Health Impact News Editor Comments: The “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” is the publication used by Psychiatrists to define mental illnesses and legally prescribe drugs. How are these diseases diagnosed? Watch this video:

The DSM5 edition is now being debated, and as this article by Dr. Allen Frances explains, almost every group has come out against the increase in diagnoses that are being proposed to be added to the manual, except those who reportedly stand to profit from the increase in defined “mental diseases.”

by Allen Frances, M.D.
Psychology Today

So far, opposition to DSM 5 has been expressed by the following organizations: British Psychological Society; American Counseling Association; Society for Humanistic Psychology (APA Division 32); Society for Community Research and Action: Division of Community Psychology (APA Division 27); Society for Group Psychology & Psychotherapy (APA Division 49); Developmental Psychology (APA Division 7); UK Council for Psychotherapy; Association for Women in Psychology; Constructivist Psychology Network; Society for Descriptive Psychology; and the Society of Indian Psychologists.

An editorial by the Society Of Biological Psychiatry wondered whether DSM 5 was necessary at all. The community of personality disorders researchers is virtually unanimous in its opposition to the DSM 5 personality disorders section. There has also been widespread opposition to the sections on somatic, autistic, gender, paraphilic, and psychotic disorders.

Strikingly, there seems to be virtually no support for DSM 5 outside the very narrow circle of the several hundred experts who have created it and the leadership of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) which stands to reap large profits from its publication. There is no group and precious few individuals outside of APA who have anything good to say about DSM 5. And even within the DSM 5 work groups and the APA governance structures, there is widespread discontent with the process and considerable disagreement about the product.

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