Isaiah Rider with his mother Michelle Rider during happier days.

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Isaiah Rider, the 17 year old teenager who is still in the custody of Illinois against his will, appeared on The Robert Scott Bell Show last night (April 6th) along with his mother Michelle Rider to give an update on their current situation.

Isaiah Rider was medically kidnapped by the State of Illinois while visiting a Chicago hospital that supposedly specializes in his rare medical condition. He was not being helped, but in constant pain, and his mother tried to take him to a different doctor. But she was charged with “medical abuse” and lost custody of her son. Isaiah was put into foster care for a time, where he was allegedly abused sexually and traumatized. He is now back in Kansas City, but still not with his mother, and still suffering.

As reported on the Epic Times, one of the more amazing moments in the interview was when Isaiah was asked by Robert Scott Bell “What do you need?”

Isaiah’s response was:

“The one thing that I need is I really need people to help me make a difference in the world. I want kids to have better lives than having DCFS take them away from their families.”

Listen to the entire interview at Epic Times.

Today (April 7, 2015), Michelle Rider reported that Isaiah is experiencing another pain crisis. They are currently back in Missouri, although Isaiah remains in the custody of the State of Illinois, and is not allowed to live with his mother. The hospital and medical personnel in Missouri are unable to properly care for Isaiah, but they are following directions issued by Illinois DCFS which manages all of his medical care. They would like to transfer him to the Mayo Clinic where he can receive better treatment.

Here is the urgent email Michelle sent out today:

Isaiah’s going into another pain crisis and needs help. We have been waiting for 2 weeks now for an approval for him to go to the Mayo clinic as recommended by his primary doctor.

Why can’t Isaiah get the healthcare that he needs and deserves? Why is he in Kansas City and needs approval from Illinois who are clearly dropping the ball? This is completely unacceptable. Why as his mother am I being kept away from my son?

I have nothing to do with his health problems and I think that is clear at that point, this is his now his second crisis he has gone into (while) OUT of my care and custody! Isaiah spoke out yesterday, and he wants his voice to be heard. I should be able to be there for my son who is in pain and wants me by his side! I have been there for him his entire life. What they are doing to my son and I is just cruel.

This was an email from his caregiver sent to Illinois DCFS today:

Hi, Isaiah’s pain worsened and his tremors started this morning. He has had four as of this time. I spoke with Dr xxxx’s (primary) nurse this morning and she spoke with Dr xxxxx. Their office contacted Mayo to see if we could expedite an appointment there and they will get back within 48 hours. They said that if Isaiah’s pain became unbearable that we should go to Mayo’s ER. The hospitals here and in Chicago haven’t been able to help him, as he really needs to see speciality doctors with experience in neurofibromatosis as well as leg movement disorders. Can this be approved by DCFS? Please let me know as soon as you can, thanks.

From Michelle:

– 2 weeks of pain and now he’s going into another crisis. Isaiah needs help. Forward to anyone who has a voice and can help. This is completely out of control!

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