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Voters in Oregon and Colorado will soon decide if genetically modified foods should be required to carry a label informing consumers that they are buying GMOs. If you live in either Oregon or Colorado, click on the appropriate Right to Know logo above to get more information.

GMO seed companies and processed food companies have spent millions of dollars on negative campaigning in each of these two states to try and prevent these ballet measures from passing.

Here is some information from FoodDemocracyNow:

Big Chem is going all in!!

  • DuPont – the giant chemical corporation – dumped a whopping $7.46 MILLION into the GMO labeling fight this week – $4.46 million in Oregon and $3 million in Colorado!
  • Already Monsanto has spent more than $8.1 million in Oregon and Colorado to prevent common sense labeling initiatives from being passed into law.
  • These companies – combined with Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and the rest of their agrochemical friends – have spent a whopping $30+ MILLIONto defeat GMO labeling.

DuPont’s massive donation shattered the record for making the single largest contribution to a political campaign in Oregon history!

Thanks to the support of grassroots activists like you, we’re still neck and neck in recent polls. But with our margins tightening every day, and voting already under way in Colorado and Oregon, we cannot afford to waste a single moment.

That’s right, these 5 corporations are leading the pack to deceive voters by dumping in a stunning $30 MILLION to silence our voices and keep GMOs unlabeled on our tables. In Oregon, Monsanto, DuPont and Friends have already dumped more than $16.5 million to defeat Measure 92, while pouring another $14.3 million to defeat of Colorado’s Prop 105.

The real question is – What are they so desperate to HIDE?

We saw this in Washington in 2013 and California in 2012 – Monsanto, DuPont and the rest of their Big Food friends will stop at absolutely nothing in their disinformation campaign to defeat GMO labeling. They’ll lie to and confuse voters in misleading TV ads airing every single day if it means preventing GMO labeling from becoming law.

We can’t let them win! A victory at the ballot boxes for labeling would be a historic moment for our GMO labeling movement. We could see a wave of similar labeling measures roll across the entire nation – but only if we’re able to fight back now and deliver a crushing blow to Monsanto.


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