Medical Kidnapping Stories Top Most Viewed Articles of 2017 – Gardasil Vaccine Still #1 Topic on Health Impact News

The top 4 stories published in 2017 in the Health Impact News network were medical kidnapping stories, showing that the public is becoming more aware and more concerned about the state-sponsored abduction of children by child protective services. Medical kidnapping stories comprised half of the top 10 articles published in 2017. The other top-read stories published in 2017 were on the topics of vaccines, and saturated fats and coconut oil. From all of us at Health Impact News we thank our readers for their support in 2017. It has been a pleasure to serve you! We look forward to proclaiming the truth in 2018, mainly health news that the corporate-funded mainstream media censors, primarily due to massive funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

Health Impact News Launches New Social Media Platform

Health Impact News has announced that it has launched a new Social Media platform: The Health Impact News Communities. The Online Communities of Health Impact News provide a new social platform that is secure and safe, networking like-minded people interested in topics not generally covered by the mainstream media. Hosted entirely within the Health Impact News secure cloud, networking and secure chat is now possible with no personal data being collected and shared with advertisers or parties interested in knowing your identity. To get started in harnessing the powerful social tools available in the Health Impact News Communities, one simply needs to register with an email address. Registration is completely free.

2014 Top Stories: Medical Kidnappings, Vaccine Cover-ups, Glyphosate Food Contamination

2014 was a year that saw Health Impact News grow into a major network of health information in the Alternative Media. Two new websites were launched in 2014 due to reader demand: and Our top stories in 2014 were on the topics of Medical Kidnapping, Vaccine Cover-ups, and the contamination of our food supply by the herbicide glyphosate.

Health Impact News in 2013 – The Year in Review

A review of the most-read stories at Health Impact News in 2013 will reveal a much different list than what one will see as the top stories for 2013 on mainstream media news websites. For example, the terrorist attack during the Boston Marathon is ranked as one of the top stories in 2013, if not the single most important story of 2013. While this was certainly a major story in 2013, let's look at some perspective in terms of its significance. The terrorist attacks in the Boston Marathon reportedly killed 3 people, and injured 264 others. It was a tragic event, to be sure, affecting the lives of hundreds of people. But in terms of deaths or lives affected by injuries, is it the top story of 2013? Probably not. Here are a few other stories that actually were covered in the mainstream media, with far more people affected, but will probably get no mention on the last day of 2013 in the mainstream media: 1. Deaths by hospital errors now the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. 2. Over-the-counter Ibuprofen is Killing and Injuring Thousands of Americans 3. U.S. Ranks First in Healthcare Spending – Last in Life Expectancy Of course the one story that affects many thousands of American's lives and gets virtually NO mainstream media coverage, is the issue of injuries and deaths due to vaccines. This is the one subject that is taboo in the mainstream media, and could easily be the top story in 2013. A search in the U.S. VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reports) database for 2013 on the last day of the year returns the following results: 1,582 serious adverse vaccine reactions, and 107 deaths, with 72 of those deaths under the age of 3. Headline news for 2013, but completely censored in the mainstream media. Read More.