The Financial Fall of Budweiser Shows the Hidden Power that the American Consumer Still Has Over Wall Street Billionaires

Anheuser-Busch, the largest beer company in the world, is learning the hard way that the American consumer still has a hidden power against corporate America, as their company value has lost $15.7 billion since April 1st, when they hired transgender-influencer Dylan Mulvaney to promote their Bud Light beer, which sent sales diving all across the U.S. This has been truly historical, and I have to say I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime. More powerful than protests, even the "Occupy Wall Street" protests of 2011, and certainly more powerful than voting for politicians, the American consumer's most powerful voice for protest and change, is how they decide to spend their money, by voting in the only place that really matters, the marketplace. And let's be very clear here and give credit where credit is due. This is NOT simply a "conservative" protest, but this is a protest by AMERICANS that crosses political divides. And that is the main reason why a Wall Street corporate giant is reeling today, and trying to backpedal as fast as it can. Americans are rejecting the transgender culture, from trans "women" biological males invading sports and completely annihilating every female sports record on the books, to children committing suicide after receiving transgender medical procedures, to trans "women" biological male prisoners being incarcerated in women prisons and jails where rape and sexual abuse is skyrocketing, the majority of Americans are saying "this has gone too far." And in doing so by voting with their money, they are discovering the hidden power of the American consumer to fight back against the Wall Street billionaires and bankers.

Supreme Court Refuses to Protect Children as America Falls Further into the Moral Abyss Allowing Biologically-Born Boys to Use Girls’ Bathrooms

This past weekend I published a commentary on the prophet Jeremiah in the Old Testament section of the Bible, where I showed how historically God loses his patience with evil and injustice and displays his anger by destroying evil societies, as happened to the capital of the Jewish empire in 586 AD. In this article, as well as others I have written, I show how the moral decay of a society that faces judgment by a moral and just God, when morality and justice disappear in that society, almost always is the result of sexual perversion, and mistreating children, the most helpless members of our society. I showed how modern day America is probably at least as corrupt as the Jewish empire was in Jeremiah's day, just before God destroyed it, if not more so. If there was any lingering doubt to this premise, I believe that perhaps the last nail in coffin sealing the fate of the U.S. may have happened this week, when the U.S. Supreme Court, the highest court in our nation, refused to protect children from predators, by allowing a lower court's opinion that it is OK for biologically born boys who now identify as transgender females, to use girls' bathrooms in schools and other public places where they can now legally become sexual predators under the color of the law.