Artificial Intelligence is the New “Danger” the Government Wants to “Protect” You Against

The new "threat" to humanity that the U.S. Government is currently rushing forward to protect us all from, is the alleged threat from "Artificial Intelligence" (AI). The "threat" of AI is generally published through the corporate media as a two-fold threat that requires government regulation: 1. AI could develop superior intelligence and destroy the human race, and 2. AI is going to replace millions of people in the work force. Both premises are false, and by diverting the public's attention to these 2 alleged "threats," they are mostly ignoring (or downplaying) the REAL danger of AI, which is a level of control and censorship that this world has never seen before. The primary strength of the new AI programs is the incredible speed at which data can be retrieved and packaged into a controlled narrative, and therefore the race is now on to determine who controls all this data. Who gets to control all this data and control the narratives based on the data, will be decided by government policy all in the name of "protecting the public" from the "dangers" of AI taking away people's jobs and wiping out humanity. Last week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer unveiled his SAFE Innovation Framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI) which gives us a good idea as to where they want to go with "regulating" AI. And just who will develop these government regulations to "protect the American people and all of humanity from AI's novel risks"? Starting in the fall, Sen. Schumer said he will begin inviting “the best of the best” – top AI developers, community leaders, executives, scientists, advocates, workers, and national security experts – to convene in one room to do “years of work in just months.” So the threat is so large and so imminent, that the people who created this risk, the AI developers themselves, will be the ones who develop the solutions, and what would normally take "years" will only take "months." Hmm..., where have we heard this before? Ah, yes, "Operation Warp Speed" which produced the "solution" to the COVID-19 "virus" that threatened humanity with a new "vaccine" that would normally take "years" to develop but was developed in only "months." This is the "Great Reset."

OpenAI Hit With First Defamation Suit Over ChatGPT “Hallucination” – Exposing the Real Dangers of AI

AI chat programs have become such a huge part of the online culture so quickly, that many people are still fooled by its infancy and limitations, even though the owners of these AI programs have been very clear to warn the public that the text they produce CANNOT be trusted since they often produce false information or even just make stuff up, if the data that is needed to produce a correct response is not available. They refer to this false information as AI "hallucination." Two recent news stories demonstrate just how foolish and dangerous it is to use programs like ChatGPT for real world applications by trusting in the output that ChatGPT provides. Isaiah Poritz of Bloomberg Law reported this week that OpenAI, the company that produces ChatGPT, was hit with its first defamation lawsuit when it allegedly falsely accused a Georgia man of embezzling money. In another recent report, an attorney was actually foolish enough to use ChatGPT to research court cases in an actual lawsuit, and it found bogus lawsuits that did not even exist, and this was filed in a New York court of law! The judge, understandably, was outraged. I came across an excellent article today by Aleksandar Svetski exposing the hype around Chat AI and detailing the real dangers to Chat AI, which he refers to as "The Great Homogenization," where all the data on the Internet is controlled to a single narrative, something that I have been warning about as well. This is a must-read article if you want to fully understand what is going on today with Chat AI, and how to fight back.

Air Force Colonel Caught Lying about Rogue AI Killing Human Operator

During the Plandemic, the Alternative Media was the place to go to find alternatives to the corporate media propaganda about the killer COVID-19 "virus" and the clot shots called "vaccines." The Alternative Media was publishing the truth most of the time by exposing the corporate media lies, and so the corporate media unleashed their "fact checkers" to label anyone in the Alternative Media who did not agree with the official FDA and CDC government narrative as "Fake News." Sadly, today, the Alternative Media is full of "fake news," and much of it is surrounding the fear mongering concerning AI and how they are going to create "transhumans" and replace and eliminate human beings. One such story that was widely published as "news" last week was the story of how a U.S. Air Force Colonel was reporting that the military was training AI computers to carry out attacks against enemies, but then turned on its operator and killed him also, during a simulation. We don't have to rely on people who understand that this particular story is fake news because they understand how the technology actually works and that this would not be possible, because the U.S. military themselves came out and reported that it was fake news, because the simulation never happened. After a statement by the Air Force was made, and after Col. Tucker "Cinco" Hamilton himself admitted publicly that the simulation never actually took place, I went back to several of the Alternative Media sites who published the original story as "news", and not one of them have retracted the story yet, or provided an update to state it was false. So when it comes to "AI" today, most publishers in the Alternative Media, either knowingly or unwittingly, are participating with the Globalists who are doing what they always do, which is promote a climate of fear so that they can then come in and rescue the day with their own solutions. And when it comes to fearing AI and their "annihilation of the human race," that means new Government "regulations" to "control AI," which will include biometric scanning and a World ID in order to participate in the economy, to "prove" that you are "real," and not an AI.

Expectations of an Imminent Big Tech Crash Bringing Down the U.S. Economy is Expanding

While I was among a very small minority in the 4th quarter of 2022 warning the public about the Big Tech crash that was coming and was a threat to bringing down the entire U.S. economy, judging from my newsfeed the past 2 weeks, I no longer think that this view is the minority view anymore. Both the alternative and corporate media are increasingly printing news and opinion pieces about how dangerous it is right now to have just a handful of Big Tech companies holding up the entire stock market, and mostly because of the hype over AI. I am going to highlight much of this news in this article, along with evidence that the banking crisis is actually getting worse, and then go further than most will dare to go, and consider the question: Is this all intentional??

Don’t Tell Chat AI Anything You Wouldn’t Want to See on a Billboard

Chatting with an AI program feels personal and conversational, but don’t be fooled. Here's why you should keep a lid on what you reveal to ChatGPT and its ilk. ChatGPT is a gossip. Google’s Bard, too, and maybe Bing AI. What you get out of them depends on all the information that went in. And that’s precisely the problem. Why? Because everything you ask them, tell them, or prompt them with becomes input for further training. The question you ask today may inform the answer someone gets tomorrow. That’s why you should be very, very careful what you say to an AI.

Google Introduces Plan to Use Generative AI to Take Over the Internet – AI’s Real Threat to Society

Google announced its new plans for AI this week at their annual I/O developer conference, and to say that not everyone in the Tech Industry was thrilled by their plans to integrate Generative AI into their search engine, would be an understatement. Emily Dreibelbis, writing for PC Magazine, published one of the more apocalyptic articles warning that Google could basically destroy most websites on the Internet. Maggie Harrison, writing for Futurism, issued similar warnings for the future of independent journalism due to Google's plan for Generative AI, noting that Google still owns 91% of all Internet searches. This is one of the REAL dangers of AI, the fact that the largest technology companies that control the Internet could very easily drive everyone else out of business and thereby control all the content on the Internet. And in fact, that trend has already started in the technology sector, as year-to-date there have already been 193,860 employees laid off in the technology sector, with many tech businesses failing, as well as some of their top banks also failing, like Silicon Valley Bank, that funded these companies. This investment in the future of AI, is the main thing holding up the U.S. stock market right now. Five technology stocks, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta and Amazon, have accounted for 89% of the S&P 500 YTD price return. It is looking more and more every day that we are looking at a total market collapse at some point, and then only the largest banks and the largest technology companies will be left, because they are "too big to fail," especially since the U.S. military and their Intelligence agencies all depend on Big Tech, who hold all their data in their Cloud Computing data centers. This appears to be the goal of the Wall Street billionaires and their bankers, since there is no way they can pay off their debts. Just crash the entire financial system, and choose which Tech companies and banks survive. Then they will have total control of the flow of money as they require digital IDs and work towards a Central Bank Digital Currency, operated by the Big Tech companies that survive, who will also control the flow of information through AI. Will enough Americans wake up soon enough to prevent this from happening, or will it take a total collapse of the economy to reveal what is really happening with this "Great Reset"?

Humans are Indispensable – Why AI will Never Replace Humans

Are you going to be replaced by a machine? Could a robot really be curious? Or experience love? Could a computer plot evil? Some really smart people think machines will achieve not just human but super human consciousness. Oxford professor of mathematics John Lennox and Baylor University computer engineer Robert J. Marks disagree. Non-algorithmic properties are solely attributes of humans. Computers will never show the creativity, empathy, or love that human beings do.

How AI Will Replace Humans Like The Wizard of Oz and Save the Economy

As long as we mint millions from a Never-Ending Bull Market, we'll always stay one step ahead of the Debt Monster. AI! . Of the many astounding developments of the current era (AI!), none is more remarkable than the proliferation of soothsayers peering into crystal balls to predict The Most Important Trend In The Universe--a Bull or Bear stock market. The computing power and wealth thrown at conjuring up charts, statistics and forecasts is astounding in and of itself, but the proliferation of crystal balls and soothsayers is even more astounding. After reviewing hundreds of charts, statistics and forecasts on the most arcane correlations and the deepest data-dives (AI!), I've reached soothsayer satori: the secret to insuring a Never-Ending Bull Market in which monumental wealth will be piled up by all those entities (software and wetware alike--AI!) who buy every tiny dip and continuously roll over their zero-expiration-day-call-options is this: Say "AI" 300 times with fervent enthusiasm and then click your heels three times. You will then be transported to a magical paradise where stocks only go down for a few moments to enable dip-buyers the immense satisfaction of buying more stocks at a discount.

Is Congress Really More Concerned About AI Launching a Nuclear Attack than an 80-Year-Old Demented President?

A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators have introduced the "Block Nuclear Launch by Autonomous AI Act," which would “prohibit the use of Federal funds to launch a nuclear weapon using an autonomous weapons system that is not subject to meaningful human control.” This is so absurd, that I don't know if members of Congress are actually this stupid, or if this is a psyop to instill fear into the public over AI, similar to how fear was used to convince most of the public that there was a deadly coronavirus that threatened humanity back in 2020. Let's start with the fact that there is no such thing as "autonomous AI." It is fake, it does not exist. Some believe it could happen in the future, but even that is based on either ignorance or intentional fear mongering to get people to fear AI. But no matter what your beliefs are about AI's capability in the future, nobody in the Tech industry today working with AI would say that AI is now "fully autonomous." We haven't even been able to develop a "fully autonomous" car yet after almost 20 years, let alone something that could launch a nuclear attack. So this is a meaningless bill. It would be the same thing as filing a bill to "Block Autonomous Handguns from Killing People." But guns are not autonomous. They need people to wield them, and the same is true of AI or any computer code for that matter. The real threat today to launch a nuclear attack, lies with the President of the United States, who "has the unilateral authority to choose to use nuclear weapons." However, there are ways that "Congress can limit when and how the president uses nuclear weapons." Wouldn't that be a better use of Congress right now, given the ongoing real threats in Ukraine and Taiwan that could escalate into nuclear confrontations, and the fact that the U.S. has an 80-year-old president who continually shows signs of deteriorating mental capabilities?

The “Godfather of AI” Says Doomsayers Are Wrong and ChatGPT Isn’t Remarkable – Mainly an Advanced Disinformation Tool

The hype over AI Chat searches as well as the "AI is going to take over the world and replace humans" is continuing unabated, and investments into AI are now the only thing left propping up the U.S. economy. I suppose this is the result of having a generation of adults who have now grown up in the "computer age" starting in the early 1980s who are now running the economy with their beliefs in AI and technology. Old school technologists like myself, who watched all of this technology develop, and know better, are having little to no effect in trying to dispel these false beliefs. I have earned my living and built my career on this technology for over 25 years now, but that doesn't seem to matter with this generation. My views on the hype over this "new" AI fad are not unique at all, as many others also share them, but it is much more interesting to state that AI is going to take over the world and replace humans, and that is the view that gets clicks and traffic today, which can obviously be monetized as well. Therefore, the "AI is going to take over the world" view is the predominant view, not because it is true, but because it is more popular and sells more. So I am going to highlight some of the other dissenting voices in this article, and then I am going to show what this "new" AI Chat software is actually doing today, as it has been out in the public for about 5 months now. But if you want the spoiler as to what it is actually doing today with hundreds of millions of users, here it is: It is a disinformation and data collection tool.