Baby Truth with parents

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

New Jersey couple Raymond Sykes and Kaila Boulware were traveling back to their home in New Jersey with their 9-month-old son after visiting Kaila’s father in Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Also in the vehicle were their two dogs, MANUELA and Rayla. Rayla is the 9-month-old baby’s puppy.

MANUELA (left) and Rayla the puppy (right).

On the night of December 3rd, 2020, while driving through Troy, North Carolina at around 3 a.m., the family was stopped by two sheriff deputies.

Reports from the sheriff department state they were pulled over because they were driving with “a white tail light” and it was “being driven in a manner, place and time that was suspicious.”

When one of the officers stated that they were going to search the van, Raymond allegedly asked them “why?”, raising concerns about the legality of searching their vehicle without a warrant.

That’s when the situation took a bad turn, according to media reports. Rebecca Panico, writing for NJ Advance Media on reports:

Sheriff’s deputies from Montgomery County, N.C., drew their guns, violently beat Sykes with a baton in the baby’s presence and searched their vehicle for two hours.

The couple told NJ Advance Media they nervously complied with officers’ orders prior to the traffic stop escalating.

“Yahweh, please protect me,” Sykes said he shouted, hands in a prayer formation in the air as he walked toward the hood of the deputy’s car. “Don’t let these people hurt me.”

At the end of the two hour search of their vehicle, both parents were arrested and locked up, the baby was turned over to Child Protective Services and placed in Foster car, the two dogs were taken to an animal control center where the older one ended up dying, and the car was towed away.

No Body Cam – Two Different Versions of What Happened

The officers’ version of the story claims that they searched the vehicle because they smelled a strong odor of marijuana from the van, and that when they tried to remove Raymond from the vehicle, he punched the officer which led to his arrest. They also reported that:

“Neither Sykes nor Boulware were injured during their arrest and they did not request medical attention.”

The parents’ version, however, states a different story, and since there was no body or dash cam recording the incident, it is basically the officers’ word against the parents.

They deny that there was any smell of marijuana, and their attorney states that they had “CBD Tea” in the car which could have produced an odor similar to marijuana.

They also deny that Raymond struck the officer, and instead state that Raymond lifted his arms to prevent a blow to the head by the officer, resulting in bruises on his arm. They supplied a photograph to back up their version of the story.

Rebecca Panico reports:

The couple said they were forcefully removed from the car. Sykes said he raised his arms in the air as soon as the officer opened his door. An officer swung his baton at his face, Sykes said, but he blocked it with his arm, resulting in bruises.

Boulware said both officers drew their guns on her husband as his back was turned.

Both were handcuffed and put in separate vehicles, they said, and officers kept referring to their 9-month-old as an “it,” the couple said.

“He says ‘you’re never going to see it again,’” Skyes told NJ Advance Media, referring to what an officer told him while he sat in the police vehicle.

Infant Kidnapped By the State

Happier days back in New Jersey.

The baby was taken away allegedly because Social Service workers claimed that the couple “appeared to have mental health issues and were homeless.”

The Montgomery County Department of Social Services (DSS) did not respond to a request for comment about the couple’s situation or its general policies.

The agency filed a petition in court that claimed the two appeared to have mental health issues and were homeless. The couple said they passed mental health and drug screenings, and the police report listed their address in New Jersey.

Boulware gave birth to Truth at home, so the parents didn’t yet have a birth certificate to provide to social services, they said. They had to pay $750 for an overnight DNA test to prove they were his parents, Boulware said. (Source.)

Baby Truth had been exclusively breast-fed and had never spent one day apart from his parents. Kaila was prevented from breastfeeding Truth for two weeks.

Both parents are graduates from Rutgers University. Raymond had been working in security at a mall back in New Jersey but lost his job when the “pandemic” closed down the mall. Kaila apparently had to leave her job in communications in August.

Both parents reportedly work in photography and in a food distribution ministry in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The couple had to post $30,000.00 bond to get out of jail, but Kaila got out hours before Raymond, and because they arrested her barefoot she was also released barefoot, and had to walk two miles without shoes to the Social Services facility where they were holding her son.

Once both were released, they had to secure a hotel to stay in, and when they got their vehicle out of the impound, their money had allegedly been removed from their wallets and their belongings trashed.

The local community apparently heard about their story and rallied around them. Baby Truth was finally returned back to his parents on December 21, 18 days after being seized, but is still allegedly under State custody, as the parents have to report to Child Social Services in New Jersey upon their return.

Sherri Harris Allgood livestreamed an interview with the parents on her Facebook Page the day Baby Truth was released.

Sherri Harris Allgood is Mayor at the Town of Troy, and the Pastor at True Worship Ministries according to her Facebook Page Bio.


N.J. couple’s baby was taken after N.C. traffic stop. They’ve been trying for weeks to get him back. at

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