by Heather Callaghan
Activist Post


Under current Illinois law, farmers can sell an unlimited amount of raw milk on the farm without a permit. Legislators and health officials were working hard to completely banish farm-to-consumer agreements in some sneaky ways. This was not lost on Illinois’ thriving raw milk market.

Now, a proposed bill in Illinois banning the sale and distribution of natural or “raw” milk, has come to a screeching halt this session after legislators heard from thousands of natural milk supporters.

The restriction, which was slipped in as an amendment to an unrelated bill, HB 4036 HA1, would have banned the sale and distribution of raw milk in Illinois. The sponsor, Daniel Burke (D-23rd district), chose not to move the bill out of committee after legislators were inundated with calls and emails from concerned Illinois citizens.

Burke, who is known for generally supporting farmers, was listening and said:

I am convinced, by virtue of the thousands of communications I’ve received, that natural dairy should continue to be made available to our society. If people believe this product is beneficial, I am not going to interfere with that. It was never my intention to put any restriction on the farmers.

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