The Allgäu Alps in Germany. An “alp” refers to a high mountain pasture where cows are brought to for grazing. Image source.

by Healthy Traditions

Grass-fed Traditions and the Healthy Buyer’s Club online store has now added the German grass-fed butter from the Allgäu region of Southern Germany to their product line of glyphosate-tested products.

For many generations the family farms in the Allgäu region of Southern Germany have fed their family cows only grass and grass hay. Using their local breed, the Allgäu brown cow, the herdsmen in the Allgäu mountain region safely guide the cows down from the mountains to spend the winters in their cozy barns, and are led back up to the Alps every spring.

The local Allgäu brown cow is specially suited for the high mountain altitudes of the Bavarian Alps, where they graze on lush green grass all summer long. The butter from this pristine region has more cream than most butters, and is famous throughout Europe.

Now from the family farms of Allgäu this handcrafted tradition is presented to you and your family. This pure German Butter is one of creamiest butters you will ever taste! Order here.





The Healthy Traditions Glyphosate-tested Program. Foods with this logo have been tested for the presence of glyphosate.