Psychiatry’s new blood test for diagnosing kids mentally ill is bogus

by Citizens Commission on Human Rights International
A study about a new “blood test”  that can supposedly be used to determine teens have “Major Depressive Disorder”  is being heralded by the press as a breakthrough in legitimizing  psychiatric disorders as medical conditions.  We’re going to cut to the chase—it’s not even close to a breakthrough.  It’s […]

Big Surprise – Whooping Cough Spreads Mainly through Vaccinated Populations

by Dr. Mercola
In 2010, the largest outbreak of whooping cough in over 50 years reportedly occurred in California.

Around that same time, a scare campaign was launched in the California by Pharma-funded medical trade associations, state health officials and national media targeting people opting out of using pertussis vaccine, falsely accusing them of causing the […]

Michigan DNR Raids Family Hog Farms

The DNR has carried out raids against at least two family farms in Michigan that raise heritage free range hogs, reports Mark Baker from Baker's Green Acres.

Coconut Oil Reverses Dementia in 100 Year Old Woman

I have seen such an improvement with coconut oil beginning with the first day. She seldom repeats herself, she loves to listen to music and dance. She has been remembering her past.

Chocolate Gives Statins A $29 Billion Run For Their Money

by Sayer Ji
With the blockbuster cholesterol-lowering class of drugs known as statins being widely promoted for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease, despite their having over 300 documented adverse health effects (including heart failure!), how does chocolate sound as a viable, heart-friendly alternative?
We already connect amorously with chocolate (to the tune of 6 billion lbs of cocoa […]

J&J Guilty of Fraud and Must Pay $1.1 Billion for Misleading Doctors About Risperdal

By Eric Francis, Jef Feeley and David Voreacos
Bloomberg News

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) must pay more than $1.1 billion in fines, a judge ruled after an Arkansas jury found the company’s officials misled doctors and patients about the risks of the antipsychotic drug Risperdal.

Judge Tim Fox in Little Rock, Arkansas, yesterday found J&J and its […]

Americans Eat the Cheapest Food in the World, But What is It Really Costing?

by Dr. Mercola

In 2010, Americans spent just over 9 percent of their disposable income on food (5.5 percent at home and 3.9 percent eating out).iThis is a dramatically lower percentage spent just decades ago in the early 1960s, when over 17 percent was spent on food, and even more of a “bargain” compared to […]

Battlefield acupuncture offers a safer, more effective alternative to dangerous painkiller drugs for soldiers

by: Christina Luisa

(NaturalNews) Psychiatric drugs and painkillers are now being routinely used across the U.S. military, where violent suicides have skyrocketed to levels never before seen in history. In the military today, soldiers who suffer TBIs — Traumatic Brain Injuries — frequently receive treatment with mind-altering psychiatric drugs that have known side effects of […]

Coconut Oil Reverses Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

I am not raising money or selling anything. I have ALS and want to share things that have helped me. I have had positive improvements from adding coconut oil and magnesium chloride to my diet. It’s the only change I’ve made. I believe the coconut oil and magnesium chloride has slowed, and partially reversed the progression of my ALS. Read More:

New Lupus Study Questions Aluminum in Vaccines

by Dr. Mercola

The presumed intent of a vaccination is to help you build immunity to potentially harmful organisms that contribute to illness and disease. However, your body’s immune system has been designed over the course of countless millennia to ward off infection naturally.

Infectious organisms do not so much invade your body, as take advantage […]