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I was thinking we should make a list and have it as a sticky so we could make it easier to avoid these seed companies if you so desire.
To give a little background about Monsanto if you don’t already know. They develop and sell GMO (genetically modified organisms) seeds. Seeds that have live animals cells in them. These GMO plants threaten to spread by cross-pollinating and therefore contaminating our open pollinated seed just like that of rice seed that several countries won’t buy from the US anymore. Monsanto scientists — makers of dioxin, Agent Orange, genetically modified crops, round-up ready soybeans, and terminator seeds.

Here’s the list so far. Please add to it. This will be the master list so when someone opens it they are listed all at the top. This way we can keep a discussion going if we want to.

  • Audubon Workshop
  • Breck’s Bulbs
  • Burpee
  • Cook’s Garden
  • Dege Garden Center
  • E & R Seed Co
  • Earl May Seed
  • Flower of the Month Club
  • Gardens Alive
  • Garden Trends
  • Germania Seed Co
  • HPS
  • Johnny’s Seeds
  • Jungs
  • Lindenberg Seeds
  • McClure and Zimmerman Quality Bulb Brokers
  • Mountain Valley Seed
  • Nichol’s
  • Osborne
  • Park Seed
  • Park Bulbs
  • Park’s Countryside Garden
  • R.H. Shumway
  • Rocky Mountain Seed Co
  • Roots and Rhizomes
  • Rupp
  • Seeds for the World
  • Seymour’s Selected Seeds
  • Snow
  • Spring Hill Nurseries
  • Stokes
  • T&T Seeds
  • The Vermont Bean Seed Company
  • Tomato Growers Supply
  • Totally Tomato
  • Vermont Bean Seed Co.
  • Wayside Gardens
  • Willhite Seed Co.

Also look at (Western US) (Eastern US) (Canada)

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