Health Impact News Editor Comments: The FDA announced that some skin care products such as soaps, skin creams, and lotions have been sold tainted with mercury. At least the FDA is admitting that mercury is toxic in skin care products! They don’t seem to want to warn people about it in their mouth however. See: Why is the FDA Ignoring Its Own Scientists’ Warnings About Mercury Fillings?

By Brian Alexander


Women in at least seven states may have been unwittingly slathering poison on their faces by using mercury-tainted cosmetics, the Food and Drug Administration warned Tuesday.

The products, usually used for lightening skin, are sold as soaps, skin creams, and lotions. In all, the FDA has identified 35 products, most of them manufactured overseas, and most sold in Latino, Middle Eastern, African-American, and Asian neighborhoods.

Mercury poisoning can cause illness and even death, and while the amounts of mercury in the cosmetics is typically low, mercury, like lead and some other poisons, accumulates in the body. Mercury is also readily absorbable through skin. It damages the nervous system and other organs such as kidneys. Consumers could be giving themselves frequent small doses of poison that will eventually lead to symptoms like irritability, tremors, depression, memory problems and changes in hearing and vision.

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