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By Nehemiah Flynt
author of Legal Discrimination

I became a foster parent with the intentions of putting a roof over the heads of orphaned children. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

By the time I completed the training process, I understood that the majority of the children that would be entering my home were not orphans. I was brainwashed into believing the children had come from abusive and neglectful homes. I was told the state had rescued them from horrible living environments and that I was somewhat of a hero for taking them in.

They were all lies. It took several years for me to truly see what I had become a part of.

Child Protective Services was stealing children from loving biological families.

The reasons they took children into their custody varied. A few had actually been abused or neglected in their biological homes, but the majority had not been. Some of the children that entered my home were taken from their families because their parents had argued out in public, because the children had punched holes in their walls, because the children refused to go to school and the parents were afraid of getting in trouble for physically making them go, etc.

I began to notice a pattern. At least 90% of the children entering my home were on medication for labels such as ADD, ADHD, or ODD.

I didn’t understand that. I began researching statistics and realized that children in foster care were being labeled with hyperactivity disorders at rates well above those of children in mainstream society. I wondered why, but didn’t question that.

Foster Care Drug Problem

In time, however, I began looking at the specific medications individual children were on. One young man that moved into my home, at around the age of eight, was having trouble getting up in the mornings. I would have to literally stand him up to his feet to wake him up.

His teachers complained that he was falling asleep in class. His hands trembled. He was malnourished. He had already been passed in and out of a multitude of other foster homes, due to his out-of-control behaviors.

When I looked into his medications, I discovered he was taking three different medications to stabilize his moods, two other medications to control hyperactivity, and different sleeping pills.

I contacted his legal guardian through the DHHR and told her I felt he was being overmedicated. She insisted he was not. I contacted his case manager through the foster care agency. She said this boy needed medications and I should not try to convince them otherwise. I questioned the psychiatrist he was seeing about the medications, but he said the DHHR had repeatedly requested increases to his medications as he was tossed from home to home.

After battling this for quite some time, the state finally partially admitted he had been over-medicated, and began weaning him off most of those medications. From that point forward, I began looking further into what was taking place in “the system.”

Foster Children Abuse

The stories foster children told me were unbelievable. Can you imagine a new foster child moving into your home and saying, “In my last foster home I had to sleep in a cat’s bed because they didn’t have enough beds in the home. The cat kept pawing and meowing at me every time I was trying to sleep.”?

Or an older teenager telling you, “My former foster mother made me sit in the back of her Lexus, so her dog could sit up front in the passenger seat.”?

How about another foster parent telling you, “I asked the foster care agency if they can place an older boy in my home so he can mow my grass.”?

What about a case manager from the foster care agency saying, “We appreciate you agreeing to take this boy in. His former foster parents said they couldn’t control him. By the way, when you get his belongings, you might want to put them in the trunk of your car and roll your windows down. The foster family lived on a farm and his belongings have a foul odor to them. You may even have to put everything down in your basement and air them out before you bring them into the main house.”?

The longer I fostered, the more upset I became. As I questioned my superiors, I was frequently told that I needed to simply worry about caring for the children that were placed in my home. I was threatened with having my foster home shut down simply for standing up for the rights of the various children that had been herded in and out of my home like cattle.

Quitting Foster Care – Joining Christian-based Ministry

Later on, when I finally decided enough was enough, I ceased fostering and began working for a Christian-based program that believed in helping troubled youths without the aid of medications. It was a very successful program and was making a huge difference in the lives of America’s youths.

CPS Attacks Drug-free Ministry to Youth

A few years later, however, Child Protective Services got wind of our program. They didn’t like the fact that we were teaching our youth Biblical standards, a work ethic, that they were not victims of society but were responsible for the choices they were making, and that medication was not the answer to all of life’s problems. They placed a target on our heads and did everything in their power to override our constitutional rights and to stop the work we were doing.

They have an agenda to medicate as many children as they can, to label them with mental health disorders, and to stop anyone who stands in their way – at any cost.

In an effort to put a stop to this wickedness, I have recently written a book, Legal Discrimination, which details many different facets of the corrupt system that is ruining our nation’s children and families. The book will soon be available for purchase on Amazon in both paperback and in Kindle versions.

If you want to help me stand up and fight against what is going on, please help me promote my story. Tell all of your friends about this book, share the book trailer with them. My story needs to be told. A lot of people are telling stories about one family or one incident; I am telling the story from an insider’s viewpoint – telling stories of many families devastated by CPS and the foster care system. Please visit for more information.

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