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Norma Erickson brings us an update from France on the problems with the Gardasil HPV vaccine that is information you likely will not read in the pro-Pharma U.S. mainstream media. There are several lawsuits pending in France over injuries caused by the HPV vaccine. This could never happen in the U.S., of course, as pharmaceutical companies have complete legal immunity from damages due to vaccines. In addition, the only information the U.S. mainstream media prints regarding the HPV vaccine is one-sided, presenting it as a safe and effective vaccine.

We must look outside the U.S. to find out the damage this vaccine is causing, which includes young girls going into premature menopause. The U.S. National Institutes of Health also owns patents and collects royalties on the sale of Gardasil in the U.S., and the former director of the CDC who approved Gardasil later went on to work in the vaccine division of the manufacturer of the vaccine. So don’t expect unbiased information on the HPV vaccine in the U.S. media, which just reprints the standard government and medical position. Those who dare to question otherwise, are slandered and have their careers threatened, as happened to Katie Couric last year.

French Medical Professionals ask: Are HPV vaccines necessary?

By Norma Erickson
SaneVax, Inc.

More than 600 medical professionals and 250 midwives in France have signed a petition demanding the establishment of an emergency parliamentary commission to investigate whether HPV vaccines are necessary in the battle against cervical cancer. The doctors, midwives and pharmacists who have signed the petition believe Gardasil and Cervarix are inefficient and too expensive, making the products unsuitable for mass vaccination programs.

This petition specifically addresses concerns medical professionals have in regards to proposed mass HPV vaccination programs. The organizers ask that only medical professionals or government health officials sign, and even then, only if they agree with the nine points stated below. (Translated by google)

The French petition states:

If you are a general practitioner or specialist, pharmacist, midwife, and if you agree with us on the following points:

–   That the consequences of vaccinating young girls against HPV are unknown and that HPV vaccine effectiveness remains to be proven,

– That the High Council of Public Health estimated less than 20% efficiency when HPV vaccination programs included those 16-23 years of age,

–   During clinical trials, HPV vaccines were tested against a false placebo … false, since it contained aluminum, a known neurotoxin.

–   That the presumption of serious adverse events is not to be neglected,

–   That when vaccinating women who started their sexual life a study conducted in Australia, showed an increased number of severe precancerous lesions,

– That the vaccine is particularly expensive, and it is a very heavy cost to the Insurance,

– That a recent survey published in “Le Canard chained” showed that there was suspicion of conflicts of interest,

–   It has been shown that a majority of women believe that the smear becomes useless after vaccination, the result of a feeling of protection that actually proves illusory,

–   That health authorities have shown that regular practice of smear alone, properly conducted and analyzed, has demonstrated its benefit in the detection of precancerous lesions, prior to the development of cervical cancer.

The SaneVax team believes these questions and concerns should have been adequately addressed and resolved scientifically prior to the institution of mass HPV vaccination programs in any country. Failing to have these issues addressed prior to instituting mass vaccination programs is nothing less than conducting a health experiment on uninformed test subjects.

Human beings are not test tubes. If they are to participate in a medical experiment; they must be afforded the opportunity to give their informed consent.

This is a concept government health officials worldwide seem to have forgotten. What has happened to the concept of informed consent prior to medical treatments or medical experiments?

Learn more about the French petition here.

Medical professionals are cordially invited to sign the petition at the above link if they agree with the stated concerns.

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