New Report Shows Cholesterol Drugs Cause Muscle and Joint Injuries

According to a report published by JAMA Internal Medicine, cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins) have been linked to musculoskeletal and joint injuries and adverse events especially in those pursuing physical activity. Statin-associated musculoskeletal adverse events (AEs) include a wide variety of clinical presentations, including muscle weakness, muscle cramps and tendinous (tendon) diseases. In addition, the known side effects of statin drugs include inflammation and pathological breakdown of muscle, acute kidney failure, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, interference with sex hormones and death.

Cholesterol-lowering Statin Drugs Provide No Benefit: Study of 4 Million People

Aside from demonstrating that statins provide no benefit to most people, this study also demonstrates that the so-called gold standard, randomized double blinded placebo controlled, study is a farce. Add to that, though, the fact that statins have severe and deadly adverse effects, it’s apparent that these drugs are doing great harm while providing no benefit.

Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up

The focus on cholesterol has created an enormous market for statins; drugs that act by blocking the enzyme in your liver that is responsible for making cholesterol. Statins are now among the most widely prescribed drugs on the market, and are the number one profit-maker for the pharmaceutical industry, largely due to relentless and highly successful direct-to-consumer advertising campaigns. However, cholesterol is actually a critical part of your body’s foundational building materials and is absolutely essential for optimal health. It’s so important that your body produces it both in your liver and in your brain.

Statins Might Make Your Heart Health Worse

The biggest “sham” of all is that statin drugs, which millions are taking as a form of “preventive medicine” to protect their heart health, can have detrimental effects on your heart.

High-dose Statins Raise Risk of Serious Kidney Problems

By  Stephen Adams
The Telegraph


Taking strong doses of simvastatin, atorvastatin or rosuvastatin increases the risk of being hospitalised with a condition called acute kidney injury, or AKI, by 34 per cent on average, found the Canadian team. AKI is when the kidneys “suddenly fail to work as they should”, according to the Kidney Alliance, and […]

TV Ads for Statins Drive Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment According to Study

By Dr. Mercola

The United States is one of only two countries, the other being New Zealand, that allows drugs to be advertised on TV, and it’s not difficult to understand why nearly every other country has given such ads the boot.

As with all commercials, the ads are intended to influence you to buy their […]

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Fail Again

by Dr. David Brownstein
Dr. Brownstein’s Holistic Medicine

The headline in the New York Times on 2.15.13 stated, “Merck Settles Suits of Cholesterol Drug”.  The article indicated that Big Pharma Founding Cartel Member Merck agreed to pay $688 million to settle lawsuits claiming that it had harmed investors by delaying the release of unfavorable study results for […]

Cholesterol Numbers Used to Sell Statin Drugs Soon to be Changed

Cholesterol Molecule
Health Impact News Editor Comments: The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute will soon be updating their recommendations for “healthy” cholesterol numbers. A panel of “experts” has not revised the number since 2004, when they lowered the recommended LDL target from below 100 to below 70. Two years earlier in 2002, the recommended […]

Statins Worsen Brain Function of Alzheimer’s Sufferers

Health Impact News Editor Comments: The research against cholesterol-lowering statin drugs continues to mount, as does the evidence that lowering ones cholesterol via medication has serious side effects, such as Alzheimer’s disease. We have now published over 90 articles on the dangers of statin drugs since Health Impact News started in 2011. There […]

More Physicians are Believing Cholesterol is NOT the Main Culprit of Heart Disease

Lorie Johnson of CBN interviews Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a veteran cardiologist, who reveals that cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease. “Cholesterol is your friend” he states, and has many benefits. He believes processed sugar and carbohydrates are the problem, and advocates eating healthy fats, including coconut oil. The dangers of statin drugs are […]