New Alzheimer’s Imaging Test Provides NO Benefits, Only Profits for Drug Companies

by Vera Sharav
Alliance for Human Research Protection
 On Friday, April 6, the FDA approved another of Eli Lilly’s “breakthroughs” whose clinical value is questionable (at best).  The focus, in this instance, is not a therapeutic intervention, but rather a test using a radioactive imaging agent– a dye, brand name, Amyvid (florbetapir)–which is to be used in […]

Coconut Oil Reverses the Effects of Alzheimer’s in 50 Year Old Woman

Catherine: “Coconut Oil has become my best friend” – Photo provided by her family

by Raul Lora-Zamorano
[Health Impact News] Catherine and I were married on May 1st, 1988.  Prior to our marriage, Catherine was a senior manager in the administrative area of a major retail chain with some 800 stores.  I had […]

Man in his 80s with “severe dementia” returning to old self after starting coconut oil

Health Impact News Editor Comments: I spoke with Joseph Jauregui about the joy he and his brothers and sisters have after seeing their father change when he started to use coconut oil in his diet. Joe reported to me that while his father still has a ways to go to be like his former […]

Oxford University researchers discover that coconut oil helps people with Alzheimer’s regain their memory

Image chiotsrun Flickr

Oxford University researchers have discovered that coconut oil may help people with Alzheimer’s regain their memory.

Researchers say coconut oil contains unique fats known as ketones, which are thought to nourish the brain.

The results are only temporary, but researchers say the short term effects for dementia patients are astounding.

Dr Peter Clifton, a nutritional scientist, […]

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease: The News is Spreading

The news about how effective coconut oil is in treating Alzheimer's Disease is spreading fast, as the failure of drugs in treating Alzheimer's are widely documented in the mainstream media. Brian Shilhavy takes a look at the research and testimonials regarding coconut oil and Alzheimer's.

CBN Reports on Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s

Health Impact News Editor Comments:
For many years Pat Robertson of CBN and the 700 Club has warned his viewers of the dangers of saturated fat, assuming that the lipid theory of heart disease was true. I tried many years ago to send them our book on the health benefits of coconut oil, backed by […]

Alzheimer’s and Coconut Oil: How coconut oil gave me back my brain

Ian Blair Hamilton and Cassie Bond talk about how coconut oil changed their lives.

More info:
Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease: The News is Spreading

Virgin Coconut Oil:
How it has changed people’s lives and how it can change yours!

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Alzheimer’s is Type 3 diabetes

by Fernanda Barros, Ivanhoe Health Correspondent

(Ivanhoe Newswire) — Could Alzheimer’s be a form of diabetes? Brain levels of insulin and its related cellular receptors fall during the early stages of Alzheimer’s, and as insulin levels continue to drop, the disease becomes more severe. Now, doctors are looking at memory problems like Alzheimer’s disease as […]

Could Low Cholesterol Cause Dementia?

Dr. John Briffa
for The Cholesterol Truth

I came across an interesting review recently that focused on the role of nutrition in the condition Alzheimer’s disease. This form of dementia is characterized by the build-up in the brain of a protein known as ‘amyloid-beta’. One of the major points made in the paper is this: cholesterol […]

Is the Misguided Low-fat Dietary Philosophy Primarily Responsible for Alzheimer’s Disease? Coconut Oil Reverses it!

Population studies in tropical cultures that consume coconuts seldom see diseases like Alzheimer’s.
Note: The updated story is published here:
Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease: The News is Spreading