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Once again, we must turn to media outlets outside the U.S. to get straight facts concerning vaccines. The U.S. mainstream media only publishes one side of the vaccine debate and tries hard to squash any negative publicity regarding vaccines (see: The Vaccine Debate and Suppression of Free Speech in America).

We have previously reported how even local media sources in the U.S. are now reporting the truth about whooping cough outbreaks, since so many pertussis outbreaks are happening across the nation among fully vaccinated children, clearly showing that the vaccine is no longer effective (see: Whooping Cough Outbreaks Among Vaccinated Older Children Increasing). In spite of this well-documented fact that the whooping cough vaccine is a failure, it remains in the vaccine schedule and unvaccinated children are wrongly blamed for the outbreaks.

In addition to whooping cough, measles is also making a comeback with new outbreaks, and again, the U.S. mainstream media is blaming unvaccinated children. But the failures of the measles vaccine are also well documented. Lawrence Solomon, the research director of the  Consumer Policy Institute in Canada, recently wrote a series of articles exposing the faults of the measles vaccine that were published in the Financial Post. This is the other side of the measles story. One that is well-documented, but censored in the U.S. media.

The untold story of measles

Several decades following the vaccine’s introduction, the measles death rate rose, largely because the vaccine made adults, expectant mothers, and infants more vulnerable.

by Lawrence Solomon
Financial Post


Image Source: Financial Post


Early in the last century, measles killed millions of people a year. Then, bit by bit in countries of the developed world, the death rate dropped, by the 1960s by 98% or more. In the U.K., it dropped by an astounding 99.96%. And then, the measles vaccine entered the market.

After the vaccine’s introduction, the measles death rate continued to drop into the 1970s. Many scientists credit the continued decline entirely to the vaccine. Other scientists believe the vaccine played a minor role, if that, noting that most infectious diseases similarly petered out during the 20th century, including some, like scarlet fever, for which vaccines were never developed.

Clearly, the science is not settled, making for parents a numbers game of the decision to vaccinate their children. Some parents rely on the press or health authorities to interpret the numbers. Others defy the authorities and weigh the risks in the numbers differently, in deciding what’s best for their own families. Who are these others? According to a survey in Pediatrics, unvaccinated children in the U.S. have a mother who is at least 30 years old, who has at least one college degree and whose household has an annual income of at least $75,000. In the absence of studies showing vaccinated children to be healthier than those unvaccinated, the parents in these educated households have determined that the numbers argue against vaccination.

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Vaccines can’t prevent measles outbreaks

Measles in highly immunized societies occurs primarily among those previously immunized

by Lawrence Solomon 
Financial Post

The recent outbreaks of measles in Canada and the United States came as a shock to many public health experts but they wouldn’t have to Dr. Gregory Poland, one of the world’s most admired, most advanced thinkers in the field of vaccinology.

The measles vaccine has failed, he explained two years ago in a prescient paper, “The re-emergence of measles in developed countries.” In that paper, he warned that due to factors that most haven’t noticed, measles has come back to be a serious public health threat. Thankfully, in that paper and elsewhere he also spelled out in no-nonsense fashion what now needs to be done.

Dr. Poland is no vaccine denier. Not only is he among the harshest and most outspoken critics of the “irrationality of the antivaccinationists,” he is also one of the strongest proponents for vaccines and the good that they can do. [He is] Professor of Medicine and founder and leader of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group, one of the world’s largest vaccine research organizations…

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