Myths and Misinformation About Fat and Cholesterol: How Bad Science and Big Business Created the Obesity Epidemic

by David Diamond, Ph.D. – Departments of Psychology, Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology, University of South Florida College of Arts and Sciences

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In this video, Dr. David Diamond, who is an expert in neuroscience, explains how he was forced to become an expert in heart disease. Faced with the problems of obesity, high triglycerides, and bad cholesterol lab results, making him a prime candidate for a heart attack, Dr. Diamond decided to forsake the standard statin drugs treatment and try to treat his problems through dietary intervention alone.

He embarked on a dietary course endorsed by the medical system to supposedly reduce his cholesterol levels and triglycerides, by cutting back on meats and fat and exercising more. After a couple of years, he found out that this dietary course not only did not reduce his risk for heart disease, it actually increased it. His triglycerides and cholesterol ratios got even worse. His cardiologist told him he needed to go on statin drugs immediately and that he was kidding himself by believing diet could change anything.

Dr. Diamond then decided to study heart disease himself, researching the published literature, so that he could become an expert on heart disease. During the day he was a neuroscientist, but in the evenings and weekends he was studying about heart disease.

What he found was that the idea of saturated fat and cholesterol causing heart disease was not based on any real science and is a myth. It is a myth propagated by the U.S. Government in their dietary and medical recommendations, which allows pharmaceutical companies to market worthless and toxic cholesterol-lowering drugs, and processed food companies to market cheap, high-profit junk food based on government-subsidized crops like soy, corn, and wheat.

This dietary advice has caused the modern epidemic of obesity, which can be linked to most other modern diseases.


Watch the video above to listen to his full presentation and the results of his research.

Learn more about saturated fats and cholesterol. Your health depends upon you doing your own research, as Dr. Diamond did. The financial future of the pharmaceutical and processed food industries depends upon you NOT doing your own research and learning the truth, since you would cease being their customer if you did.


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