Testimony from the last Congressional Hearing on Autism.
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by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

On July 28, 2017, Florida Congressman Bill Posey introduced bill H.R.3615 to the U.S. Congress:

To direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to conduct or support a comprehensive study comparing total health outcomes, including risk of autism, in vaccinated populations in the United States with such outcomes in unvaccinated populations in the United States, and for other purposes.

So far, the bill has no co-sponsors. (As of August 1, 2017.)

This is not surprising. Congressman Bill Posey seems to be just about the only politician in Washington D.C. willing to stand up to the Vaccine Extremists in the U.S., those who proudly proclaim that the “science is settled” regarding vaccines, and that everyone in the U.S. should follow the government recommended vaccine schedules, by force if necessary.

The CDC Has Never Studied Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children

Congressman Posey inserted himself into the vaccine debate back in November of 2012, when he was a committee member on the House Oversight Committee Hearing on Autism.

During that hearing, Rep. Bill Posey asked some tough questions of the CDC’s Dr. Coleen Boyle:

“Has the CDC done a study comparing vaccinated children with unvaccinated children yet?”

Reply from Dr. Boyle:

“we have never studied vaccinated versus unvaccinated.”

Rep. Posey asked if research by Dr. Poul Thorsen, clearing thimerosal from causing autism, has been validated, and calls him a “humongous scumbag” and one of the most wanted men on the face of the earth. (Learn more about Dr. Poul Thorsen here.)

Dr. Boyle replied that the two studies Dr. Thorsen participated in do not invalidate the “larger body” of research on thimerosal and vaccines, and yet just moments before stating that, she admitted that the CDC had only conducted two studies on the issue.

Dr. Brian Hooker has stated that Thorsen had collaborated with the CDC on 36 papers, not just one paper as claimed by Dr. Boyle, and that the agency refused to investigate studies exonerating vaccines’ role in causing autism following his indictment on wire fraud and money laundering.

You can watch the entire exchange between Congressman Posey and Dr. Boyle in this clip from C-Span:

CDC Whistleblower: Only Congressman Posey Willing to Hold Congressional Hearings

In 2014 a CDC scientist who worked with Dr. Boyle on vaccine research, Dr. William Thompson, became a whistleblower and contacted Dr. Brian Hooker. Dr. Hooker recorded his calls with Dr. Thompson, and also received original raw data on one of the landmark studies the CDC conducted that supposedly proved that there was no link between vaccines and autism.

Dr. Thompson revealed that some of the data showing a higher link between the MMR vaccine and autism was seen in some of the data that was suppressed.

Listen to the recorded conversations between Dr. Thompson and Dr. Brian Hooker in 2014:

The data supplied by Dr. Thompson was allegedly turned over to Congressman Posey at this time, where it was expected that a Congressional hearing would subpoena Dr. Thompson and question him about the data.

Whistleblower Dr. Thompson himself called on Congress to investigate the coverup:

However, no Congressional committee has been willing, to date, to hold hearings and subpoena Dr. Thompson.

In July of 2015, Congressman Posey gave an impassioned plea to Congress to hold hearings on vaccine safety and the information from the CDC whistleblower Dr. Thompson:

Existing Studies: Unvaccinated Children Healthier than Vaccinated Children


While the CDC or other government health agencies are reluctant to study vaccinated versus unvaccinated children, there are some existing studies available that suggest unvaccinated children are in fact healthier than vaccinated children.

In 2016 a peer-reviewed study comparing health outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated children, was provisionally published in the journal Frontiers in Public Health. However, due apparently to public pressure, it was never actually published.

At the time, I asked one of our reporters, Dr. Jennifer Margulis, to cover this subject, and she interviewed several medical doctors who observed vaccine damage with children in their practice, and also saw a clear link between vaccines and autism. See:

Study: Unvaccinated Children Healthier Than Vaccinated Kids – Doctors Agree

The study was later published in 2017 in the Journal of Translational Science. It was a pilot study of 666 homeschooled 6 to 12-year-olds from four American states, that compared 261 unvaccinated children with 405 partially or fully vaccinated children, and assessed their overall health based on their mothers’ reports of vaccinations and physician-diagnosed illnesses.

The study found increases in immune-mediated diseases like allergies and neurodevelopmental diseases including autism:

*Vaccinated children were more than three times as likely to be diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum (OR 4.3)

*Vaccinated children were 30-fold more likely to be diagnosed with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) than non-vaccinated children

* Vaccinated children were 22-fold more likely to require an allergy medication than unvaccinated children

*Vaccinated children had more than quadruple the risk of being diagnosed with a learning disability than unvaccinated children (OR 5.2)

*Vaccinated children were 300 percent more likely to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder than unvaccinated children (OR 4.3)

* Vaccinated children were 340 percent (OR 4.4) more likely to have been diagnosed with pneumonia than unvaccinated children

*Vaccinated children were 300 percent more likely to be diagnosed with an ear infection than unvaccinated children (OR 4.0)

*Vaccinated children were 700 percent more likely to have surgery to insert ear drainage tubes than unvaccinated children (OR 8.01)

* Vaccinated children were 2.5-fold more likely to be diagnosed with any chronic illness than unvaccinated children

Learn more about the study here.

There have also been several studies conducted outside the United States that have compared vaccinated with unvaccinated children. See:

Studies Outside the U.S. Show Unvaccinated Children Healthier than Vaccinated Children

Will Any Other Congress Members Join Congressman Posey to Study Vaccine Safety?

This is not the first time Congressman Posey has tried to introduce legislation requiring a study on vaccinated versus unvaccinated children.

He proposed the same thing back in 2013, after the last Congressional hearing on autism. H.R. 1757 had only one co-sponsor, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, who was also a committee member on the House Oversight Committee Hearing on Autism back in 2012.

Will President Trump Appoint a Commission on Vaccine Safety?


In January of 2017 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that he had been appointed by then President Elect Trump to head up a new commission on vaccine safety.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a long time proponent of vaccine safety, and a frequent critic of the government and pharmaceutical censorship of vaccine information.

However, to date (August 1, 2017), since President Trump has come into office, no new vaccine safety commission has been announced.

Congressman Posey remains the only elected official taking a stand for vaccine safety.

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Medical Doctors Opposed to Forced Vaccinations – Should Their Views be Silenced?


One of the biggest myths being propagated in the compliant mainstream media today is that doctors are either pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, and that the anti-vaccine doctors are all “quacks.”

However, nothing could be further from the truth in the vaccine debate. Doctors are not unified at all on their positions regarding “the science” of vaccines, nor are they unified in the position of removing informed consent to a medical procedure like vaccines.

The two most extreme positions are those doctors who are 100% against vaccines and do not administer them at all, and those doctors that believe that ALL vaccines are safe and effective for ALL people, ALL the time, by force if necessary.

Very few doctors fall into either of these two extremist positions, and yet it is the extreme pro-vaccine position that is presented by the U.S. Government and mainstream media as being the dominant position of the medical field.

In between these two extreme views, however, is where the vast majority of doctors practicing today would probably categorize their position. Many doctors who consider themselves “pro-vaccine,” for example, do not believe that every single vaccine is appropriate for every single individual.

Many doctors recommend a “delayed” vaccine schedule for some patients, and not always the recommended one-size-fits-all CDC childhood schedule. Other doctors choose to recommend vaccines based on the actual science and merit of each vaccine, recommending some, while determining that others are not worth the risk for children, such as the suspect seasonal flu shot.

These doctors who do not hold extreme positions would be opposed to government-mandated vaccinations and the removal of all parental exemptions.

In this article, I am going to summarize the many doctors today who do not take the most extremist pro-vaccine position, which is probably not held by very many doctors at all, in spite of what the pharmaceutical industry, the federal government, and the mainstream media would like the public to believe.