by Dr. Jack Wolfson
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Vaxxed is a well made film that exposes fraud and cover-up at the Centers for Disease Control. A taped conversation with a lead CDC researcher, Dr. William Thompson, is the centerpiece of the movie. It is through Dr. Thompson that we learn about a 2004 study that found a 3-fold higher risk of autism in African-American boys. Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. Brian Hooker provide excellent commentary and many parents of vaccine-injured children are interviewed. Their stories are gut-wrenching, to say the least.


As much as we empathize with the vaccine-injured, we are equally angered with the cast of villains involved in the CDC cover-up. Dr. Julie Geberding and Dr. Frank DeStefano top this list. Geberding has gone from government to a lucrative position at Merck Pharmaceuticals, a leading vaccine manufacturer.

In the conclusion of the movie, the producer challenges the viewer to four actions.

1) Subpoena CDC whisteblower, Dr. William Thompson
2) Repeal the 1986 law which removes all liability of vaccine manufacturers and physicians from vaccine injury cases
3) Treat vaccines like pharmaceuticals in the eyes of the FDA
4) Separate the components of the MMR

It is challenge number four that we, The Drs. Wolfson, take issue. Separating the poison does not make it any less dangerous. Four baby aspirin are as dangerous as a full dose aspirin. Separate doses just means more adjuvants, preservatives, and toxic culture medium contaminants. Society needs to know that measles, mumps, and rubella are typically benign viral diseases and are beneficial to the immune system and health of the human body. Our children deserve better and deserve to know the truth.

VAXXED was scheduled to be shown at two theaters in Arizona. One of those two was cancelled. Apparently there were complaints made by physicians and other pro-vaccine groups to the Harkins Corporation, the operator of these two theaters. We think this behavior is appalling and is obvious censorship.

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Jack Wolfson, D.O., FACC – The Paleo Cardiologist

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