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Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Statistics clearly show that the vast majority of the American public vaccinates their children. And yet, efforts to force vaccinations on those few who don’t want them seem to be opposed by a majority of those on both sides of the vaccine debate.

Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) recently wrote:

Since 2015, no state legislature has removed a vaccine exemption.

This year, while 11 states are proposing to restrict or eliminate vaccine exemptions, NVIC is supporting 61 bills that expand exemptions or protect vaccine informed consent rights (as of Mar.1, 2019), the largest number of bills we have ever supported in a legislative session.

This pushback against forced vaccination is being met with fury by doctors and lawyers inside and outside of government..

The majority of the American public has a healthy distrust of Government motives in forcing medical procedures upon those who do not want them. As Fisher states:

The signs are everywhere that people are trying to throw off the chains binding them to failed medical and public health policies that cost Americans more than three trillion dollars a year in health care costs.

Americans are beginning to understand that trusting blindly and saluting doctors smartly for the past 40 years has not prevented 1 child in 6 from becoming learning disabled, or 1 in 9 from suffering with asthma, or 1 in 10 from struggling with mental and behavior disorders or 1 in 40 from developing autism.

America now has the worst infant mortality rates, and worst maternal mortality rates, and worst life expectancy of all developed nations.

Highly vaccinated and medicated Americans are very sick, with millions of children and adults suffering with immune and brain dysfunction marked by chronic inflammation in their brains and bodies that confines too many of them to special education classrooms and frequent trips to doctors’ offices to try to deal with a lifetime of chronic illness and disability.

No public health official, professor or legislator in America can explain why millions and millions of children and more than 1 in 2 adults are chronically ill or disabled.

This is the real public health emergency that mothers and fathers want to talk about, but Congress and medical trade groups do not want to talk about.

This is the elephant in the room at every public hearing on bills proposing to take away or expand vaccine informed consent rights being held in state legislatures today. (Source.)

Oregon has now proposed a bill that would basically make Oregon into a Vaccine Police State, forcing all children to receive all vaccines as a condition for receiving education.

Lawmakers, doctors, attorneys and the Oregon public have responded in shock to this bill, most of which is reported to have been crafted in secrecy.

Oregon Bill HB 3063 proposes to exclude children from school if they are missing just one vaccination

Oregon bill HB 3063 strips Oregonians of religious and philosophical freedom when it comes to vaccines and abolishes all but the medical exemption (ME).

In Oregon most doctors are unwilling to write medical exemptions because they must be approved by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), and they have one of the most restrictive set of rules for MEs in the country.

“If you’re against discrimination, you are against HB 3063,” says science journalist and book author Jennifer Margulis, PhD, who describes herself as pro-vaccine and says she has vaccinated her children, albeit on a slower and more evidence-based schedule than the one recommended by the CDC.

“We are a pioneer state that values religious freedom and medical freedom. This bill is a gross government overreach.”

Dr. Margulis and several others, including Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, a biochemist who has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers, and Dr. Paul Thomas, MD, a pediatrician with over 15,000 children in his practice, will be gathering in Salem, Oregon at a “Rally for Rights” to oppose the bill on April 23, 2019.

Of particular concern, Margulis says, is an amendment that bars children who go to online school from being in public places if they are just missing one vaccine.

“I think it’s important to realize that this is not a debate about the safety and efficacy of vaccines,” Margulis says. “It’s a debate about whether we should be making medical decisions in the privacy of a doctor’s office or in the state legislature.”

Margulis says she has spoken to medical doctors across the state who oppose the bill. Many fear speaking up against it, however, as they don’t want to be categorized as “anti-vaccine.”

“Talking about vaccine safety and safe vaccination is not anti-vaccine,” Margulis insists.

“It’s time to start a new conversation about children’s health. We need to stop the name-calling and start looking at the science. The science, unfortunately, suggests that parental concerns about the safety of the current vaccination schedule are well founded.”

In particular, Margulis is concerned about the high level of aluminum in the hepatitis B vaccine, which is given to most American children just a few hours after birth. Aluminum is a known neurotoxin and giving it to newborns and infants may be a causative factor in the brain damage we are seeing among America’s children, Margulis says.

Many educated parents choose not to do the hepatitis B vaccine. But a child missing this vaccine, which is against a sexually transmitted disease, will be barred from school if HB 3063 passes.

Yet a child who is hepatitis B positive cannot be denied access to an education. The idea that we would deny children the right to go to school based on the choices of their parents is absurd. I’m very disappointed to see some otherwise very smart legislators supporting this bill.

Lawmakers Speak Out in Opposition

Oregon Senator Kim Thatcher - Dennis Linthicum

Oregon Senator Kim Thatcher (left) and Oregon Senator Dennis Linthicum (right)

Earlier this week, Oregon Senator Dennis Linthicum sent out this press release.

Oregon State Seal

from the offices of


Linthicum blasts secrecy around HB 3063

SALEM, Ore.—House Bill 3063 is hovering in the Ways and Means Committee and is being tinkered with behind the scene by a group of lawmakers attempting to abolish consent in medicine.

The bill is especially concerning given the connections of Big Pharma and the Oregon Health Authority, one of the most notorious agencies in the Brown administration.

Senate Republican Whip Dennis Linthicum, R-Klamath Falls, says the Senate Health Care Committee was inappropriately shut out of the legislative process on the bill with its designation to the Ways and Means Committee.

Linthicum also expressed support for a package of 29 amendments introduced by his colleague state Sen. Kim Thatcher, R-Keizer, that if signed into law mandates forcibly injecting members who vote “yes” on the bill, along with their family members, and the governor.

Linthicum released the following statement:

We must not tolerate the efforts to put unelected bureaucrats between you and your doctor.

Oregon legislators are not your doctor and OHA shouldn’t be made the security guards at your child’s school. Where there is a risk, there has to be free-choice.

The state must not mandate a pharmaceutical product where there is absolute liability protection for Big Pharma on one side, while stripping the rights of Oregon’s citizens on the other side. Our state’s legislative motto ought to reflect the Hippocratic Oath: First do no harm.

For follow-up commentary contact spokesman Jonathan Lockwood at 971-645-2099.

Here is Senator Kim Thatcher’s press release and proposed amendments.

Oregon State Seal

from the offices of


Thatcher requests 29 amendments to HB 3063

SALEM, Ore.—Opponents of House Bill 3063, an extreme proposal that would mandate forcible injections as a condition of entering public spaces, could find some relief in a package of amendments requested by state Sen. Kim Thatcher,R-Keizer.

Thatcher’s amendments highlight key problems with the proposal.

Thatcher released the following statement:

House Bill 3063 abolishes informed consent, undermines the Hippocratic Oath and puts the Oregon Health Authority in between children and their doctors.

Unelected bureaucrats and Pharma should not be making decisions that are best made by doctors and their patients.

The package of amendments I have requested be drafted dismantle the false narrative promoted by proponents of forcible injections and we are working with legislative counsel to draft these amendments.

Where there is a risk, there must be a choice—keep up the fight.

The following amendments were requested by Thatcher’s office:

  • Exempts private schools, private day care centers, and private preschools from any restrictions to vaccine exemptions.
  • Exempts charter schools from any restrictions to vaccine exemptions.
  • Exempts religious schools from any restrictions to vaccine exemptions.
  • Allows the philosophical or personal objection to vaccination provided that the parent or legal guardian of the child or any adult in loco parentis to the child speaks to a health care professional about vaccines and immunization.
  • Requires, prior to the administration of any vaccine required for school or day care attendance, the provider administering the vaccine to notify the child’s parent or guardian, or adult in loco parentis, of the option to consent to an antibody titer test to determine whether or not the individual has developed positive antibody titer.
  • Prohibits requiring a vaccine as a condition for school or day care attendance, unless the United States Food and Drug Administration has conducted a pivotal trial that evaluated the vaccine to capture potential autoimmune, neurological, and chronic health effects that arise after administration of the vaccine.
  • Prohibits requiring a vaccine as a condition for school or day care attendance, unless the United States Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has evaluated the safety of the vaccine using a pivotal trial against a control group that received a placebo or another vaccine or substance licensed by the FDA that was evaluated against a control group that received a placebo.
  • Prohibits requiring a vaccine as a condition for school or day care attendance, unless the vaccine has been evaluated for its potential to cause cancer.
  • Prohibits requiring a vaccine as a condition for school or day care attendance, unless the vaccine has been evaluated for its potential to mutate genes.
  • Specifies that a child with a family history of vaccine-injury qualifies for a medical exemption.
  • Prohibits requiring a vaccine as a condition for school or day care attendance, unless it is 100% free from any State of Oregon High Priority Chemicals of Concern for Children’s Health via the 2015 Toxic Free Kids Act (mercury, formaldehyde, phenol), and human fetal tissue or DNA.
  • Exempts a child from mandatory vaccine requirements if a parent, legal guardian, or adult in loco parentis signs and presents a written certification that the child has a biological parent, brother, or sister, with a documented history of immune system problems or a documented adverse reaction to a particular vaccine required by rule of OHA.
  • Exempts a child from the vaccination requirements for whom vaccination is not recommended under current guidance issued by the United States Food and Drug Administration or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Requires providers administering vaccines to record the health status of their patients prior to any vaccine administration and to report to the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System and record in provider records all adverse events that follow for three years, regardless of whether the administrator considers them vaccine-related.
  • Prohibits requiring a vaccine as a condition for school or day care attendance, unless OHA has publicly disclosed the injury rate of the vaccine when administered with other required vaccines.
  • Prohibits a vaccine product from being required if it is currently the subject of litigation concerning safety, efficacy, or fraud.
  • Requires Oregon to contract for a vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated study to be performed by researchers independent of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Requires Oregon to assume financial responsibility for any injury or death resulting from the administration of any vaccine or combination of vaccines required by law.
  • Requires Oregon to assume financial responsibility for all costs for the special medical and educational needs of those injured by any vaccine or combination of vaccines required by law.
  • Requires OHA to receive legislative approval to add vaccines to the list of required immunizations.
  • Requires health care providers to provide written information concerning potential adverse reactions to vaccines to individuals or their parent or guardian before administering a vaccine.
  • OHA may only require immunization for communicable diseases.
  • Allows a child time to safely receive all required vaccinations while still being able to attend school or day care if the child has begun receiving required vaccinations.
  • Allows for a religious exemption to an MMR mandate.
  • No vaccine targeting sexually transmitted diseases shall be required for daycare or school attendance.
  • No vaccines targeting infections not communicable in a community setting shall be required for daycare or school attendance.
  • Vaccines that provide only personal protection from symptoms and that do not prevent person-to-person transmission of infection shall not be required.
  • Any lawmaker voting in support of HB 3063, or signing the bill into law, and their immediate family members shall have administered to them the bill’s mandated vaccines. Vaccination protocol shall begin within 30 days of the passage of the bill and adhere to the full schedule required for children under the bill.

(Emphasis and hyperlinks added.)

For follow-up commentary contact spokesman Jonathan Lockwood at 971-645- 2099.

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