Stop Monsanto’s plan to Kill GMO Labeling!

by Food Democracy NOW!

The FDA just approved GMO salmon, the first genetically engineered animal for direct human consumption. This approval was flawed, irresponsible and most likely illegal. Once again the FDA relied only on industry-funded studies provided by Aquabounty, the entity that will profit most from its approval. The science was so shoddy that they used sample sizes so small that they have no scientific credibility, with only 12 fish tested for one study, while another study on possible allergic reactions in humans involved only 6 fish!

Despite this shoddy evidence, the Obama FDA approved AqauBounty’s GMO salmon anyway.

And because of current U.S. law, these newly approved untested GMO Frankenfish will appear on our plates unlabeled. But that’s not even the worst of it.

Yesterday, Politico reported that your Senators are close to a deal that will undermine our work to gain our right to mandatory GMO labeling. Right now Monsanto lobbyists are scrambling to convince your Senators to support efforts to kill GMO labeling so food companies can avoid mandatory GMO labeling. Even more alarming is the fact that Politico reported that some Senators may even go so far as to attach a rider to the end-of-year budget bill to create some voluntary GMO labeling standard to stomp out the GMO labeling movement once and for all.

We need all hands on deck to stop the ultimate Monsanto Protection Act and convince your Senators not to violate our states’ rights and kill GMO labeling and also allow GMOs to be labeled “natural”! Don’t let Monsanto continue to corrupt our food and our democracy – it’s time to protect America’s family farmers, communities & the environment! Every voice counts!

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