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by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

They arrested a 67-year-old grandmother who has been practicing law for 25 years and advocating for the rights of families, fully intending to intimidate her and silence her, as she exposes the corruption in Tennessee family courts where parents are denied due process of law in the seizure of their children.

What has happened instead, is that Tennessee’s corrupt Department of Children Services (DCS) has given attorney Connie Reguli a national platform she did not previously have, to expose the abuses happening not only in Tennessee, but all across America in child welfare proceedings, which we have exposed here at Health Impact News over the years as a U.S. taxpayer-funded child trafficking business.

This child trafficking business uses foster care as the #1 pipeline for feeding children into sex trafficking, and also uses children in foster care for drug trials to develop and market new pediatric drugs and vaccines, as two of the more unsavory reasons why a steady supply of children are needed in the nation’s foster care and adoption system.

The system in place, the American foster care and adoption system, is legal, as it was setup by Congress. It needs to be de-funded and dismantled, which is no easy task given that the system employs hundreds of thousands of people, and brings in billions of dollars of revenue to the states. Each state has a quota of how many children must be put into foster care to receive federal funding, and keep the system alive.

The process of how children are taken out of their families and put into the system, however, is seldom, if ever, legal. And this is the part of the system Attorney Reguli is exposing in Tennessee. It is a system that kidnaps children, and trafficks them.

Time to Take a Stand for the Constitution

There is plenty of case law that already exists showing that social workers, law enforcement, and judges in family courts all across the U.S. routinely violate the Constitutional rights of parent and children in the vast majority of cases when children are taken away from their parents by Child Protective Services and put into foster care and adopted.

In Texas, for example, which has one of the nation’s largest child protection and foster care systems, district judge Janis Graham Jack ruled against the State of Texas in December of 2015 stating that the Texas foster care system was unconstitutional. In her 255 page ruling, Judge Jack stated:

Texas’s PMC (Permanent Managing Conservatorship) children have been shuttled throughout a system where rape, abuse, psychotropic medication, and instability are the norm. (See: Judge Condemns Texas Foster Care System that Abuses Children as Unconstitutional.)

In the most recent legislative session (2019) in Texas, a law was proposed to prevent social workers from altering case records, so widespread is the practice of falsifying records in order to justify removing children from their homes. (See: New Proposed Texas Bill would Stop Child Protective Services from Falsifying Records.)

In October 2016, Child Protective Services attorneys in Orange County California tried to argue to the 9th Circuit of Appeals that it was acceptable for social workers to lie about parents in order to take their children.

The 9th Circuit judges did not buy the argument, and ruled against the social worker. (See: Judges Reject Claim That Social Workers Didn’t Know Lying In Court to Remove Children Was Wrong.)

Nationwide, less than 15% of children removed from their homes are removed because of abuse, where their lives are in danger. And even among those 15%, which is even lower in some states, many of those cases are never substantiated, even though the children may never be returned to their families.

Because so many of these families are poor, few ever get proper legal representation such as the kind that Attorney Reguli provides to her clients.

A recent large-scale study showed that when parents have proper legal representation, far fewer of them lose their children to the child welfare system. (See: Parents Routinely Denied Legal Representation in Child Abuse Cases: More Likely to Have Children Medically Kidnapped by the State.)

Think about the ramifications of that for a minute. It means that most of these parents have done nothing illegal to warrant them having their children ripped out of their families and put into the homes of strangers, where statistics show they have a greater chance of suffering from sexual abuse and medical neglect than if they had remained with their families, even if those families had problems.

It also means the system is corrupt, probably due to the financial incentives to remove children from their homes and put them into the foster care and adoption system, and uses unconstitutional means to keep the system viable, such as denying parents their constitutional rights such as the right to representation, and due process of the law.

But the system is also powerful, and there are few who dare to stand up to it, risking not only their careers, but potentially their very lives as well.

Attorney Connie Reguli has done the nation a huge favor by exposing the rationale behind her criminal charges, and presenting her case publicly. She is doing all the “wrong” things for all the right reasons.

Any attorney would advise their client not to “tip their hand” by laying out their legal argument ahead of time, giving their opponent an opportunity to prepare their case against their legal strategy, especially in a public forum.

If you watch her video below, you will get a great overview of Constitutional law and how the current child welfare system operates almost entirely outside the boundaries of the U.S. Constitution.

Attorney Reguli is putting her own personal freedom and safety aside to use this opportunity to educate the American public on the nationwide failures of a system ripping families apart and destroying the lives of America’s children.

I am sure she is not unaware of the case just to the south of her, where Arkansas Senator Linda Collins-Smith was found murdered in her home recently, cutting short her efforts to investigate abuses in the Child Welfare system.

Reguli wants the nation to know why, for perhaps the first time in the U.S., a family law attorney was arrested and charged with criminal charges while representing her client in a family law matter.

They may have intended to silence her, but the bucket of water they thought was going to douse the flames of her resistance turned out instead to be a bucket of gasoline that just fueled her resistance even more.

Just a couple of days after her arrest, she went to the public once again during a Facebook Live broadcast to present her case, and the abuses that are ripping families apart.

And these videos are not going away. They have been copied far and wide, and any attempt by the social media giants to censor this will fail.

We encourage our readers the copy them as well, because it is time for America to wake up and listen to what this attorney is saying regarding the sad affairs of child welfare today, and the gross abuses of the U.S. Constitution. As the late Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer said before she was murdered, the system is too corrupt to reform.

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