by Dr. Suzanne Humphries

There is a lot of talk in the past couple years about “flaccid paralysis” and some viruses going around maiming and killing children mainly in the western part of the USA.

As always, the finer details are left out: things like provocation paralysis, meaning all the things that can be done to a body that can make any virus go deeper. One of those things is any needle into the muscle at all.

The other thing left out of the acute flaccid paralysis conversation, is that it used to be called “polio” and thought to be caused by a virus called the polio virus, causing a syndrome named “poliomyelitis.”

The only problem is that different viruses and toxins can give the same results: poliomyelitis or flaccid paralysis. 

Many people think we have done away with polio and iron lungs. But we haven’t. The iron lung is now a much more efficient and sophisticated machine called the endotracheal ventilator.

If you think that what is going on today with EV D-68 or any other numbered enterovirus, is new, please know that it is just history repeating itself because the people in charge of so-called “public health” seem to be completely out to lunch or bought when it comes to seeing the reality.

Ask yourself why we heard so much about zika and ebola and almost nothing about the reality of today’s “polio.” Hint: Which diseases have vaccines in development?

Polio was the second vaccine I researched on my quest to find the truth. I had to do it because so many people scoffed at my doubt over influenza vaccines, due to the supposed success of polio vaccines. Like all doctors, my knowledge of polio and any vaccines was very limited.

What I found floored me.

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