by Health Impact News/MedicalKidnap.com Staff

Darrell Miller’s elderly mother was taken from her home and family in a heartbreaking chain of events initiated by Adult Protective Services. Even today, the Duncanville, Texas man struggles to understand and to communicate the horrors that his mother experienced as a victim of elder kidnapping and abuse. Although he fought well, his pleas went unanswered by the courts and police.

They killed my Mom, and now they’re trying to blame it on me and Methodist.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote:

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

Elderly Mother Seized, Son Falsely Accused

Miller’s mother was taken by the court’s “care system” – APS (adult protective services) and DADs (Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities), who claimed he was unable to care for her. Once she was in the state’s custody, a story unfolded that Darrell would hardly believe if he hadn’t seen it for himself.

When Darrell attempted to get his mother out of a medical facility that he reports was harming her, hospital staff called the police and allegedly made up allegations that Darrell sexually abused his own mother (an allegation which Darrell vehemently denies, and says has absolutely no evidence – he believes it was simply rumored by hospital authorities). There was also a barrage of phone calls placed by people whom Darrell believes were the APS workers.

His mother’s medical paperwork included a diagnosis of “dementia,” which Darrell (like so many other adult care givers) asserts she “didn’t have.”  He also believes that APS systematically deteriorated his mother’s health in order to deplete her financial assets.  He alleges that authorities over-medicated his mother and treated her for illnesses she did not have.

Those who have been victimized are well aware of these patterns. Although in the midst of the mayhem, they may be unable to discern all attempts by the kidnappers to fog the issues and the true reasons behind their behaviors, sometimes one of us can see something(s) more clearly than others.

Darrell understood that the systems were trying to take his mother’s assets, but he had to focus on her health, which deteriorated each time she was placed in a care facility. He also was forced to fight against the allegations of his mistreatment of her.

Darrell makes these allegations based upon his dealings with APS, DADs, and LTAC (long term acute care facilities) and the reams of evidence he allegedly has to prove them.

Son Accepts “Help” from the State


When APS accused Darrell of neglecting his mother’s care (which he denies), Miller knew he had to do something more. His schedule was very busy, between caring for his mother and his own family, and he realized that he would need help to give her the close care she needed. So, he did the reasonable thing and finally accepted an offer from Continuous Care (CC) nurses to assist him with his mother’s care at her home.

Darrell learned, like many others before him who have had this “help” with their own loved one, that they were only there to help themselves.

From March through May of  2014, Darrell tended to the round the clock care of his mother. He made sure she got to her appointments, stayed by her side during hospital stays, and ensured that there was a well established plan of care for her.

Over-Medicating: A Common Problem in Medical Elder Abuse


Charlton Methodist Hospital in Dallas. Image source.

After her release from the hospital on March 15, 2014, to another facility to continue her physical therapy, Darrell found that his mother was not being attended to according to the planned rehabilitation guidelines from Methodist. In fact, he states that the plan was ignored, and that his mother was placed on anti-psychotic drugs from her first day in the facility:

Mom was discharged from Charlton Methodist Hospital to Select Specialty Long Term Acute Care (LTAC). The attacks of over drugging with medications that mom is not supposed to be taking, mistakes, and neglect began day 1.

By March 31, 2014, my mother had already lost ten pounds or more. I told the charge nurse T.J. Flanagan that I’m taking mom to the E.R.  (NOTE: I was told by other nurses Flanagan was Charge nurse, but other staff said she wasn’t.)

Health Impact News has previously reported on medical elder abuse and over-medicating our elderly population. See:

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Trumped up Charges to Remove Son?

This note by Darrell is important because he is pinpointing for us a start of the misinformation given to him.

I Started trying to find an ambulance not busy, that I could pay cash for. While on the phone, the Specialty Police came in and hauled me out of the room, took me around the corner, and left an officer with me. The officer, Berry, went back and talked to Flanagan. Berry asked, “now what?” Flanagan said, “take him to jail for sexual assault, to his mother.” It’s 4:30 am and I could hear almost everything. So they started whispering and I could only make out “APS” and “immunity”. Berry comes back and starts to interrogate me, stops, goes back to Flanagan, and says, “I’m not going to do that.”Flanagan stated, “That’s what she said %$#*&^ immunity.” Berry told her to “Come up with something else!” Five minutes later I was issued a trespass warning that: If I came back, I would be arrested.

I have the trespass ticket, pictures of the neglect and medical reports of drugging, and weight loss.

Mother’s Health Deteriorates


Select Specialty Hospital Dallas. Image source.

Darrell was finally allowed to return to Select Specialty in April of 2014, and he describes his observations of his mother upon his return.

After I finally got back with mom at Select Specialty, she was in horrible shape, starved, drugged out to the point of near death, and she was still being neglected.

I was allowed short visits with mom because APS was doing an investigation into the sexual assault (never ends). It was torture, they are killing my mom and mocking me about it.

Darrell’s ordeal continued as he explained his emotional turmoil as resembling a “mocking torture.” He was trying to save his mother while other forces were accusing him of being the cause of her illness that had only been described as dementia – an illness Darrell denies his mother had. In fact, Darrell believed that his mother’s problems stemmed from the overdosed medications given her by APS handlers at the nursing homes and LTACs.

On April 9, 2014 mom was discharged from select to a nursing home. (Mom and I had no say in this transfer to the nursing home. Dr. Gist had taken over APS’s Plan). Paramedics couldn’t take mom in the ambulance because her blood pressure was too low.  The ambulance took mom to Baylor Hospital where she was stabilized.  I told the doctor mom and I wanted to go home (I can’t get a G.I. specialist at the LTACS, NH’s, or Hospitals).  The doctor drilled me about care, and deemed me fit, so mom and I went home.

Pain Medications Forced on Mother

At discharge from Baylor the doctor gave me the list of drugs they had been giving mom at Select Specialty, and the nursing home was to continue this plan of care. These drugs should have never been given to mom.  (They were for chronic pain.  Mom is not in chronic pain (she will tell us if she needs pain meds) and she does not have Dementia.)…                       

The plan of care had changed and mom had gone from 3 medications to 6, 7, 8. Mom and I (as her medical power of attorney) refused to take meds and they had force medicated her.

This follows the patterns of abuse of seniors expressed by other readers – take medical custody, force medicate, isolate, deplete financial assets, then dump in another nursing home for hospice. The symptoms are always the same – dementia, not eating, lethargy, unable to communicate – all mimicked by the overdose of the unneeded medications that Darrell desperately tried to stop.

Alleged Threats by Adult Protective Services


Anne McMarion Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Image source.

Mr. Miller was finally able to bring his mother home, but their peace would be interrupted by police visits brought on by allegations of abuse, neglect, and threats by APS personnel.

We were home on April 16, 2014. My mom and I were enjoying home, and we would be able to go back to mom’s doctor, and get a G.I. specialist. At Dr. Anderson’s we made appointments and got meds, and would be back to see Dr. Anderson in a week. The next day APS called and Ann McMarion threatened me that if i didn’t put her in a nursing home, “We’ll take her!” and “You won’t see her again.” I believed this to be true because I’ve already seen that Mom and I Don’t Have Rights.

I Took mom to Williamsburge nursing home until I could find something better. Within 5 days mom had bed sores and had lost weight. This is also where I found the altered medical records that had been substituted over the faxed records from her primary care physician.

The Millers went through many tribulations. With Mrs. Miller so heavily medicated that she could not communicate, her voice could only be heard through the constant complaints of her loving son, Darrell. Mr. Miller even describes meeting one doctor, twice, who would turn out to be a different doctor at his second encounter as the misinformation continued:

And I meet Dr.Ochei which is a different Dr. Ochei than I would meet in June…

More Meds to Treat Symptoms Caused by other Meds

Darrell gave us the hospital paperwork which listed the following drugs.  He explained them as: 

Medications APS & DADS (Texas Department of Aging and Disabilty) likes to use to incapacitate elderly, and steal any quality of life—Norco, Buspirone, Alprazolam, Cefpodoxime, Proxetil, Haldol.

Norco, contains a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is an opioid pain medication. An opioid is sometimes called a narcotic. Acetaminophen is a less potent pain reliever that increases the effects of hydrocodone. Norco is used to relieve moderate to severe pain.  

Side effects: Dizziness, lightheaded, Back, leg, or stomach pains, black–tarry stools, bleeding gums, blood in the urine or stools, blood in vomit, bluish lips or skin, chills, choking, cough or hoarseness, dark urine, lower back or side pain, and the list goes on.

Darrell complained that his mother was being treated for these and other symptoms that were caused by this and the other drugs. The more Mrs. Miller was treated, the more symptoms she had.

The medication itself warned of signs of overdose which were cleverly listed in the hospital papers as symptoms of a “disease” which was never named, nor explained, but attributed to Darrell’s neglect of his mother’s care.

Symptoms of Norco overdose which would require immediate emergency help include change in consciousness, chest pain or discomfort, cold and clammy skin, decreased awareness or responsiveness, extreme drowsiness, slow or irregular heartbeat, lightheaded, dizziness, or fainting, or sudden decrease in the amount of urine.

Darrell Miller complained of all these symptoms and signs regarding his mother’s health, and her fear of being without the medications, as well as her anxiety along with the pain.

Yet, the LTACs ignored his pleas and continued giving her more drugs – drugs that caused skin rash or hives, stiffness of arms or legs, trouble sleeping, nightmares, and vivid dreams. She was given anti-anxiety medications Buspirone, and Alprazolam, as well as Haldol, an anti-psychotic drug, and a strong antibiotic called Cefpodoxime Proxetil.

Son Blamed for Side Effects of Drugs

Numerous side effects were notated in the allegedly forged doctor’s report submitted by Darrell. However, the side effects were not attributed to the medication, but were again attributed to Darrell’s inability to care for his mother. These drugs were administered despite warnings from the FDA.

FDA announces enhanced warnings for immediate-release opioid pain medications related to risks of misuse, abuse, addiction, overdose and death

Ironically, all symptoms of Mrs. Miller’s alleged disease were mimicking the increased dosages and frequencies of medications prescribed by APS doctors. Once in custody, Mrs. Miller’s body was not purged of these drugs, but like so many other seniors, she was still given more of the drugs.

Many Seniors Given Antipsychotic Meds, Despite Potential Problems

Darrell states:

Another tactic doctors like to use is withdrawal from medications. These doctors know exactly what medications and combinations of medications to use to destroy their nerves. This gives them the appearance of being psychotic when they are actually in pain from the withdrawals from the previous medications.

Over $100,000 in Excessive Billing for Unnecessary Treatment – Estate Targeted?

Does the system then use these symptoms as fodder in their reports to take medical  guardianship of the patients?  Darrell tells us that the insurance company reviewed the care given in VIBRA LTAC facility and refused to pay for what they deemed “unnecessary treatment” for 31 days between May and June of 2014. But the LTAC wasted no time billing Darrell’s mother $172,000.00 for care she did not need.           

Miller recognized these tactics and fought desperately to stop them, as this allows the new guardians to later lay claim to any property the patient may have. In today’s society, one cannot lose their property for a hospital bill unless it is the estate of the deceased.

Is this the end game sought by medical practitioners? According to the federal government, the estates of deceased people cannot file bankruptcy for excessive bills and keep their homes.

If the insurance company has refused to pay the hospital, it is reasonably assumable that the bankruptcy judge will not refuse the discharge of debt. According to MKBankruptcy.com:

In bankruptcy, medical bills are considered general unsecured debts just like your credit cards. This means that medical bills don’t receive priority treatment and can easily be wiped out by filing for bankruptcy.

Darrell explains:

LTAC (long term acute care) … hospitals don’t even try to cover up their state sponsored elder poisoning. APS and DADS tell staff and doctors they have immunity as long as Texas gets the elderly, plus everything they worked for their whole lives. The LTACs can commit Medicare Fraud at will.

This is Cruel Torture. Later APS Attorneys will tell LTACs to have me removed under false charges, as to isolate mom from her son and medical power of attorney.

Mrs. Miller was transferred to several different nursing homes, hospitals, and LTACs. Could all of this movement of patients in and out of custodial facilities also be performed to keep victims from filing bankruptcy? Bankruptcy takes a little time, less than a year, but more than 30 days. Pushing the elderly in and out of the system insures that there will be no time to think about anything – least of all filing a bankruptcy.

Darrell continues to describe his ordeal in bits and pieces that would confuse anyone who was unfamiliar with these tactics, naive, or those who simply feign ignorance because they are directly involved, or simply don’t care.

Mother Finally Dies From Overdosing and Excessive Drugging

Darrell Miller fought well for his mother’s health and safety, but, sadly, in March of 2015, her body could no longer handle the medications.                     

They are corrupt. They wanted me to lose it so they could kill me or imprison me. (I sound like I’m crazy, but I think we both(all) know I’m supposed to sound crazy.)

My mom was kidnapped, tortured … by APS (Adult Protective Services). This was done to cover up medical malpractice and place the blame for their abuse as ‘neglect’ on Charlton Methodist Hospital and myself (when it was APS who was at fault).          

So many of our elder care givers have experienced this same feeling. Mr. Miller is not alone. Some who oppose medical kidnapping are jailed without charging for months at a time. The maneuvers are designed to isolate you as a moving force, or to make you appear unfit because you want to personally care for your loved one and have probably made a promise to do so.

Our readers have complained that even their children being held in CPS custody were told that they were unwanted, no one cared, and they should just submit to the system. But Darrell Miller persisted and insisted that his mother be properly cared for.

Despite the false police reports filed by APS workers and forced moves in and out of nursing homes too numerous to list, Darrell’s love for his mother held no boundaries as he fought for two years:

Dr. Bond … could only say it was the disease progression and mom was dying.  I asked, ‘what disease?’ He couldn’t even guess; he just knew it wasn’t anything Seasons Hospice did.

Son Never Arrested Let Alone Convicted of “Abuse” – Drug Poisoning Documented

Darrell reports that when he called 911, they treated his mother for acute opiate poisoning. The anti-psychotic Haldol caused her muscles to lock up, causing extreme discomfort. She could not

use her arms or legs, open her eyes, nor barely eat or drink.

In fact, APS had dialed 911 numerous times and sent not an ambulance, but the police to Mrs. Miller’s home, based on complaints of abuse. The police reported that they found no abuse after gaining entry and speaking with Mrs. Miller and her son. Darrell submitted a police report that indicated a call from Shante Prince alleging he was physically abusing his mother. Darrell was, of course, frightened by the police, but did eventually allow them inside.  The report stated all the allegations were unfounded, and that the woman appeared well and well cared for.                 

Darrell couldn’t find anyone to help him, and he ran out of time. His mother was sedated and she withered away in March of 2015. Darrell believed his observations would be inexplicable due to the monstrous nature of the offenses he and his mother suffered.

Theirs Is Not an Isolated Case

Darrell needs to know that he is not alone, and that there are others who understand, who have seen and documented these same tactics of medication, isolation, and liquidation of property for bills which should have never existed. The public needs to know what is happening to our seniors who are being “disposed of” for their assets and whose families are being tortured into silence.

Make the federal government take more action than referring callers to the National Center For Elder Abuse which is only referring them back to the abusing state. Complain, call, write, email The White House, and continue telling the world your stories. Ignoring one person is easy, but together we have a voice.

In Darrell’s initial contact with Health Impact News, he wrote:

I am traumatized and stress out too badly to function.  …Even this contact form was super difficult… they are so cruel and we were terrorized for a long time, some time after I found out they murdered my mom March 21, 2015.         

Can you hear Darrell Miller now?

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