Airline Industry Issues Dire Warning Against Vaxx Mandates: “We have all the Control – Aircraft Will Stop Moving” with Major Effects on Economy

There have been widespread rumors this week that the thousands of flights canceled this past weekend by Southwest Airlines have been the result of massive amounts of people calling in sick to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates for the airline industry. Neither management nor airline employees would admit to a protest movement like this, as it is illegal and considered a matter of "national safety." Pilot Joshua Yoder, who is the co-founder of the U.S. Freedom Flyers that recently produced a video that we published, appeared as a guest on Tucker Carlson's show on Fox this week. He stated: "We have all the control. And the control comes from a simple word. And that's 'no.' We just don't need to comply. I think you will see massive disruptions in the supply chain and in your travel, if we just stand up and say 'no.' If these companies fire us, and they fire 30% of the workforce, aircraft are going to stop moving. And it's going to affect you. It's going to affect your air travel, and it's going to affect the economy." Another commercial airline pilot, who was only identified as "David in Orange County," called into the American Journal show on this week. He addressed the issue of flying with pilots who have taken the COVID-19 shot, and their increased risks for blood clots.