By Dr. Mark Flannery
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Most people are unaware of the risks associated with vaccines. Although “getting your shots” has become a normal part of childhood, the numbers of vaccines children receive today has mushroomed. Vaccines contain questionable ingredients and a child’s immune imbalances are not taken into account or even obvious before vaccination, yet could contribute to triggering a vaccine injury.

Vaccine injuries and a questionable vaccine

In my practice I have worked with a number of people injured by the Gardasil vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV), or genital warts, which is given to girls and boys starting at the age of 8. According to statistics on the site SaneVax, as of 2013 more than 32,000 people have reported adverse affects to the Gardasil vaccine. More than 145 have died, over 1,000 are permanently disabled, and more than 6,400 have yet to recover. When you see their photos and read their stories, some written by mothers who have lost their daughters, it’s hard to imagine any amount of risk is acceptable, especially for a vaccine with such questionable benefit. The evidence shows HPV rarely proceeds to cancer and that very few women with HPV develop cervical cancer, as other risk factors are involved. You can download and print the HPV Vaccine Fact Sheet here.

Fortunately, functional medicine has been shown to help victims of vaccine injury largely or totally recover, depending on the extent of the damage. Because brain inflammation is typically a factor in a vaccine injury, we have many tools in functional medicine to help tame brain inflammation and restore neurological and metabolic function, and thus quality of life.

Gardasil vaccine side effects

The Gardasil vaccine has proven to cause severe and lasting side effects in many girls (and now boys), and even some deaths. The side effects include: seizures, strokes, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, headaches, stomach pains, vomiting, Guillain-Barre syndrome, joint pain, autoimmune disease, chest pains, hair loss, appetite loss, personality changes, insomnia, tremors, shortness of breath, heart problems, paralysis, itching, rashes, swelling, aching muscles, pelvic pain, nerve pain, menstrual cycle changes, fainting, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, nausea, temporary vision and hearing loss, and more.

The Gardasil vaccine contains compounds that include viral-like particles (VLP) that mimic the HPV virus. This is to stimulate the body to create antibodies to the virus for protection from it. It also includes aluminum. In some young girls and boys, the vaccine tips the immune system into a highly dysfunctional state, triggering myriad disorders and diseases, some of them deadly.

How I came to work with victims of Gardasil vaccine damage

I didn’t set out to help victims of Gardasil vaccine damage. I had one patient come to me, and I was able to successfully restore her health using the principles of functional medicine. Word spread throughout the Gardasil vaccine-damage communities and I have since consulted with many more of these young girls, and even several boys. Fortunately, the principles of functional medicine that we use for any chronic disorder—taming the immune response, repairing the immune barriers, balancing hormone function, and supporting neurological function—appear also to restore health in these young victims.

Conventional medicine can’t treat vaccine damage

By the time they come to me, many of these girls and their families have been down a financially and emotionally devastating medical road. Some families have spent more than $100,000 trying to recover their daughter’s health. They bounce from doctor to doctor and even visit the top clinics in the country, getting no help. Parents of two of my young patients were told by doctors that there was nothing they could do and that their daughters would die.

Another family brought their daughter to me because immediately after receiving the vaccine, she began having two to three seizures a day. This went on for two years. During this time, she spent two weeks at the most prestigious medical clinic in the country, where she saw every specialist and underwent every test. Despite the fact she was having seizures in front of the doctors treating her, they could not diagnose with her seizures as her EEG tests were normal. Instead, they referred her to a biofeedback specialist for anxiety! After working with us for 23 days the seizures stopped. Except for a brief relapse during the holidays when she ate some foods she shouldn’t have, she has been seizure-free for more than a year.

Search for help is emotionally and financially devastating

Some families don’t realize at first that it was the vaccine that triggered the symptoms. Since the vaccine requires a series of three shots over six months, and since reactions can occur up to three months after the vaccine is administered, families don’t always connect the dots as to why their daughter’s health suddenly and precipitously declines. And, according to these families, most doctors are quick to deny the health decline is connected to the vaccines. Some even pressured the family to continue with the series of vaccines despite the side effects.

Functional medicine can restore health in victims of vaccine-damage

Although every case is different and success depends on the amount of damage done, functional medicine has really proven itself in my clinic. Using the same principles I use to manage any chronic autoimmune or inflammatory disorder, I have had great success supporting many young girls so far, and two boys. I consult with Gardasil vaccine-damage victims from around the country and the world, one as far away as Saudi Arabia.

As with all cases in functional medicine, success depends primarily upon the patient, as protocols include dietary and other lifestyle changes that initially can seem drastic. Although it has been horrible to witness the physical, emotional, and financial toll this vaccine has brought upon so many families, it also has been extremely rewarding to help so many young people get their lives back.

Is there even benefit to the Gardasil vaccine?

Not only is the vaccine risky, opponents, like myself, argue it is of no value. The vaccine is given to prevent the risk of cancer associated with HPV and is typically administered between the ages of 8 and 26, with the effects lasting only about five years. The problem with this vaccine is this: Even though it’s estimated 60 percent of women have the HPV virus, only 1-2 percent of the total population gets cervical cancer, and most of those women get the cancer in their 50s. If the vaccine only works for five years, is administered up to age 26, and yet most cases of cervical cancer happen to women in their 50s, the benefits of the Gardasil vaccine are questionable given the severe consequences it can cause.

Read more about Dr. Flannery’s Gardasil experiences here.

The SaneVax team would like to thank Jennifer Vranes and Dr. Flannery for granting permission to reprint this article in its entirety.

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