Coconut Oil And Heart Health

Question: Dear Dr. Sinatra,

Is coconut oil good for heart health?

Answer: Dr. Sinatra says…

Absolutely. Coconut oil is good for the heart and the entire body. One of the greatest attributes of coconut oil is that because it is a saturated fat, it doesn’t oxidize. Saturated fats used to be thought of as bad for the heart, but the truth is that saturated fats are perfectly okay because they are very resistant to oxidation. Even though omega-3 essential fatty acids are good for heart health, if they become oxidized they can be as toxic as even the most ugly fats of all—trans fats. Omega-6 oils such as corn, canola, and vegetable oils are very prone to oxidation and can be very toxic to the body if over consumed.

Coconut oil also contains monolaurin, which supports the immune system. So, consider coconut oil as a good option to boost heart health and immune health.

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