Coal: God’s Gift to Humanity for Cheap Energy, or Climate Destroying “Fossil” Fuel?

Today we are featuring an article published last week by Dr. John Gideon Hartnett titled: "Coal, the Creator's Providential Provision." Dr. Hartnett is an Australian scientist who holds a PhD in physics from The University of Western Australia, and has gained international recognition for developing the world’s most precise clock, the cryogenic sapphire oscillator (CSO). He is a frequent critic of the climate change and "green energy" junk science. In this recent article he blows away the modern pseudo-scientific teaching on coal, and shows where coal came from, and how abundant it is as a cheap energy source. As I have previously reported in the past about the development and use of petroleum-based energy sources, the use of these cheap energy sources is RISING around the world, in spite of the rhetoric of politicians stating that they are reducing these "fossil" fuels, production and use of coal worldwide is also INCREASING, not decreasing, especially in China, India, and Southeast Asia.

The Myth of “Fossil Fuels” and the Myth that the U.S. is Transitioning Away from Oil to “Green” Energy

The United States has been the world's most dominant economic nation since World War 2, and the primary way they have maintained their empire has been by controlling the world's oil and energy. But the world is quickly changing as more and more people wake up to the fact that the Ukraine war has been a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia, and that the goal of the U.S. has been to cut off Europe, which does not produce near enough oil to meet the needs of its population, from the cheap energy they were importing from Russia. The blowing up of the Nord Stream pipeline was part of that strategy, to force Europe to start buying more of their energy from the U.S. instead of Russia. But the rest of the world is striking back now, and quickly abandoning the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency, which has been called the "petrol dollar," being the currency that the world has used to trade oil. In order to convince the American public to support the endless wars the U.S. has engaged in since the end of WW II, which have primarily been wars to control the world's oil, they have had to engage in decades of propaganda spreading lies and myths to justify their military actions. So let's dispel some of these myths regarding energy and oil, including the myth that petroleum is a "fossil fuel" and not "renewable."