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Ty and Charlene Bollinger are hosting their critically-acclaimed health summit, The Truth About Cancer LIVE, from October 5th through October 7th, 2017.

This year they’ve gathered an impressive collection of alternative health and natural cancer experts, maybe some of the best in the world, to present.

It’s a “who’s who” of the very brightest minds and caring hearts in the field of alternative healing. Here’s just a taste of who’s coming:

  • Dr. Patrick Quillin – Beating Cancer with Nutrition
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola – Ketogenic Diet and Cancer
  • Dr. Robert Scott Bell – Gut Health, the Microbiome, and Cancer
  • Dr. Rashid Buttar -The Cancer Conflict: Resolving the 5th Toxicity
  • Dr. Tony Jimenez – Treating Cancer with Sound and Light
  • Mike Adams – The importance of “ORGANIC”
  • Del Bigtree – Freedom of Choice in Medicine
  • Chris Wark – How “Chris Beat Cancer”
  • Plus SO many more

These experts will share their most front-line, advanced and important information about healing and preventing cancer and other chronic diseases…

And you have a front row seat… from the comfort of your own home. Here’s the best part … it’s absolutely FREE to you.

The broadcast starts Thursday, October 5th at 9am Eastern.

Here’s how to get the live stream of the event.

In just 3 short days, you’ll learn a LIFETIME’s worth of therapies, treatments and protocols that can absolutely save your life, or the life of a loved one.

You’ll end the weekend with newfound hope for a healthy future.

Register early to make sure you get a spot. It takes 30 seconds.
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