Homemade Coconut Oil Deodorant Recipe with Essential Oils

Deodorants can be among the most toxic skin care products on the market. Commercial deodorants often contain toxic ingredients such as aluminum and parabens. Parabens are found in 99 percent of breast cancer tissues, for example. You can make your own non-toxic deodorant with virgin coconut oil and essential oils with my recipe below. This recipe is designed to fill a wide-mouth glass jar, so that you can use your fingers to apply. Many commercial deodorants are "roll-ons," which means you are reapplying toxins from your sweat back into your armpits each time you use it. With the paste-like consistency of this recipe, you can use your clean fingers to apply under each arm. By using virgin coconut oil and pure essential oils, you are putting healthy antioxidants and plant extracts into your skin.

Home-made Coconut Oil Deodorant

by KerryAnn Foster
Cooking Traditional Foods
Of all of the body products I have made at home, coconut oil deodorant has made me the happiest. I was thrilled to be able to get away from the paraben and aluminum-filled commercial deodorants but still find something that works well. I’ve used this deodorant and it has worked wonderfully well for everything except […]

Why Virgin Coconut Oil Makes a Great Deodorant

by Anne Hart, Sacramento Healthy Trends Examiner

All you need is a jar of extra virgin coconut oil. In this current triple-digit California Central Valley weather today, it’s great. You simply smear the melted coconut oil in your armpits and any place else on your external skin that needs a deodorant in the […]

Stinky? Home-made Natural Deodorant Recipe with Coconut Oil Can Help!

by Suzanne
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A few years ago I read something that prompted me to stop using deodorant. It was a quick little post from a mom on a website that she stopped using deodorant when breastfeeding because the thought of chemicals entering her body in the area where her baby was nursing made her uncomfortable. Since […]