Scientific Evidence Confirms Music Helps Preterm Infants Brains

SWI, the Swiss Information channel, reported that there is scientific evidence that music helps nurture brain development in premature infants. Swiss neuroscientists reported documenting positive effects of specially composed and performed music on developing neural networks of premature babies. The musical selection provided a soothing background of bells, harp, and Indian punji (charming snake flute). Infants in the music exposure group listened to music five times per week. Medical imaging reveals that the neural network of premature babies who have listened to specially composed music strengthens the development of their brain.

Senior Care: Music Beats Drugs in Fighting Dementia

Prescription drug abuse against the elderly is an epidemic problem in the U.S. today. Consider the following facts: According to the Office of the Inspector General, 304,983 elderly nursing home residents in the U.S. were given dangerous, and often deadly, antipsychotic drugs, of which 88% were prescribed off-label for dementia. Antipsychotic drugs can double the risk of death and triple the risk of stroke for seniors and there are now about 1 million nursing home patients on antipsychotic drugs. However, research now backs up the experience that personalized music has tremendous therapeutic benefits for seniors, allowing them to overcome dementia without drugs. Lemon Grove Care & Rehabilitation Center near San Diego has reported that since they introduced iPods and personalized playlists to their residents, antipsychotic medication has been reduced by over 50%!