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CNN was the first mainstream media (MSM) outlet to publish a story on the CDC whistleblower story linking vaccines to autism. Predictably, CNN marginalized this story on their website, and then posted a video from their TV network which said nothing about the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, but simply reiterated the MSM’s belief that all vaccines are safe, and do not cause autism.

Interestingly, the only “data” that the CNN medical correspondent gave was the infant mortality rate statistics in the U.S. from 1900 compared to 2000, which showed a drop that she attributed to vaccines. With no data linking the drop in infant mortality to vaccines, she conveniently omitted the fact that the U.S. today has one of the highest infant mortality rates among all developed nations, and that this rate directly corresponds to the number of vaccines given to young children, which is the highest rate among developed nations. (See: Multiple Infant Vaccines Linked To Dramatically Increased Mortality)

The CNN news team then proceeded to bring up the case of the return of whooping cough in the U.S., wrongly blaming unvaccinated children, when medical experts all over the world have admitted that the current pertussis vaccine is ineffective. Most outbreaks of whooping cough today are actually among those fully vaccinated! (See:The Whooping Cough Epidemic: A Failed Vaccine Causes a Public Health Crisis)

So how can we trust anything CNN says on the vaccine issue if they misrepresent such basic facts as these, which are easily verified by 3rd party sources?

However, due to the storm raging on the internet in social media and the alternative media regarding the CDC whistleblower, they were forced to report the story of how senior scientist Dr. William Thompson decided to come forward and admit that the CDC covered up and withheld information linking vaccines to autism. They marginalized the significance of this story, and omitted quite a bit of information from the now public recorded phone conversation between Dr. Thompson and Dr. Brian Hooker. They failed to mention such things as the fact that Dr. Thompson had “regrets” over participating in covering up the release of data showing an increase in autism, or that it took Dr. Hooker more than 10 years to receive this raw data from the CDC via Freedom of Information requests, and that Congressman Posey had to step in to force them to comply with the law.

This is obviously a story the MSM does not want to cover from a balanced and fair viewpoint, presenting both sides of the issue. Their belief, as clearly expressed by their “medical” correspondent, is that the issue of vaccines causing autism is a closed case, and that the other side of the debate should not be covered.

Those reporters who have covered both sides of the debate in the past have lost their careers in the MSM. Sharyl Attkisson is a former investigative reporter for CBS news. She covered both sides of the vaccine debate as far back as 2008. (See: How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders?) Sharyl was forced out of the MSM however, and now blogs independently. Read her coverage of the CDC whistleblower story here: CDC Responds to Allegation it Omitted Vaccine-Autism Study Link. This is probably the most balanced story covering this recent news you will currently find. You cannot honestly tell what Sharyl’s own position is on the vaccine-autism debate, as she presents both sides. Isn’t that what investigative reporting is supposed to do?

One man who has virtually no involvement in the current CDC whistleblower story, but continues to be slandered and dragged into any discussion regarding vaccines and autism, is Dr. Andrew Wakefield. The MSM continues to prop him up as a scapegoat and use him as an example of how supposedly everyone who dares to question the holiness of vaccines is a complete fraud. For the true story of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, see our report here: The Vaccine Autism Cover-up: How One Doctor’s Career was Destroyed for Telling the Truth

Dr. Wakefield also appeared on the Next News Network to discuss the significance of the CDC admission that they withheld data from the public linking vaccines to an increased rate of autism:

This story has become too big for the MSM to ignore. They have to address it, but predictably they will continue to cover the story from their own belief system that the vaccine-autism debate is over, and that only one side of the debate should be heard. For those reporters that would dare to cover both sides of the debate, they will soon be without a career in MSM. So perhaps the American public needs to wake up and acknowledge this fact, and research the issue for themselves. A current senior scientist working for the CDC who has regrets over his participation in covering up data linking vaccines to autism is something worth taking some time to research.

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