Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria: An Example of Evolution in Action?

by Georgia Purdom, Ph.D.
Answers in Genesis
The extraordinary ability of certain bacteria to develop resistance to antibiotics—which are otherwise useful in speeding recovery from some illnesses—has been a hot topic on the minds of doctors, hospital staff, reporters, and the general public for several years. It is also heralded as […]

Dealing with Unhealthy Anger

God has a master plan. He has the last say. A long-term view of life sees that God and righteousness always win in the end. So when we see injustice and things in life that are just “not fair,” we need to first understand that God sees it also, and he has a plan to make all things right, to bring everyone into an account for their actions someday.

Design in Infant Nutrition

by Rex D. Russell, M. D.
Institute for Creation Research


By definition, evolutionary scientists believe that life came through random chance processes, including natural selection. However, in nature there is a chorus of voices with the message that evolutionary theory does not blend with either simple or complex observations. In order to maintain good health, the […]

Nano-scale Aligning Tool Used in the Assembly of Actin Filaments: More Evidence of a Master Designer

by Giovanie Adams
Creation Ministries International

Eukaryotic cells have systems for maintaining their shape and all their movement, and for the transport of molecules within them. Intra-cellular networks of fibers assemble from actin proteins, and are an important part of these systems. This network of actin filaments maintains cell shape by forming […]

‘Cavemen’ Diet Was Far from Primitive: Paleo Diet Myths

Countless schoolchildren have been told that they evolved from cavemen who wore no clothes, communicated in grunts, and were primitive hunters. But many of their teachers can't answer the question "how do you know that?" Tiny remnants of ground-up grains were recently found at Neandertal dwelling sites, and like so many other recent finds, they contradict a common evolution-based myth about human origins. Ancient humans are popularly viewed as hunting game with a primitive club. But "a new study shows they cooked and ate veggies." An examination of fossilized Neandertal remains from Belgium and Iraq revealed that their teeth contained starch granules from grain. Amanda Henry, lead author of the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, told CNN, "Neanderthals are often portrayed as very backwards or primitive….Now we are beginning to understand that they had some quite advanced technologies and behaviors."