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by Brian Shilhavy
Health Impact News Editor

For almost 5 years, the FDA has been attacking Daniel Smith of Spokane Washington for selling a mineral supplement that purifies water and has been used in places like Africa by the Red Cross to prevent Malaria. The product is called MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), and the active ingredient is sodium chlorite, a common mineral that is even used in some municipalities in the U.S. to purify water instead of chlorine.

Daniel Smith will face a trial in less than 30 days, the culmination of close to 5 years of legal battles, that could result in him spending 37 years in prison if convicted.


Because the FDA has not approved his product for health claims.

Has the product killed anyone? No.

Do FDA approved products kill anyone? Yes.

According to statistics published by medical authorities themselves, FDA prescription drugs are one of the top causes of death in the United States, and probably the #1 cause of death among Americans today.

An older study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1998 stated that 106,000 people died from prescription drugs every year, and the CDC has previously stated that overdoses of FDA-approved prescription opioid pain relievers now exceed deaths involving heroin and cocaine combined.

By contrast, a Government Accounting Office (GAO) report in 2013 found ZERO deaths due to dietary supplements.

deaths in one year due to drugs vs supplements

The FDA Only Approves Drugs

Most of the American public is probably largely unaware that the FDA’s mission is NOT to protect American’s health, but to approve pharmaceutical drugs. Most of its funding comes from the pharmaceutical industry itself, in the drug approval process. The cost to get a drug approved by the FDA is in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The revolving door policy between government health officials and pharmaceutical company executives has been well documented. There are only a handful of pharmaceutical companies that ever get drugs approved in the U.S. market, and if one were to develop a novel cure or drug outside of one of these handful of companies, the only hope they would have to get their product to market would be to sell their business and/or patent to one of these companies the FDA works with.

Therefore, the FDA routinely attacks anybody making health claims that competes with any of these companies with products they have not approved, and they only approve products from this small select group of pharmaceutical giants. In recent years, the FDA has issued warning letters and threatened companies selling such natural products as coconut oil, walnuts, cranberries, elderberries, and essential oils, to name a few.

One could think that if a product is worthy of being attacked by the FDA, it must have some actual curative properties to present a real threat to pharmaceutical products.

How is MMS Being Used?

From the MMS Defense Fund site:

MMS (Miracle [Master] Mineral Solution) is a simple solution of sodium chlorite dissolved in distilled water.

Sodium chlorite is perfectly legal to buy, sell, import, export, and possess. It is still available to this day on Ebay, Amazon, and from scores of online distributors worldwide. It has been marketed throughout the world for nearly a century, most notably for use in water purification.

When mixed with weak acids, such as citric acid, sodium chlorite is a precursor to a dynamic array of redox molecules effective in the eradication of yeasts, molds, fungi, viruses, and bacteria, all which thrive in aqueous solutions (including human body water) and are a leading cause of various disease symptoms throughout the world.

Sodium chlorite, properly acidified, contains no residual sodium chlorite, as this is all spent in the reaction. Hence, alleged “dangers” of sodium chlorite is a misnomer. The resultant chemistry, if and when ingested, breaks down internally to oxygen, sodium, and chloride – all essential nutrients for the sustenance of human life.

Here is a case study of how it is being used in Uganda to purify drinking water and fight Malaria:

The founder of the product has also produced a video defending Daniel (who is one the largest distributors of the product), and he claims the product has saved tens of thousands of lives in countries around the world:

Why is the FDA Targeting this Specific Supplement that has Killed Nobody?

While the product has apparently killed nobody, the FDA is claiming the product is dangerous, and has issued a warning on their website advising people not to take the product. They do not link to any studies or cases showing the dangers of the product, but only cite “According to FDA experts….”

This is a similar tactic the FDA used in late 2014 when they issued warnings regarding essential oils, and sent warning letters to the two largest network marketing essential oil distribution companies in the U.S. (See: FDA Targets Essentials Oils: Sees EOs as Threat to New Ebola Drugs?) While these essential oils companies have been around for many years now, it appears the timing of the FDA attack coincided with the current development of new Ebola drugs and vaccines, and health claims made by essential oils distributors for supposed effectiveness in treating Ebola.

So what about MMS?

According to the MMS Defense Fund site, several pharmaceutical companies have already started drug trials on similar products to MMS:

It was no surprise then when, in June of 2013 (after the arrests), sodium chlorite suddenly received “orphaned drug status” in the EU for the treatment of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  See Sodium Chlorite (NP001) Receives Orphaned “Drug” Status in the European Union.

It was also no surprise to find that clinical studies were already under way for the use of sodium chlorite (designated “NP001”) in the treatment ofAlzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s.

Neither was it a surprise to find numerous patents – many based on clinical studies – for the use of acidified sodium chlorite in the safe and effective treatment of HIV, dermatologic and inflammatory diseases, infectious diseasescancers, and diabetic ulcers, to name a few.  See also, Immunokine designated “WF10“.

More recently, the U.S. military has turned to sodium chlorite to generate chlorine dioxide (ClO2) to fight the spread of dread Ebola.

Ebola Vaccines and Drugs: The Next Big Market for Pharmaceutical Products?

The deadly Ebola virus was headline news for many weeks towards the end of 2014, in spite of the fact that most of the deaths have occurred in Africa, and not in the U.S. Is Ebola a threat to the U.S.? For a very informative investigative piece of writing on this topic, see John P. Thomas’ article: Similarities Between 1976 Swine Flu Hoax and Ebola?

Just last week, child protection services in Arkansas obtained a warrant to search the home of a family homeschooling their 7 children, and then removed all seven children from the custody of the parents.

What was the crime of the parents? They had a bottle of MMS in the house. The father claims he was the only one using it, and none of the children ever used it (story here.)

Health Freedom in America Under Attack


Should a peaceful homeschool family who has reportedly never had any problems with the law lose their children because the FDA has not approved a supplement found in their home that the children reportedly do not even use?

Should Daniel Smith be facing 37 years in prison for selling a product that tens of thousands of people around the world have claimed has improved their health? Should he be under house arrest and required to wear a government monitoring device around his ankle as he has for the past two years??

I’m attaching a photo of this clever device, which assures the government I am safe and sound in my home every night between 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.  In the beginning, it insured that I never left home at all – not even to the grocery.   Other than keeping me from going swimming with the kids, I hardly notice its there anymore.  This device communicates with an alien-looking GPS-device that sits on top of our piano. (Source.)


Photo by Daniel Smith.

Wake up America! Your freedoms are being eroded more and more every day while a compliant public stands by and does nothing.

Read more about Daniel Smith and MMS.

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