is causing alarm. Reuters

US scientists travel to Colombia for Zika collaboration. Yahoo News

Fort Collins CDC branch is ‘ground zero’ for Zika virus research. The Coloradoan

Zika Warning Spotlights Latin America’s Fight Against Mosquito-Borne Diseases. The New York Times

FDA Issues Zika Virus Guidelines for Blood Supply. The New York Times

W.H.O. Recommends Contraception in Countries with Zika Virus. The New York Times

[Pope] Francis Says Contraception Can Be Used to Slow Zika. The New York Times

Zika Outbreak Could Be an Omen of the Global Warming Threat. The New York Times

WHO: Zika Vaccines at Least 18 Months Away From Broad Trials. Associated Press

[I want to thank Anne Dachel for her initial contribution to this list of headlines. She is the author of The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, Skyhorse Publishing, 2014.]

I am amazed how many of these articles mention how we don’t have a vaccine yet, but they assure us that scientists are working on one. We are told that 15 companies and groups are already working on a Zika virus vaccine. [2]

Riding the Zika Train

So, here we sit on the Zika train watching headlines as we speed off into the future. Even though we haven’t been officially told where it is we are going, the chief engineer and his crew are fully aware of the destination.

After many months and perhaps years of traveling on the Zika train, and being indoctrinated into the official story of Zika by conventional media sources, the train will slow to a stop. The passengers will be told that they can leave the train and return home — that is as soon as they take the Zika vaccine. Those who are still unsure or flatly refuse will have to stay on the train for further re-education.

While we are on the passenger train named Zika, the engineers who are guiding the train will be working hard to set the stage to “protect” the population of the world from Zika. There will be countless secret meetings and top secret memos, which will establish their Zika vaccine Management Plan.

I have put together my own version of a Zika management plan based on what I know about the public health system and the plans of Big Pharma. It describes where I think the engineers want to take us.

Timetable for a Zika Management Plan

It’s easy to close one’s eyes and speculate about the doom and gloom that the future might hold if vaccine manufacturers get their way. Mainstream media calls all of this conspiracy theory and seeks to laugh at anyone who has such thoughts. If we weren’t seeing nearly every state in our union moving to mandate vaccination in one way or another, this would all be just speculation. But, the signs are clear, mandatory world-wide vaccination programs are just around the corner. This is how the process might unfold.

  1. There will be a demand from politicians for the FastTrack development of a Zika vaccine. We might even see a trial vaccine offered to people attending the Rio Olympic Games this summer. If not then, it will be in 2017.
  1. There will be a rapid distribution of GMO mosquitoes in the area of Rio to supposedly prevent Zika from infecting the international gathering of people from nearly every country on Earth.
  1. After the Olympic Games are over and everyone returns to their home countries, we will start hearing that Zika has been found in every moderately warm country on Earth. Proof of world-wide Zika infection will be physically demonstrated by a sudden increase in the number of babies identified with microcephaly, and young children with autism spectrum disorder, bipolar illness, and schizophrenia.
  1. The World Health Organization will formulate a plan for mass vaccinations. The plan will require the world population to be vaccinated for Zika. While they are making their plans and setting up their distribution system, chemical companies, GMO product producers, and vaccine manufacturers will continue to contaminate our environment, our food supply, and our bodies.
  1. GMO mosquitoes will be released into environments around the world especially in the United States. During the time when facilities are being developed for large scale GMO mosquito manufacturing, blanket aerial spraying of pesticides will be done over large portions of the United States to kill existing mosquito populations. U.S. citizens will have been so terrified by media reports that they will demand the aerial spraying and the release of GMO mosquitoes regardless of the known hazards of pesticides and the completely unknown consequences of the GMO mosquitoes. We might even see the return of DDT.
  1. The number of babies that the CDC says are born in the United States every year with microcephaly (786 to 4,819) [3] will suddenly change. They will stop reporting those numbers, and instead will tell us that Zika has spread throughout the United States and is now causing 25,000 new cases of microcephaly every year. [4] They will just start reporting the number of babies that scientists actually know are born with microcephaly and blame the so-called increase on Zika.
  1. Babies with microcephaly will be suddenly put on display in all forms of print and visual media to evoke fear and panic. Frequent reports about Zika will be used to terrorize the population of the world until most people believe that Zika also causes autism, bipolar disorders, and schizophrenia. A picture will tell a thousand words, and the pictures of babies with microcephaly will tell us that Zika is an epidemic, and every single human being must take the Zika vaccine to protect humanity as soon as it available. Posters and electronic media will tell couples to put off having children until they can get the vaccine.
  1. Religions that don’t permit birth control will start to encourage it, and countries that currently don’t permit abortion will change their laws. They will encourage expectant mothers who get sick with a fever or rash of any type during pregnancy to have an abortion.
  1. Once the door has been opened to mandatory world-wide vaccinations for Zika, then a whole parade of additional vaccines will come forth one after another. The World Health Organization and Big Pharma will not rest until everyone, and I do mean every one of us receives dozens of vaccines to “protect the public health.” This will be a public relations campaign unlike we have ever seen before. We will be told that it is our responsibility as citizens of our country and the world to submit to vaccination for the “greater good” of humanity.
  1. Anyone who objects to world-wide vaccination and actively raises his or her voice in opposition to the program will be called stupid and selfish. We will be vilified as risking the health and wellbeing of the billions of people who happily submit to the mandatory program of mass vaccinations. We might even be imprisoned on the Zika passenger trained for life or until we become willing to roll up our sleeves and take the vaccine.

Final Thoughts

I hope and I pray that my vision of things to come with Zika is wrong and the rapidly increasing fearmongering about the dangers of Zika will just fade like a bad dream, but I think this time the nightmare of mandatory vaccination may just become reality. If I am wrong, and the rising wave of Zika hysteria blows over, then we will soon be told of another virus that is even worse than Ebola or Zika. Big Pharma and the international public health system will keep fomenting worldwide fear about some viral menace until they get what they want, which is total control over our bodies, our minds, our money, and our freedom to make choices.

Despite their goals, and their timetables, there is one thing that they will be unable to quench and that is the spirit of truth that lives in the hearts of many people around the world. These people will not be afraid to speak the truth about the deceptive games that our country and the rest of the world is playing with Big Pharma. We will speak the truth about the corruption and the deceivers who are in our midst until we restore our basic human rights to make decisions about what we eat and what we allow the medical monopoly system to do with our bodies.


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