Health Impact News Editor Comment: Dr. Briffa runs an excellent blog publishing the truth about cholesterol and cholesterol-lowering drugs. See also our article on how lowering one’s cholesterol might be one of the primary causes of Alzheimer’s Disease, since our brain is dependent on cholesterol: The harm of low-fat high-carbohydrate diets in cholesterol uptake in the brain

Dr John Briffa
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Recently, a lady sent me some blood test results that she’d scanned into her computer. The test results showed ‘elevated’ LDL-cholesterol levels. Accompanying the test results was a diet sheet from her doctor, telling her to avoid cholesterol-rich foods such as eggs and shellfish. The idea that people with ‘raised’ cholesterol should avoid eating cholesterol-rich foods has been around for decades.

But as I’ve pointed out repeatedly on this blog, the impact cholesterol (or anything else) has on blood cholesterol levels is irrelevant – it’s its impact on health that is important. Some of the evidence we have in this area is what we call ‘epidemiological’ in nature. Such studies look at associations between things. Relevant studies do not link dietary cholesterol intake with heart disease risk in populations. In other words, individuals who eat more cholesterol do not, generally speaking, appear to be at an increased risk of heart disease. The fact that no association between cholesterol intake and heart disease exists makes it very unlikely that dietary cholesterol is a significant cause of heart disease.

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