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Though I attempted suicide as a child, I now want to enjoy this great world for as long as possible. I have chosen to put my faith in God. I know there is more to this life than meets the eye. I have experienced a love that is greater than we can comprehend. I look forward to heaven, a real place I am going to where there will be no more pain, death, sickness, violence, abuse or evil of any kind. I can’t wait to be given arms and legs and to join my loved ones as we reunite to live the real, “happily ever after”.

I can never be perfect, no matter how hard I try. To reach heaven I need to be forgiven for all the things I have done wrong. That is why Jesus, the Son of God, died for the world. He was the only one who could raise Himself from the grave and live a blameless life. He died for my sins and took my place for the punishment of sin, death itself.

Some believe that it is illogical to believe in Jesus, I say, it is logical to follow the one who claimed to be God and proved it by being holy and resurrecting from the grave. I have seen the power of my faith. I have a personal relationship with Jesus. If you do not share that faith, well I am just thankful that I can share mine with you today.

The majority of the world believes in a “higher power” and, from time to time, questions come along. Please, if you are interested in learning more go to my ministry’s web site today. We have a team waiting to read your emails. I can’t always read them personally, but we would love to hear from you.

Whatever beliefs you have, know that I love you and I believe that you were created by God for a tremendous purpose. Don’t give up.

I gave my life to Jesus at age 15 and started sharing my walk of faith. Jesus has given me victory over every circumstance and comforted me in every pain. I believe that once you find faith in God, you will experience the greatest peace, joy and fulfillment. My faith in God is why I am driven to motivate, share and travel. We established a non-profit organization called Life Without Limbs to serve as a platform that enables me to go around the world and share my faith in God and how important it is to have Him in our lives.

I love you ALL very much.

Nick Vujicic


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