Children Dying from Side Effects of Psychoactive Drugs

Bad Side-Effects Ahead For Pharma?
by Martin Fridson

In 2006, according to The New York Review of Books, four-year-old Rebecca Riley died of the effects of two prescription drugs—Clonidine and Depakote.
These medications, along with Seroquel, were prescribed for Rebecca after she was diagnosed, at the age of two, with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder […]

Ten Year Old on Two Drugs Dies After Hanging Himself

By Dr. Mercola

Harry Hucknall, a ten-year-old boy, died after hanging himself with a belt from his bunk bed. His father blames the death on Ritalin and Prozac, two drugs that the boy had been prescribed by a psychiatrist to cure his boisterous behavior and low spirits.

At the time of his death, the child had […]

The Unseen War on American Farms

Health Impact News Editor Comments: I saw the screening to this film this past weekend in L.A. It is definitely worth seeing if you want to be educated on the issues related to food freedom in the U.S., and the current attacks against family farms. Check here for screenings: Below is an interview with Kristin […]

Joel Salatin on Today’s Food Issues

You would not be wrong thinking of Joel Salatin as a kind of food evangelist.
After all, he travels the country preaching common sense and real food with
all the energetic fervor of a true believer.

Recently, Mr. Salatin spoke to a sell-out audience (co-sponsored by The
Woodstock Land Conservancy and the Woodstock Farm Festival), where he
had plenty […]

Raw Milk Herdshare Shut Down in San Jose California


by David Gumpert
The Complete Patient
Herdshares have been sprouting like grass in a well-watered pasture out in California. No one knows exactly how many there are, but by some estimates, there are 65, or possibly even 100 or more.
As in many states, California has no explicit rules regarding herdshares–in other words, they’re not illegal. Because […]

New evidence confirms dentists controlled statements by CDC on fluoridation toxicity concerns

Press Release from The Lillie Center, Inc. (Ellijay GA)
June 22, 2011

New evidence confirms dentists controlled statements by CDC on fluoridation toxicity concerns

Another King family member speaks out as Fluoridegate scandal builds in Atlanta

Ellijay, GA – Swirling questions about conflicts of interest and improper influence grew rapidly today as Freedom […]

New Documents Prove TSA “Mischaracterized” Safety Aspects Of Full Body Scanners

Image: Wikimedia Commons
by Steve Watson
Newly released internal government documents, obtained via the Freedom Of Information Act, reveal that the TSA, and specifically the head of the Department of Homeland Security, “publicly mischaracterized” the findings of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, in stating that NIST had […]

Medical Marijuana Saves Child from Terminal Cancer

Dad Gives Toddler Battling Brain Cancer Medical Marijuana
by Melissa Luck | KXLY4 Executive Producer

To call what the Hyde family has been through a “parent’s worst nightmare” sounds like a horrible cliche. But, it’s hard to imagine what else you could call it. Their two-year old son Cash was diagnosed last year with a stage 4 […]

The FDA’s Double Standards on Listeria Regarding Raw Milk

How FDA and State Regulators Have Turned into “Bouncers”
by David Gumpert
The Complete Patient
If you’ve ever been in a restaurant or club patrolled by bouncers, you know the system of justice is uneven. If you somehow violate the club rules–maybe are a little unruly, or try to converse with the entertainers–the punishment usually varies according […]

Diabetes rates in India lower with Ghee and Coconut Oil in traditional diets

INDIA’S biggest manufacturer of ghee is planning to push it as a health food    
by Robin Pagnamenta
The Times


Ghee is the raw material at the heart of every authentic Indian curry and a holy offering revered in Hindu weddings.

The managing director of the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation, which owns India’s No1 ghee brand, Amul, […]