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Two major mainstream media sites (Washington Post and PBS) ran reports on the injustice of false Shaken Baby Syndrome diagnoses recently.  Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) diagnoses have been used for many years now to falsely accuse parents of shaking their babies, with the result of parents either losing custody of their children to Child Protection Agencies, or parents being wrongly convicted of murder and being sent to prison.

While neither of these reports explored the vaccine connection to SBS, this is certainly a step in the right direction to stopping these false accusations against parents who love their children and never did anything to harm them.

When babies die, a disputed diagnosis sends parents to prison for abuse

by Jackie Judd
PBS NewsHour

For decades, when a child appeared in an emergency room with certain symptoms, including bleeding behind the eyes and bleeding around the brain, many doctors assumed violent shaking to be the cause. But in recent years, the Shaken Baby Syndrome diagnosis has come under intense scrutiny, and so have many of the resulting prosecutions and convictions. Special correspondent Jackie Judd reports.

Prosecutors build murder cases on disputed Shaken Baby Syndrome diagnosis

By Debbie Cenziper
The Washington Post

Since 2001, as a growing number of doctors and scientists began challenging the diagnosis of Shaken Baby Syndrome, more than 200 criminal cases have unraveled. In some cases, charges were dropped or dismissed by prosecutors and judges. In other cases, defendants were found not guilty or their convictions were overturned. Some defendants spent months or years behind bars before they were released.

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