Heavenly Scents or Toxic Fumes – Are your Fragrances Healing or Killing You?

Naturally fragrant essential oils can heal illness, but manufactured scents can make people sick and even cause death. Can you tell the difference? Are man-made artificial fragrances making you ill? Warning! If you no longer smell your scented laundry products and if people have told you that you are putting on too much perfume or cologne, then you may be in serious danger of developing an environmental illness. If you stop your constant exposure now, your immune system can still recover. If you choose to continue your habits, then a chemical induced disability might be in your future.

Is Your Perfume Poison?

There’s a dirty little secret the fragrance industry would rather you not know about. Many of their products are extremely toxic. Hidden behind their pleasant scents are typically chemicals linked to hormone disruption, reproductive problems, and even cancer.