Malik and Lakisha

Malik and his grandmother Lakisha. Source: For the love of Malik Facebook page.

by Health Impact News/ Staff

Malik Mitchell turns 3 years old today, but he will not be celebrating his birthday at home with his family. Instead, he is still stuck in the Illinois Child Protective System, where he has been for more than a year and a half, away from his family. DCFS seized custody of Malik on December 6, 2013, after his grandmother, who had legal custody, asked for a second opinion about his medical care. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago had already performed numerous surgeries on his tiny body, and Lakisha Tanna wanted to know if there were other options for her grandson.

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Chicago Lurie Children’s Hospital Takes Baby Away From Family for Seeking a Second Opinion

Gag Order Issued to Prevent Family from Talking About Malik

On May 13, Lakisha learned that she had been given a gag order by the court, and she was forbidden to speak her own grandchild’s name to the media or to discuss his case. Health Impact News included her Facebook comment in an update article on Malik’s case:

Illinois Gags Grandmother from Exposing Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital in Medical Kidnapping.

Lakisha’s words to the public were as follows:

Chicago Illinois; As of Wednesday 05.13.15 I have been given a court order that prohibits me from any further media interaction, interviews, photographers or any other postings regarding my child or the case none whatsoever, not even use of his name. I was told it was already effective as of 03.12.2015 I just wasn’t made aware of this. I was told this violates DCFS policy considering they have temporary custody of him. States they are his guardian & I do not have a right to do this.

Health Impact News Told to Remove References to Malik

Recently, Lakisha was allegedly compelled by the Cook County Juvenile Court to write to Health Impact News to request that we remove all references to Malik Mitchell from our website, including photos, his full name, address, and birthdate.

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Bill of Rights Violated in Medical Kidnapping

bill of rights next to Bible

We have addressed such requests from other families in the past, and our position is clear. Though it appears that our cherished American freedoms are eroding at an ever-increasing pace, at this point the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are supposedly still in effect. The Constitutional principles of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press still apply, despite orders by different local judges.

As we have statedthe Illinois Family Court system in Cook County is obviously putting pressure on the family in this case. We have seen this tactic with other families. They do not like the media exposure. But instead of contacting us directly, they apparently threaten the parents, since they hold their children in State custody.

Health Impact News, of course, will not comply with this request. We will not take down our coverage of this case, or other cases. Several Constitutional attorneys across the nation have spoken out against these gag orders issued by judges in Family or Juvenile courts in various states, calling them unconstitutional, and we have been encouraged to continue publishing these stories.

It should be noted that in this case concerning 3 year old Malik, that neither the birth parents nor the grandparents who had legal custody, have been arrested or convicted of any crimes. Therefore, in this case, like many others we publish, we consider this State-sponsored kidnapping. Medical authorities decided to take the child away from his family, and they used the power of the State to do so. This is “medical kidnapping.” No due process of law was followed, and the State is attempting to hide their actions by gagging the family, and using intimidation to try and get us to take down our stories about this case.

Family Court Judges’ Unconstitutional Gag Orders On Parents

Arizona Judges Continue to Threaten Parents and Restrict Free Speech

Canadian Solicitor General Wants to Restrict Freedom of the Press in the U.S. Regarding Medical Kidnapping

Who Gets to Decide What Are the “Best Interests” of Malik?

The public needs to be aware of what is happening to innocent children and families in the name of “the best interests of the child.” Far too many families are reporting violations of their Constitutional Rights, due process rights, and the basic human right to parent our own children, after the family court system and the child protective system becomes involved. The public has a right to know what the taxpayer-funded, elected and appointed government officials are doing.

In Malik Mitchell’s case, the government officials do not appear to be working for his best interests. He is described as a sweet, adorable little boy with chubby cheeks and a smile that can melt hearts. He has a family that adores him.

He also has medical conditions that have required care, care which his family was getting for him. However, after numerous surgeries and treatments that were seemingly not getting him better, his custodial grandmother began asking questions and seeking answers – something any responsible parent would do. Those questions seem to have made someone at Lurie Children’s Hospital uncomfortable.

History of Medical Kidnapping at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago


Source: Cals Angels.

Lakisha, Malik’s grandmother who had custody of Malik before he was taken away, reports that a DCFS investigator told her at the time “to be careful,” because “they receive a lot of calls from Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital on minority families.” Lakisha holds a Master’s degree in social work, and is a hospital social worker herself, but she had no idea what she was about to face in her battle to provide the best possible care for her little boy.

Missouri mom Michelle Rider also had questions about the care of her son Isaiah Rider at Lurie Children’s Hospital, and her questions were also met with resistence. As with Malik, Lurie officials called DCFS and reported the parents, and DCFS obliged by medically kidnapping Isaiah. Read more about the tragic story of Isaiah Rider, how the State seized custody of him when his mother (a registered nurse) wanted to seek a second medical opinion, and how they put Isaiah (who is from Missouri and was only visiting Chicago to get specialized medical treatment) into foster care and placed into a rough neighborhood where he was sodomized.

Articles about Isaiah Rider

Both Malik and Isaiah have rare medical conditions, and wards of the state may be legally used as human guinea pigs in medical experiments. Health Impact News has previously reported how children all across the United States are being legally kidnapped by medical authorities for drug trials:

Medical Kidnapping in the U.S. – Kidnapping Children for Drug Trials

Many of Malik and Isaiah’s supporters question if the reason for their seizure by the state of Illinois has to do with the children being used for medical experimentation.

In May, Malik had yet another surgery. This one was a repeat of a surgery that has been performed twice before, in which parts of his intestines were resectioned. One of his supporters wrote on the Facebook page that was set up to support the family – For the love of Malik

“This lil baby has been through so much in this short time of his life. He needs his family. I personally think he should be removed from that hospital. I’ve read several families complaints about Luries. Now they trying to do another surgery on this poor baby. Sounds like their experimenting on him especially now that he’s in state care.”

He has only very recently allegedly been released from the hospital. It is unclear where he is being held, after allegations from Lurie against the foster parents resulted in Malik being taken from their care.

Call to Action!

The final court date is Tuesday, July 7, at 1:30 pm at the Juvenile Detention Center, 1100 S. Hamilton, Chicago. Supporters would love to see concerned citizens come to the courthouse and show support for the family. They report that, though Lakisha Tanna cannot talk to the media, she is praying fervently for the judge to rule in her favor, and allow her little grandson to come home, to be surrounded by the family who loves him.

He is now 3 years old today, and has been separated from his family for more than half his life, yet he still lights up when he sees them.


Malik at a visit in February. Source: video on For the Love of Malik Facebook page.

Bruce Rauner is the Governor of the State of Illinois, and may be reached at 217-782-0244 or 312-814-2121, and contacted here. He also has a Twitter page.

The Tannas State Representative is Marcus C. Evans, Jr. He may be reached at 217-782-8272 , and contacted here. He is on Twitter as well.

Donne E. Trotter is their Senator, and he may be reached at 217-782-3201, and contacted here.

Please support the Facebook page For the love of Malik which has been set up to support the family.


In addition to contacting Illinois officials, those who want to see change in the Child Protective System for Malik Mitchell, and many other children unjustly seized from innocent parents, are encouraged to call and write to the presidential candidates and make their stories part of the discussion. Many of the candidates may be unaware that children are being medically kidnapped by state agencies, but this is an issue that they need to know about and address. It is public action that is making a difference for many families. When our voices become loud enough, we can make a difference. Here is a website where all of the presidential candidates may be found, with links to their campaign websites, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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